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chicagoguy404 10-02-2012 11:25 AM

What type of MRI?

I have been having a dull pain in my shoulder: rotator cuff and biceptal tendonitis...not really bad pain, about a 3 on a 1-10.

I have been examining the thread in addition to other material and I'm wondering what type of MRI I should get. I know the doctor is to determine this, however, it takes two months to get to see this particular specialist and upon arrival I know they will simply say, "You need an MRI so see you on your next visit."...thus this week when I see my regular doc for my annual check-up I will ask for an MRI script....and have this MRI ready for the specialist.

I tried to speak with the specialist's PA to ask about the MRI, but no reply. I was able to speak with a sports therapist and the specialists secretary....I was told by them to get an MRI of the shoulder with and without contrast....but that's that all i need? Does this mean it's an arthogram...should I get that? I'm not holding anyone to what advice they give...just curious on what kinds of MRI's people have had for what I'm going through.... and hopefully I am a bit prepared for my visit when I show them the MRI.


Neptune227 10-14-2012 05:33 PM

Re: What type of MRI?
It depends on the type of MRI machine you have access to and if you have a long history of shoulder problems and pain. The traditional old school t1 MRI without contrast is sensitive enough to look for large tears and to see if there is normal anatomy. T2 is better, obviously, and t3 is just about as good as a t1 or 2 with contrast. If the dr is concerned at all about the labrum or structures related to the joint capsule, he/she should send you for an MRI with contrast. if you have access to a t3 machine then don't get the contrast. The injection procedure can be very painful!

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