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    My pain story

    Sorry this will be long but thank you for readin ahead of time.

    When I was born my lung collapsed and they found a hole in my diaphram. They sewed it up and everything was fine for the next 14 years.

    At 14 I started having sever stomach pain and ended up going to the hospital. As soon as they brought me in back I started throwing up bile. The next 6 months I went through three surgeries and they fixed the problem so my stomach is fine now. Part of the reason this happen is because of the surgery as a baby and them pinning my intestines down.

    Shortly after the surgery I started having back pain in the area where the surgery as a baby was done. It would swell and become unbearable to put any sort of pressure on it even from sitting or having a shirt on. I finally relented and went to my PCP. We started with anti-immflammatories went to nerve medications anti-depressed,muscle relaxers,physical therapy and everything else. Well then my insurance ran out.

    So my doctor did the only thing we hadnt tried yet and put me on vicodin 5/500. I was taking two a day. Fast forward to two years ago. The bottom of my back started hurting and slowly but surely got worst and worst and worst to the point I couldnt sleep couldnt walk couldnt move or sit or stand for ten minutes at a time. I was curled up in a ball on the floor crying my eyes out most times I was in so much pain.

    My doc decided to up my meds to 7.5/325 2 every four hours. This worked for a while so we tried lowering it to 5/325 same directions. When I finally got insurance Jan of this year we made a appointment for me at a PM office.

    My first appointment was June 28th . The doctor I was originally suppose to see because of his specialty in difficult cases passed me off to one of his colleges and never mentioned this to me or my PCP. I found out when I went in for my first appointment.

    So He comes in sits on the bed put his feet up on the desk and asks me whats going on. I tell him everything. The pain,the sleeplessness,everything I tried. The whole time I am talking he is cutting me off and has this I think your a liar attitude with me then accused me multiple times of being an addict. He gave me baclofen orders a MRI and as were leaving tell me to not even bother calling him if I dont get the MRI. So a few days later I had set up the MRI and went and did it faxed him the results and called for a follow up like he told me to.

    Go back and his whole attitude changed because they found my spine had narrowing and the nerves in my hip and left side of my spine are being crushed. He was very nice and understanding explaining everything to me telling me how sorry he was I was going through this and prescribed me norco 10/325 and ativan to sleep. We set up ESI's to try first. He said if that didnt work we would do nerve blocks.

    So I go for the first shot and after the first shot I was in so much pain and so sick to my stomach for three days I could barely move. The pain kept getting worst and I was trying to tough it out till my second shot which was today (July 25th) but I couldnt do it. So I called and the nurse told me I had to see him before my second shot.

    I go in last Fri and his resident comes in first and is super nice and polite asking me whats going on I tell him and also brought up my concern that my pain meds were wearing off to fast. He said he would talk to the doc. As the resident is talking to me my PM doc barges into the room hits the resident with the door doesnt even apologize and flops down in the chair and is like well whats wrong very rudely.

    I start telling him after the first shot my pain seem to get worst I didnt get any relief from it. At this point he starts pushing on my back super hard where it hurt where I am jumping and jerking my hips side to side really hard . Then he flops back down and says well you have two options do the second shot or talk to a surgeon what one do you want? Like thats just a snap decison I can make. I asked why he thought I needed a surgeon and he was like well your MRI was normal so I think you have scoliosis and need to go in and physically straighten your spine! I asked him what about the nerve blocks and he says forget that. Then he says I would like you to do the 2nd shot even though I think it will fail then you can talk to a surgeon even though your to young for surgery! um what.

    So he gets ready to walk out and I am like wait Im concerned that my pain is not being managed enough it feels like my meds are wearing off to fast and very loud and rudely says "I knew this was going to happen!".

    I sat there looking at him like what. Then he goes into this long speech him telling me he thinks im a drug addict and if he prescribed me more meds he would be in the "wrong" for contributing to my "addiction". I was so offended I couldnt even say anything. so then he says well Ill give you one more script for norco and after that I am doing nothing for your pain.

    So today at the second shot im dressed in a gown and waiting and he comes in and asks how I am feeling. I said in pain. He laughs in my face and storms out! Once again I couldnt believe it. So now I am home in pain and feeling sick . I feel like I have no Idea what to do because every time I turn around I am being treated like an addict and if he is not going to manage my pain anymore while we find a solution then I dont need to see him cause he has been nothing but uncaring and rude!

    Thank you for reading and letting me vent just frustrated!

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