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stevep22 09-01-2012 05:38 PM

Depressed about just almost everything
I'm not sure what it is. I'm new to this in all ways you can think of. I dont usually talk about my issues. I don't know anyone on here either so I guess this is good start I'm in a relationship but I'm afraid of being cheated on. She never really gave me any reason she would do so but I get scared cause I have issues with ex boyfriends and she does use her phone a lot. I know that this may be just me but I have had issues about this in the past and it did NOT go well. I'm a bit ashamed and angry because I can tell she is getting tired of me being afraid and not trusting her as much as I should. Also

I do have some anger issues due to my childhood and also my first and previous long term relationship. I need help but a big part of me thinks therapy won't help because these issues are that bad. I get angry because I have so many other issues such as self esteem or being social. This right here is a huge step for me.

Growing up I was always picked on or alone. Always getting dirty looks or getiing stared at. I ignore it sometimes but it I get angry too. I isolate myself because I am tired of getting hurt or disrespected. It happens so often. I now have a fear of being alone and when I am I easily start thinking of all my issues. I'm tired.

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