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Jmysey3 02-27-2012 05:43 PM

So Frustrated!
Unfournetly my story seems be similar to a lot of people and my fear is it's going to keep getting worse. I was going to a PM clinic and I went to go for my appt. last week and found it was closed down, people said the DEA came and raided it after some research and talking to my pharmacist yep he was shut down and apparently for very good reason, yet if the charges are true they were very good at covering up what they were doing or I'm just blind. Anyway I'm trying to find a new doctor now which is a lot harder than I thought. I tried my Family doctor and he's very big into alternative pain management and treated me like I was some sort of addict, and apparently this is becoming the consensus of most doctors that if you need pain meds for your pain then your just "seeking". I guess it's most frustrating since this is something I have been dealing with for many, many years with so many tests done I should be glowing in the dark and lists upon lists of different treatments and medications I've tried. Honestly I would go into more detail but from what I've read on some of the posts on here people read your symptoms and use it to try to get meds, so if anyone has questions I will answer privately (hopefully you know how to do that I don't yet, just new to this site). Its even more upsetting since the 1 med I'm on is non-narcotic but can have severe side effects when you just go off of it cold turkey yet asking a doctor for it you'd think its some serious drug, my PCP actually had more of an issue with it than the actual pain meds, I just don't get it. Are we seriously to the point where because some people find a way to abuse any and all medication that now people who actually need it can't get it? Anyway so I continue my search for a new PM Dr. hoping that since today is the end of all my meds that my body doesn't completely explode (lol) and hoping that even though the last couple of days, where I've been taking everything so sparingly so I could barely get of the couch, doesn't last forever. From what I've read nobody likes to give up where they go I totally get that, honestly I didn't before either, but if anyone has any advice I'd really really appreciate it.

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