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kris182 02-07-2018 09:14 AM

My chronic pain story and attempt of pain management.
In April of 2015, my life was changed forever. I fell and broke my right ankle, but also suffered ligament and cartilage damage.

I saw a surgeon in September, who refused to do anything about it even though an MRI showed the damage. He said he wouldn't operate until a year after the initial injury.

When I finally had surgery in August 2016, he screwed up. He neglected to do one of the procedures he was supposed to do, and wound up causing damage to 4 of my toes.

During recovery, he ignored the fact that I was having more pain than I should have been after a couple of minor accidents. He'd said the pain was normal.

I wound up going for a 2nd opinion, going to other specialists to rule out some issues. One of the specialists ordered an MRI. It showed ligament and tendon damage.

New surgeon told me I needed more surgery. He couldn't repair the torn tendon due to scar tissue and told me I'd be in pain for the rest of my life.

He referred me to a pain management clinic where I started receiving ketamine infusions in July 2017. Treatments were once every 2 months.

November 2017 saw a freak accident, so an ultrasound was ordered due to an excessive amount of pain. It showed the repaired ligament was completely torn.

The torn tendon was worse than before and we discussed options for repair of the tendon, and a plan of action was made. Next surgery is in April.

My pain management specialist said even though I'm having surgery, he still wants me to continue my infusions, thinks they might still help with the pain. My treatment after surgery is about 2 weeks after it, so I can only wait to see if it still helps.

Just have to wait.

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