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mswendeu 07-08-2012 04:59 PM

Strained Rotator Cuff
Hi everyone,
I posted in here in Nov 2010 which must have been sometime after a DX of shoulder impingement syndrome. Here we are present day 2012 at some point during the last two weeks I have done something to aggravate this shoulder. Went to doctor last Monday he believes I strained the Rotator Cuff.
Symptoms short list:

Slight shoulder pain
Tricep aching to elbow (all the time)
Popping in shoulder ( when doing strokes while swimming )
Night pain can't sleep on it.
Pain when extending arm out to side
Pain when reaching behind
Popping and pain when lifting arm above my head

Is this the same old shoulder impingement or was it a rotator problem all a long? It went away on its own before. And I didn't do anything to injure it. Just starting aching one day and hasn't stopped in more than two weeks now.

Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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