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GrtSaint72 01-06-2013 02:40 PM

Axillary Nerve Injury Questions
On Nov 2, I fell mountain biking and messed up my shoulder. I fractured my Greater Tuberosity, subluxed the joint posterior, and got axillary never injury. The bone was confirmed to have healed and I am currently working on ROM to get the motion back.

The only problem I am most concerned about is the axillary nerve injury. My deltoid has atrophy. Lately the last few weeks I have been getting tingling, burning, and twitching feeling in the area that is numb on my shoulder. Is this a sign that the nerve is coming back? My orthopedic surgeon says yes, but I was hoping to hear from someone who had it say so.

I also was wondering how far along until it comes back fully once the twitching and tingling starts? Also, I can raise my arm above my head, but I cant feel if its the deltoids that are raising the arm or other muscles compensating.

If anyone who had this injury or knows about it more than me can help, it would be much appreciated.

Jimbob46 08-01-2013 05:19 PM

Re: Axillary Nerve Injury Questions
Hey man, I too messed up my axillary nerve in a mountain bike accident about ten years ago now. Bounced off some trees, dislocated shoulder and stretched, crushed and mangled axillary nerve and had a host of other injuries.

Tingling, burning and itching are all good signs that things are on the mend. You'll know if it starts to fire, mine used to itch like mad sometimes and want to be excercised. I did a really good job on messing it up and there wasn't much that they could do to repair it, it was a time will tell thing. After years of physio my deltoid has never returned, but I still have really good function and movement. I still get the twitches, itching and tingling but the deltoid is barely there, and I still do my exercises every day. Its numb from above my elbow to the top of my shoulder, and has been since the crash.

Apart from a lack of strength doing some things, my other muscles have compensated really well. The only thing I cant do is reach my hand into my back pocket or lift my arm properly up to the side, I can do this with my other arm helping a little but it wont go that far on its own. Took a little getting used to as it was my dominant hand but I still do most things with my right hand, just a little differently.

Its all chance and i wish you all the best with your recovery and everyone's different. Like i said, if you can feel sensations there then that's a really good sign, just keep working on it and time will tell. I've met people who have fully recovered and also people who haven't improved at all. I didn't want to dishearten you but thought id let you know how things have panned out for me. All the best.

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