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TyrannicMushroo 04-09-2011 12:45 AM

Shingles vaccine at 22?
I know the shingles vaccine is recommended for people over 60, but can you get it when you're younger? I contracted shingles when I was 19 and never want to go through that pain again. I remember it as being agonizing.

Another question too, unrelated, I think I might have been responsible for contracting it. I read shingles can be activated in your body through stress, like a severe wound. I was self-injuring at the time and had to call 911 to get stitches and very nearly almost passed out from the blood loss. The wound itself was fairly deep. I no longer SI, but could I have caused myself to get shingles?

um011 04-11-2011 05:08 PM

Re: Shingles vaccine at 22?
You don't contract shingles.

When you were smaller you contracted the chicken pox virus . Some of the virus stayed lodged in your nerves hiding away. When people have a low immune system the virus turns into the Varicella Zostre aka Shingles. So it's sort of a mutation of Chicken pox. Low immune system can be caused by stress. Stress causes you're body to work overtime, this means that the defenses that were keeping the shingles dormant are now busy elsewhere. Hence you get get a reactivation of the virus.

The stress can be emotional too, so try relaxation techniques. Although in your case, probably blood caused your defenses to go down to fix that wound.

As for getting the vaccine well they recently lowered the age from 65 to 50. Mostly older people get it because they have a lower immune system. Ask your doctor. I also suggest now that you've had shingles you look out for the clues ( itching, red area, feeling nerve pain, etc) that indicate that you're getting it and run to the doctor. Ask for a shot of B-12 , this will make the shingles last only a couple of days and wont really hurt. The shot has to be taken before the outbreak of the actual outbreaks, so about max 3 days after the first symptoms.

SDcookie 04-13-2011 08:05 PM

Re: Shingles vaccine at 22?
My son (age 23) was diagnosed with shingles several months ago and it was brought on by severe stress. I think you need to try and alleviate the stress in your life and slow down a bit.

jessie00 04-16-2011 04:13 AM

Re: Shingles vaccine at 22?
I had shingles at 18, Ive tried getting the vaccine and literally got laughed at. Mine was brought on by stress.
You can get it when your immune system is down because of illness, lack of sleep, and of course stress. It wasnt the cut that brought them on it was probably the mental stress you were under. I always worry I'll catch them again because I'll get pains from the area and it makes me panic, which in turn makes it hurt worse.
I'm so glad to read that you no longer SI, I watched many of friends go through that. its a very hard thing to overcome.

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