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roger222 04-13-2008 03:17 PM

My Storyyy
Hi guys/girls.

I had my first panic/anxiety attack back last year, i was playing a online video game and all of a sudden my breath was taken away from me, my throat closed up and i couldn't breath, it didn't help because my mother (who is the only one in my life <AT THE MOMENT>) was on the phone to her friend and didn't believe i was having a panic/anxiety attack, it took her two hours to get off the phone, me still being in a panic/anxiety attack for her to ring up the emergency doctor at 2am and get me rushed into a private clinic.

After that horrid night in which i thought i was going to die, i had a drink of tea and started to relax more, i went to the doctors again to have my self checked out only to realise that my health was perfect, i took nose drops and had a inhaler for a bit if my breathing got worse.

Three weeks ago, i experienced another panic attack on the bus, now if anybody has had a panic/anxiety attack in a public place surrounded by nobody you actually know, it's the worst feeling in the world because you feeling impending doom really badly, i had to walk home in wind speeds of 80mph and if it wasn't for the aid of my girlfriend on the phone keeping my mind off it, i probably would have collapsed or something.

In the past three weeks since that horrific day, my minds been all over the place, i've experienced a couple more panic/anxiety attacks but nothing too majorly, although my throat feels tight 24/7 now for some reason!

I still cannot go out of my house because of fear of what has happened on the last time and i worry alot still.

I'm fighting the panic/anxiety attacks on my own without drugs because i've always learn to do this, but it's really hard.

Thanks for reading (if you do!)

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