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  • please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

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    Old 01-21-2002, 10:45 PM   #16
    Join Date: Dec 2001
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    Megherc HB User

    Ok people, when will mankind learn that things like alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. mess with the natural chemistry of the brain and wreck havoc? Withdrawal syndromes don't go away in a few weeks, but even doctors' don't take this seriously and will say a drug binge only "triggers" an underlying disorder that was never there before, and will usually solve this little fantasy scenerio with more drugs! Yes, legal drugs effect the natural brain chemistry in a negative way too, and carry addictive qualities as well although not one doctor will admit this because some money hungry drug company did some quickie trials and deemed their drugs safe by calling them "medications". Using drugs DO cause brain damage, but it is chemical damage and is reversable, not the same as structural damage which is caused by physical injury which isn't usually reversable. But this reversal can take a long time, perhaps a year or two, so patience is vital. Eating right, no drugs or herbs of any kind (herbs are drugs too) will help the brain heal the damage. Legal drugs may seem to help, but will delay and prevent proper healing in the long run and carry their own addictive risk, withdrawal syndromes and tolerance and physical health risks. But doctors will "fix" any problems or failures with their "meds" by adding higher doses, switching around, adding other "meds" or all the above. So, essentially you're left with a legal drug addict who doesn't get high but takes mind altering drugs just to make it day to day. If things get too hairy after some years of this, the doctor will quickly blame and brand the patient with all sorts of mental disorders or act like it's their fault and call them addicts and send them off to detox, which almost always fails. Then they decide you need a whole new set of drugs and start you on the merry-go-round for another ride. Don't take a doctor's word for everything; know this: the only way OUT is THRU. You have to go THRU drug withdrawals, no matter how long, in order to get OUT of drugs for good. Doctors can unknowingly feed the problem.

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    Old 01-25-2002, 03:55 PM   #17
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    kforce HB User

    Im a ex rock smoker and i still have that sensation you have but on the right side of my brain. does this feeling on ur forehead intensify when you smoke bud? cause mines does. my doctor put me on paxil too and it worked for a while but i started to feel like those people with social anxiety disorders. so i asked my friend for some prozac and took em. all those feelings went away. you are probably suffering from depression or anxiety attacks. try different ssri like celexa, effexer , etc. you will find one that works for you...

    Old 02-23-2002, 07:12 PM   #18
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    lucy25 HB User

    I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! In April 2001 i did ecstacy and ended up in the hospital. I also used cocaine for about a year before. i have been unbelievably sick ever since and seen many specialists etc. my doc has basically given up on me. i dont want to take drugs to help this.i am sooo weak fragile and scared...I am 26 years old and feel like im depressed(but i wont admit it because i feel so physically sick?) Whats goin on? Ive quit everything but smoking. I cant drink anymore because i get extemely ill. THanks for listening...maybe im not alone.

    Old 02-24-2002, 05:44 PM   #19
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    YesterdaysChild HB User

    From my understanding drugs like ectasy destroy the mylin sheath in the brain making the person more sensitive and vulnerable to every little thing... sort of like people with ms. If these sheaths are damaged, how can they be rebuilt? Also, about the radio magnetic radiation, how can one test to see if they have too much of it in their bodies?

    Old 02-27-2002, 09:43 AM   #20
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    Binkie HB User

    I don't know if this is appropriate since you're all young guys but my mother in law 3 years ago was home alone and on anti-depressants and tranquilizers. She was going through the gin like crazy. She started drinking at late morning and going to bed by noon.
    She was in her mid eighties at the time. We flew up to see her and to spend the weekend. Around 2am she was standing in the bathroom doorway crying , "help, help!"and we led her to her bed. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably. Her feet were bouncing up and down on the carpeting and she was incoherent. We called 911 and they recognized her! They took her off to the hosp. Next day she seemed ok and came home. That night it happened again. She sat on the sofa and said for me to come sit by her and feel how the sofa was "moving up and down." My husband checked her into assisted living where she seemed fine but asked for her vermouth. They refused. For the past 3 years she has been psychotic and having panic attacks to the point she is on large doses of Zyprexa and Xanax and in the nursing wing. She has bad days and ok days but imagines things a lot (like saying she's waiting for her husband to pick her up and he's been dead for nine years). She's 89 now and we don't know if she has Alzheimer's, dementia or psychosis or all of them. Binkie


    Old 05-13-2004, 09:06 AM   #21
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    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    I have similar symptoms to what some of you describe. I was also a regular user of ecstacy but had pretty much stopped taking them altogether. That was until the 10th of April when I went out, got carried away and ended up taking about 7-8 pills over about 12-16 hrs. I thought nothing of this as I'd taken amounts similar to this or more even many a time in the past and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. I continued doing well at school and uni whilst taking drugs so I think I perhaps stopped giving them the respect they deserve.

