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Bettsann 04-12-2012 09:17 PM

Physical symptoms really get me down
I have suffered from anxiety disorder for nearly 10 years. What is so discouraging to me is that I feel like a hypochonriac. It was ONLY TODAY that I realized that others, too, have that 'sick feeling all over' ...when I 'accidently' came across a forum (I don't really believe in accidents ;) ) in which people expressed exactly the way I have been feeling physically. I had been looking for more forums on IBS.

Today I felt SO sick...and yet it was hard to pin point the symptoms. I knew it was NOT an IBS flare up...

I don't always feel 'abnormal' ... I know that I feel MUCH better when I am surrounded by other or friends...because that is when my MIND is off myself. I know very well the power of the mind and what it can cause..and I also am working on 'accepting myself exactly as I am'...which I believe is important for ALL of us....

I usually blame everything on 'what I eat' to the point it is obsessive. I do not WANT to take any other medication aside from the .5 Lorazepam pills I ocassionally use when I feel extra nervous.

I truly try to positive... but I know people still sense your true 'vibrations' and sometimes their reactions to you are not what you really want. I am SO grateful for finding this forum. I wish every single one of you the best of everything.

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