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DBB576 05-23-2016 11:27 AM

Can Rotator Cuff Injury Cause Shortness of Breath
Last night I admitted myself to the ER after suffering with intermittent shortness of breath for nearly a month.

I was given an EKG (blood oxygenation 97-100%), chest x-ray (clear), and CT scan with contrast dye (no blockages).

I have a follow-up with my Primary Care Physician on Friday morning to attempt to determine the cause. There are several possibilities in my view, but I was curious if one of them might be a shoulder injury I suffered around the same time the shortness of breath occurred. The injury is in my anterior deltoid (the part closest to chest). I got this injury after beginning a pull-up program. It's difficult to externally rotate my right arm past 70 degrees. I can easily externally rotate my left arm 90 degrees.

Has anyone ever experienced shortness of breath from a shoulder (rotator cuff) injury?

Thanks in advance.

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