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laura333 07-28-2008 04:54 AM

Three Miscarriages
Hi, ive experienced 3 miscarriages since 02.05.08 one after the other the following on 06.06.07 then 26.07.08 so its between 5 and 7 weeks so my last period was on 12.03.08. Ive now read that some periods can have clots which ive been experiencing along with menstral cramps, i did a test on Wednesday which had a faint line then on friday a different test said not pregant, so i have very mixed answers anyway. Please can you give me some advice im so confused, my periods before were every 35 days and in Sept 07 i came off the pill Cerazzette and wonder if this has had an effect as i was on it for 5 years and before that on another pill for 4 years?

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