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kolbrun2606 10-09-2011 08:18 AM

Rotator Cuff Tear
Iīd felt always tired between my right shoulderblade after working 10 hours which changed in tiredness in the hot-pot. I thought this was normal. I also felt tired in my knees this also disappeared every time. I had 3x surgery with hemorrhoids, first time 36 years.I work in a vegatarian kitchen for 15 years now I do lots of cutting(bread, cabbage= lots of manual activity. I felt this same pain or what I thought was only muscle tiredness when I was cutting especially under pressure. But it always disappeared after rest. Looking back again my overall tiredness became worse by the years but as I have always lived active it completely disappeared after night rest. I never exercised but running and swimming the wrong way my physiotherapist says now also because in my village there is not a good accomodation for fitness. I started working in a sheep-slaughtering season and had serious pain behind my right shoulderblade every evening so I went into a hot pot and slept well after that. Then on a walking trip early december I slipped and fell on my right arm. Very bad fall and I felt something was different with my arm but no pain. Back in my car I couldnīt shift gears away from me, so I couldnīt push the gear lever away from me, it was ok towards me. Looked 2 months for help, sleepless nights last chance seeing a fysiotherapist, Iīd no idea what was wrong with my shoulder/arm. I īd kept on working and felt terrible tiredness and pain during washing up. My fysiotherapist told me Iīd better stop working until Iīd had a conclusion from an orthaeopedic clinic. The MRI showed a rupture on my supraspinatus, surgeon gave me time for surgery. PAINFUL waitng for 3 weeks. A serious impingement for many years had weakened my supraspinatus tendon so it couldnīt move freely under the ac joint and my shoulderblade had to move more so I could use my arm! After surgery I couldnīt even brush my teeth or lift my hand. I had my 52th birthday just after the operation, now Iīm 55. Iīve had fysiotherapy since 2 months after the operation (18-2-2008). Poor blood flow and no exercising seems to be the reason for these tears :angel:It turned out that I couldnīt really exercise then because also my left shoulder gave problems when I lifed my arm (small impingement) I got a small operation on this so the bursa sac had more place; minor surgery would have been the same on my right shoulder if Iīd known what was going on :confused:I learned lots about preventive exercises like yoga PLANKS (best when you wake up), 2 sideways planks, bellydownplank, bellyupplank. Iīm CONVINCED that simple planking since my early days would have prevented these shoulder and back problems.My fysiotherapist tells me use the ICEPACK every evening for 10 mins. straight from the freezer so your skin becomes RED not frozen! The operation makes the bloodflow unnatural so ICE helps to contract veins and get rid of waste necessary for a heavy exercise program. Now nearly 4 years after surgery I have a tennis elbow on my right arm, tingling fingers and shoulder uncomfortable, left shoulder better than ever :) I think we should share lots of information on this topic to prevent more people from getting unnecessary trouble because the solution is simple: start preventive exercises in youth !

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