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grumpyme 08-12-2019 07:37 PM

looking at rotator cuff repair
hi folks
so i tore my rotator cuff trying to remove rusted bolts from the bonnet of a pump at work. mri showed a white blob where the tendon is, doc said some bicept tears and bone spurs as well! looks like i hit the trifecta. ayways its on the dominant arm of course and i was wondering how you manage to shower etc while in a sling. i have had a hip replacement and sub talar fusion and didnt really have issues with either of those while showering but i cant wrap my head around this one. any tips are much appreciated.

tess201 12-04-2019 08:14 AM

Re: looking at rotator cuff repair
I've had rotator cuff surgery both arms as well as shoulder joint replacement. You should be able to take your arm out of the sling and use a plastic arm covering (designed for this purpose) when you shower. You can then hold your arm as if in the sling while you use your left hand to bathe. I'm not saying this an easy task. I would make sure someone is around if you need help or even assist with bathing until your arm is out of the sling and in the shorter cast. You will still use the plastic arm covering with the shorter cast but it will be much easier. I'm surprised your doc didn't go over this with you.

Good Luck!


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