    I had a terrible 'come-down' and felt awful the couple of days after that weekend but by about the thrid or fourth day I felt a bit better I went to bed feeling ok but woke the next day and got out of bed feeling somewhat detached and dizzy. My head felt strange. The following day, or the day after that (I struggle to remember the exact sequence of things) I started to come
    down with a nasty head cold. About this time I started to notice a feeling of pressure developing in my head. It was difficult to localise where it was coming from but if anything it felt more to the left hand side. The pressure was sort of constant for the next few days but then one evening it got much more intense very quickly. I sort of panicked a bit at this stage and had some of the symptoms of anxiety. I didn't sleep well and I had pains in my chest and tingling/burning in my arms.

    The following night I managed to get some sleep and woke with the pressure feeling much reduced but still feeling dizzy and detached. However, within a couple of hrs of getting out of bed the pressure beagan to return and increased slowly. At about 9-10pm it reached its peak and at this point it felt very severe so I decided I needed to see the doctor.

    I had to wait a week for my appointment and I basically continued along the same daily cycle. I would wake and immediately notice I still felt a bit dizzy, not quite 'with-it'. Within an hr or two of getting up the pressure sensation (pressure is the best way I can describe it, sometimes I feel kind of wired and when its at its worsed I find it really hard to concentrate or to think about anything other than how I feel) would begin to return and would increase slowly usually getting noticeably worse around 9-10 in the evening. Some days aren't as bad and I had two days just gone when it was the best it had been for a while but then it came back as bad as every yesterday.

    I told the doctor how i'd been feeling and that I'd taken drugs before it happened. He brushed off the drugs as not being important although I did not tell him how many I'd taken. I'd had some blockage of my ears during my head cold and when he looked in my ears they were totally blocked with wax and he believed this and possibly blockage of my euthesian (something like that) tubes. I booked to have my ears syringed. I have now had this done and it has done nothing to help whatsoever. It is as bad now as it has ever been.

    I see many people have theses symptoms from anxiety so put it down to that. I'm just about to sit my final year exams at uni so this couldn't have happened at a worse time as I am stressed ot and anxious. However, I've been coping with it better these last few days and feeling pretty relaxed with it all just tellin myself it may take some time to clear but will eventually. Even when I don't feel at all anxious etc though the pressure felling still comes on. Some times it feels so intense that I can't believe that it could be caused by anxiety alone. Just these last few days I've been beginning to get slight headaches or localised pain along with the pressure aswell.

    I will go back to the doctor tomorrow but do so expecting to get sent round the houses without anyone really knowing what to do with me, that or I'll get passed off as just another student trying to get extenuating cicumstances for my exams. I empathise with those who say their friends dont understand etc. I can't explain to them how I feel as its so hard to describe, yet when its at its worse it completely takes over my life.

    At 1st I'd convinced myself I'd damaged my braing with the drugs but I just can't see how that would be considering I've taken similar doese many times and always been fine. Also I can't see how these symptoms would be consistent with damage caused to serotonin neurons. I hardly feel depressed or anxious at all when the pressure is mild and am sure that when I do feel anxious this is a result of the feelings worsening as opposed to the other way round.

    Its good to hear of other people having similar problems, its horrible feelin completely alone in this. The bad thing is nobody seems to have made a speedy or full recovery. I just cling on to the hope that things will improve at some stage, this by far the worst time of my life

    Old 05-17-2004, 09:31 PM   #22
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    jojo65 HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    I many yrs ago suffered from panic attacks after smoking pot, trust me I hardly ever smoked. After that I never felt quite right. I would get weird sensations,problems with vertigo, jolt in my head, noise in the ears etc... After 20 yrs it came back, after a sinus infection. I went to a Dr who looks at panic diorder in a different way, and man I can connect. I read his book called Phobia Free. by Dr Harold Levinson, some people are skeptics. Not me. They ran inner ear test on me and I am all over the place. When i am in a standstill postion, I have alot of eyemovemets. So I feel like the floor is moving, thus my anxiety levels goes up!!!1. He believes in some cases its a vestibular problem, not in all. Xanax has helped me alot thru th yrs, but after returning last yr he has added Prozac, which has been great for me, He also uses antihistimines , motionsicness meds. Read the book!!!-jojo65

    Old 06-23-2004, 08:12 PM   #23
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    foshizzle HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    im definitely glad that someone resurrected this post. i have felt the same way for years with no relief. if anyone finds a cure please advise!!


