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Bill Krispies 03-27-2012 03:50 PM

Rotator Cuff 10 Years Later
Hey all.

I tore my rotator cuff (3 out of 4 tendons) when I was 13, never had surgery, just did some physical therapy in the following years. I've played baseball my whole life, and it was very difficult to throw for a long time (throughout high school). I'm currently 23, and within the past couple years, I start out my summer baseball season being able to throw at a top level, but very shortly into the season, I can barely throw at all. Now, I don't even pitch, I'm just talking warming up pre-game and throws from the outfield. I also play in a rec dodgeball league in the fall/winter once or twice per week, and my shoulder never weakens from that... just wondering why a baseball puts more stress on my arm than a foam dodgeball (interestingly enough, a baseball weighs approx. 5 oz compared to the dodgeball, 8-10 oz). I can literally spend a night throwing a dodgeball as hard as possible and be practically fine the next morning, but if I spend a day trying to throw a baseball with any authority at all, I'm feeling it big time when I wake up.

Thanks in advance for any feedback/thoughts.

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