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Administrator 01-23-2008 01:31 AM

Read the Board Purpose Before Posting:

This board is pre-moderated. If it is used other than as instructed below, your message will be deleted.

You are welcome to start your own New thread to introduce yourself and share your own Infertility story.

On this board [B][U]please do not offer advice or opinions[/U][/B]. You may reply to others' stories to give empathy, but Use the other Fertility board for discussion.

[SIZE="2"][List][*] Never add your own story to someone else's thread.
Start your own new post for your own story.

[*] Never post real names or identifying details.

[*] Do not post questions.

[*] Do not ask for opinions or advice.

[*] Do not reply with opinions/treatments.

[*] Do not post someone else's story.[/List][/SIZE]

[I][B]Thank you for your cooperation![/B][/I] :)


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