    Old 06-24-2004, 01:39 PM   #24
    willsmommy's Avatar
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    willsmommy HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..


    Have been reading the posts wit interest. I myself have not done drug so we part company there but I have the weird pressure in the head, dizzy in the head and the ground moving thing too. I was initially diagnosed as having labs and then is it in your head or the favourite is it anxiety? Any ways 3 years on I too had al the vestibular tests and YES I do have an inner ear problem, the result of damage done by the virus labs. So any ways just throwing that in for a thought. Oh and I had an anxiety issue a few yaers before so know what you mean about depersonilisation/derealisation, been there and done that and am fine now.

    Old 06-24-2004, 11:24 PM   #25
    Junior Member
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    stillill HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    Wow. I've gone through all this too. I used to sometimes use LSD/acid and smoked a lot of weed. The last time I did acid, which was 5 years ago, was the most horrible experience i've ever had. I thought It did permanent damage to my brain. Ever since then i've had a lot of problems with depression and anxiety. I get these weird feelings in my head, like a pressure, what you guys have been talking about. I got a catscan done and they said everything was 'normal'. I've done other tests and everything seems to be 'normal'. My anti-depressant medication helps a little but i still get scared about this 'pressure' feeling.

    Old 06-24-2004, 11:26 PM   #26
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    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    Oh, and I also get a lot of derealization/depersonalization.

    Old 06-25-2004, 07:40 AM   #27
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    jawpainhurts HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    Hi all - it is a Seratonin issue. Too much E, or just a little immediately depletes the seratonin in our brains - this is what controls mood and anxiety - therefore, you would probably benefit from an SSRI - Paxil, Lexapro, etc. as they provide Seratonin.


    Old 06-28-2004, 09:42 PM   #28
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    flintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB Userflintrock HB User
    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    I hate to tell you but the X you took is your problem. If you've ever researched would realize what it does to your brain and your body......permanently......

    Old 07-06-2004, 01:54 AM   #29
    daniel Craig
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    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    Yea rec drugs are pure evil.,,,,Differnt people react to differnt substances in differnt ways....i dropped a half a tab of beavis n butthead lsd back in 94 .and 10 years later im lookin now, at not being able to move soon,,,been a slow steady decline.. muscle tremors / spasms / stiffness from head to toe for the last 3500 odd days ...but after spending prolly 20 to 30 grand on the problem im still none the diagnosis still...

    like that other chap mentioned....when i drink its the only time i "feel normal"..thats simply cuz were numbing our nervous systems ....but what i go thru the next day is hell basically drinking is just worsening our problem....numbs u while doing it but in the long run its progressing ur problem....can look at it in 2 ways ...either ur happy at least ur living some of ur life doing what u want and enjoying the releif a drink brings...or in my case...ive probably pushed myself 2 years closer to being in a wheelchair simply by having the odd drinking session knowing damn well it makes me sicker.....

    anyhow.......we made our beds ,,guess now we gotta sleep in em

    Old 07-07-2004, 04:32 PM   #30
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    Re: please help one knows whats wrong with me...i fear i cant go on..

    I have the same feelings as you guys! I always though I was alone, and the only person that drugs effected and made me have very bad panic attacks. One time I smoked alot of green bud and got really up tight of how I felt and that I had no control anymore. It seemed like i was a robot, and sombody was controlling me. I went to the hopsital and they said to never do it again or I could die. (my heart rate was over 200) I figured I could try it again. Nothing happend the next few times untill i was by my self and smoked some, and my hands went numb and It seemed like soembody was controlling me again. Went to the hospital again, and decided I would never do any drugs again. Ever sence that last time I have really bad panic attacks. I will be doing something and all of a sudden my heart rate will spike really high, my hands will go numb and start to tingle, it feels like im floating, shortness of breath, pain in my chest, and feeling like im stoned again. I have had so many attacks and its so frequent (I have literally had 2 small panic attacks just sitting here and thinking about all this!) its all I think about, and when I think about them I start to think about the same feelings and then I have a panic attack. Its just a big ongoing cycle! I hate it, and my Dr JUST prescribed me lexapro, so hopfully it will get better.

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