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  • birth story (scary, sad and long!)

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    Old 03-24-2001, 06:09 AM   #1
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    birth story (scary, sad and long!)

    At 2am on Sunday the 11th of March 01 I started having painful contractions although they were very irregular. About all they accomplished was the loss of my mucous plug. These contractions continued on for the next few days.
    On Tuesday morning (13th March) I went in for my regular check up, everything was fine, it was established that I was in the early stages of labour (der!) but no commitment was made as to when they thought I would go into full labour.
    Tuesday afternoon I had an ultrasound (just as the normal check up since I was four days past my due date). The ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid levels around my baby were low, so they sent me upstairs to the maternity ward to be checked by the doctors there.
    After scaring the life out of me with this they checked my blood pressure, which naturally, was sky high! Since I had already spent a few days in the ward a couple of weeks earlier for high blood pressure they werenít going to muck around with me anymore, they decided that the best thing to do was to admit me straight away and induce my labour the next morning.
    Since I was still having painful contractions I didnít get much rest that night as I was in agony and they couldnít give me anything more than Panadol (paracetamol) for the pain. By 5am my blood pressure was quite high again, so they took me around to the labour room that I was going to stay in to have my baby, and hooked me up to a monitor to keep check on the baby.
    At about 9am the doctor came in and they started to hook me up to things, in my left arm they attached a drip that had the syntocin (sp?) and a medication to lower my BP running through it, my right arm had another drip with Magnesium Sulphate (for BP) in it, they inserted an internal monitor through my vagina to attach to my babies head, and a catheter was put in to keep my bladder empty. So there I was, strapped to the bed on my back not able to move, a far cry from the mostly natural birth I had wanted!!
    The syntocin drip was started at 10 am, I was 2cm dilated when they started. An epidural had been ordered at 8.30am, they showed up at 11.30am, took a blood test (oh yeah I had blood taken from everywhere!), and disappeared again! I was checked at 1.30pm and was found to be 3cm dilated! I had been having very strong, very painful and very constant contractions! (btw my contractions were all in my back! OUCH!).
    Finally at 2pm they showed up and gave me my epidural! Yay! The relief was heavenly, and I was able to sleep for a little while. At 5pm they checked me again and found that I was only 4-5cm dilated, since they expect you to dilate 1cm an hour they were concerned that the labour wasnít progressing as it should, they said that I might have to have a caesarean section as the baby had to be born that day. I told them that I wanted to wait awhile and see if we got any further, since neither myself nor my baby were in any immediate danger they agreed to let me wait for two hours, and they increased the drip.
    At 7pm they checked me again and found that I was still only 4-5cm dilated, so I had no choice now, I had to have a caesarean, this baby had to be born!
    They whisked me down to surgery straight away, and into the theatre as quickly as they could. My husband was allowed to come in with me, which was just as well because I couldnít have gone through it on my own! I was scared out of my mind, I was sick form all the meds they had been pumping into me, and I just wanted to go home!! Although I could feel no pain because of the epidural, I could feel all the pulling and tugging of them getting the baby out, it felt revolting! I wanted to jump up off the table and run!!
    Finally at 8.23pm Carly Marie Chester was born! She weighed 7lb 15.5oz (3160 grams), was 51.1cm long, and was the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on!! Both Wayne (hubby) and I couldnít stop crying! We couldnít believe how beautiful our daughter was!
    The doctors checked her over, then the midwife brought her to me to see, I had time to touch her cheek and give her a little kiss and they whisked her away to Special Care because she had respiratory problems. They took me back to my room (after spending some time in recovery) and I was left attached to all the drips, and they took Carly to Special Care and she had an IV drip attached and was placed in a humidicrib with oxygen going. As consolation for not seeing my baby the midwife took some Polaroid photos for me to look at overnight. The next day I still hadnít seen her, they took her off the drip but still couldnít bring her to me because of the oxygen, and couldnít take me to her because of the drips. My sister Cait (both her and Wayne had been with me throughout the whole thing) went to see Carly in Special Care, and told the nurse looking after her how upset I was because I hadnít seen her much, the nurse decided to break the rules, she hooked Carly up to a portable oxygen tank, and brought her into my room to see me, 23 hours after she had been born! It was the happiest, but saddest moment, I couldnít hug her, which I wanted to so badly, but I could touch her. I was crying, Wayne was beside me holding my hand crying, Cait was watching us, she was crying too, and the nurse was also in tears!
    On the Friday (two days after her birth) Carly was taken off the oxygen and was brought to me to try to breastfeed from time to time, so I finally got to hold her! Friday night she was discharged from Special Care, but was still not allowed to spend the night with me, so she was kept in the nursery overnight. Saturday she was with me all day, and I did not put her down, I held her constantly for the whole day! The only time I wasnít holding her was when her daddy was holding her!
    We were kept in hospital as my blood pressure was still high and I was running a temperature, and Carly and I were having trouble getting started with breastfeeding (we still are!). We finally got home from hospital on Tuesday (20th) and its great to be home!
    So thatís my birth story, long, but I donít know how to shorten it. Although I love my daughter very much, and wouldnít give her up for the world, her birth was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced, I would not wish the pain and heartache I went through on anybody, and although I love Carly to death, I donít think I could ever go through an experience like that again!
    But its nice to have Carly with us at last *S*

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    Re: birth story (scary, sad and long!)

    thats a sad story but i am glad everything worked out for you!!kristi

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    Re: birth story (scary, sad and long!)

    It sounded like you had pre-eclampsia or actually developed eclampsia. Did your dr's check you for water gain? If they had diagnosed that right in the beginning, they could have done a ceserean and probably avoided all the complications with you and your baby. The only cure for pre-eclampsia is delivery, and if the dr's waited too long, what you experienced is what usually happens or worse. You and your baby are very lucky if that's what it was. I wouldn't let that stop you from having another baby down the road, if your dr's watch your blood pressure and water. I know this is just a guess, but it's an educated one, my grandmother went through exactly what you did, except with tragic results, the dr's waited too long and her firstborn son didn't survive. God bless you and your baby.

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    Re: birth story (scary, sad and long!)

    Thanks for your replies!
    Michelle - I think it was diagnosed as pre-eclampsia, I had high bp, some swelling and a trace of protein in my urine, it was just a slight case of pre-e which is why I think they didn't act on it sooner. Hopefully if ZI do decide to do it all again ikt will be a lot better! Also my baby was in the posterior position (facing forwards instead of backwards) so that is why they think my labour didn't progress as well as it should have. Sorry to hear about your grandmas firstborn, that must have been hard for her! I know I am very lucky and I love little Carly to bits! *S*

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    Re: birth story (scary, sad and long!)

    Ness, I am so happy for you! sound like you have a wonderful child. I still remeber the 1st time I held each of my child and could not have waited as long as you did.

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