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Leanie 12-24-2014 06:08 PM

Shingles down there
OMG, I have shingles.....when I was 24 I had a terrible outbreak of shingles that stretched from my vagina to my lower back on my left side. It took me 3 months to get rid of them and was left with PHN. I was on Neurontin for 2's the story of this time:
I have Endometriosis and the past few months my periods were lasting 2 weeks at a time so I saw a gyn and she put me on Norethindrone (progestin) for 3 months (I told her I could not take birth control and she said it wasn't). After 3 weeks of being on them I started sweating really bad, then over a week ago I had insomnia really bad and horrible crying spells and my blood pressure got really high (145/95 pulse 130). Then I got a sinus infection and BOOM shingles IN my vagina on the right side. This happened in 3 days in that order. I was tested for all herpes and came back negative which I knew I didn't have that. I haven't been sexually active in a year. The shingles are on one side of the vaginal opening. I am taking acyclovir and cipro. I saw a new gyn yesterday and she looked inside and said I have a spot of them on my cervix to. She said she was 99% sure its shingles especially since I've had them before near this area. I was always afraid I'd get them again but INSIDE?? I am in shock and devastated...anybody have shingles like this? Also my right hip has been killing me, it hurts soooo bad, especially when I try to bend to pick something up. I have osteoarthritis in my hips so I don't know if it's that, the shingles or the cipro. The doctor wants me to see a rheumatologist. These pics are of the same spot, just 3 days apart. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

parker1261 12-25-2014 09:31 AM

Re: Shingles down there
bless your heart ! i get shingles in my NOSE !...not as bad as your situation but still.....cannot EVEN imagine your pain and discomfort .....

Leanie 12-25-2014 11:52 AM

Re: Shingles down there
I may have to take another round of acyclovir. I looked at it this morning and it's slowly healing but not fast enough for me. Gosh my hip hurts more than anything else.

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