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  • Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments

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    Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments

    Last fall I was diagnosed via MRI with Chronic Sinusitis in the Ethmoid, Frontal, and Maxilary Sinuses - bilaterally. The diagnosis suprised me as the intent of the MRI was to look for Tumors due to neck problems. I had no idea as to my knowledge I had not experienced any real symptoms. I don't have post nasal drip. All I get is Phlegm collecting in the back of my throat (It's greenish yellow but more yellow than green) which I have been hacking up for 10 years. I hack up more in the morning, but also hack it up a couple times a day. I notice no brown in this green/yellowish icky stuff. Once in a great while a little bit of mucousy blood. I used to live in the Northwest in an apartment with black mold growing on the bathroom walls and in the garage. The complex was huge but built on essentially wetlands. I lived there about a year, then finally when a huge chunk of the garage ceiling caved in. It got to the point that I had to wipe the mold off the bathroom wall every couple of days so I figured enough and moved. The complex was only a couple of years old too.

    As a teen I was prescribed Tetracycline for Acne and took this daily (1 pill - I don't know the amount per capsule) for about a year. It never helped so I quit the pills. But that was more than 10 years ago. As of yesterday I read about the "spit test" for Candida. I had arms growing from the top of the water to the bottom of the glass in minutes and in about 15 mintues just a cloud of saliva at the bottom of the glass. I am male, but I think that I may have intenstinal imbalances effeting my body. I have normal bowel movements almost like clockwork. One in the morning, and smaller one at night. I seem to digest food fine, but I may actually have a problem, I don't know what to look for as I don't get indegestion or stomach aches or constipation. My stools are not soft or hard, just normal to me. I eat no dairy (even quit yogurt - stonyfield farms brand - which I like, and Helios Nutrion Keifer). So totally dairy free for about 2 months. I do not drink Soda. I recently quit whole grain bread and cereals. I gave up white bread about 2 years ago for not particular reason other than it has no nutrition. I drink bottled water, I eat almost no packaged foods. I do what I can to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. I just stopped dried fruits (raisons and cranberries). So now I basically eat Coleman Beef, Free Range Chicken, and vegetables. I have lost 25 to 30lbs in the past year (and I am getting way too thin 6'4" and 183lbs as weighed at the doctors office 2 weeks ago). I try to eat every time I get up just to make sure I am consuming calories. But I can't seem to gain weight. I also like to eat whole wheat pasta and organic pasta sause (which does have some organic cheese). It's tough finding things I can eat that have enough calories to keep me at a stable weight.

    Anyways now for the questions:

    1. Anyone have Chronic Sinusitis without post nasal drip and without headaches in the front of your sinuses?
    2. I get headaches in the center back of my neck to the base of my head, I feel constant pressure in this area and it causes nausea, constant nausea but I do not throw up.
    3. I went to a Naturopathic Physicain this past week (I am trying lots of doctors and trying an ENT next) and he put "essential oils" (almond, oregeno, etc.) into my nose with long sticks. He twisted the stick into my right nostril about 2 inches with no problems. About 1 inch into my left nostril he hit tissue, and I felt extreme pain and my eyes immediately teared like crazy. He stopped and tried to push it in another half inch and just too much pain to tolerate. So obviously I have swelling or a polyp or some kind of structural problem in the left nostril. This is also the nostril that I get nosebleeds in every winter.
    4. I can create a very faint cracking sound when I pop my jaw
    5. I use a saline/backing soda nasal rinse with a waterpik and nose attachement. After about 8 ounces (4 ounces on each side) I gentley blow my nose. I feel a popping sensation in the right ear, but not the left. You know the kind of popping you get when you are driving from low altitude to high altitude or as an airplane asends or desends.
    6. I don't feel pressure or fullness or any kind of pain in my ears, and my hearing seems to be okay from what I can tell.

    So any ideas? I have herniated discs in my neck, seen the neurologists, the neurosurgeon (no surgery), the physiatrist, NUCCA Chrio, Sports Chiro, and I now belive my constant nausea and imbalance is not my neck but an infection. The Naturopath suggested an inner ear virus (but it will be a whole year of symptoms this coming august 16, 2005). I read most of those (viral ear infections) resolve in weeks and months not years. Who knows? I have read sinus problems can cause neck pain and aches. I know very little about Candida but do know it can morph into fungus with rhizoids and cause problems in the intestinal wall. Do these rhizoids do the same in the Nasal Cavities? I have read the Summary of the tests at the Mayo Clinic in 1999 that suggest up to 95% of chronic sinusitis is caused in the mucus by an autoimmune response to the fungus. And Candida can turn into fungus, and I did take tetracycline so maybe an opportune virus jumped on board after just too much Candida? I never paid much attention to my carb consumption until this illness but it was probably quite high as I consumed a lot of grains in the form of whole wheat bread, oatmeal and boxed cereals. I used to eat cereal like Sinefield, raison bran was my preferred snack. I also used to eat a lot of Mild Cheddar Cheese and 2% milk.

    I am not so much looking for answers (I wish someone really could diagnose me) as much as "paths" to try, suggestions, and experiences of others. I have yet to read about anyone with "neck pressure" and all I do is read forums and research studies all day. Honeslty I've read 1,000's but I learn something new each day. I am currently (as of yesterday) supplementing Capryl and will cut my sugar (except for the berries in my morning shake) and grains to nill. Maybe I will need to cut the berries too.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I should also mention that I am tired all the time, I sleep maybe 1 to 3 hours at a time and wake for reasons I can not figure out, I get night sweats but not all the time, but usually not when I am first trying to sleep but after the 2nd or 3rd attempt (like 3 am), but they clear when I awake in the morning. My arms feel much more weak than my legs. I supplement a lot of Vitamin C, and 1000mg/500mg Calcium Magnesium Citrate. I feel as if I would be "fine" if I could only shake this constant pressure and nausea. Everything refers to my mid back neck area (where there is disc herniation) but who knows where it starts.

    I am usually achey, but only in my arm joints not my legs or my fingers, of course in my neck. The cliche of "flu like symptoms" does apply. And to throw in one last thing, but not to throw you off, I have had all my amalgams replaced in Feb-March 2005, but I had all these symptoms before then and didn't notice a big change in them after the replacement.


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    Re: Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments

    I have had chronic sinusitis and post frequently on the allergy board. First of all, I would not say your sinus infection is asymptomatic. Rather you show many symptoms, albeit rather mild. Your yellow/green mucus is not normal. It is a symptom of your sinusitis. Normal mucus is clear or white. Infected mucus dripping into your stomach can cause nausea. It is also very possible that the sinusitis is causing your neck pains. For me, neck pains ususally accompany a headache, though. However, it is not unusal for you not to have sinus pain. My headaches were always near the temples, despite the frontal sinuses being infected. Also, a mild, chronic, untreated infection can give you the flu-like symptoms you describe. For me, I always can tell now when I am getting a sinus infection because well before the sinus pain starts, I feel achy all over, like I have the flu. I also get night sweats when I am fighting off an infection.

    While I do believe Candida is a valid condition and a concern, I also believe that it is easily mistaken for other things. It is important with Candida to rule out other causes of your symptoms first. It is also important to realize Candida is an opportunistic infection, meaning if your immunity is compromised by another disease (in your case a chronic sinus infection) it can more easily take hold in your body.

    My question for you is, have you had the sinus infection treated at all? You really need to see an ENT right away, and you need to bring that CT scan with you. This is one instance where I think antibiotics are neccessary. In the meantime, continue doing your nasal irrigations. A mucus thinner like Mucinex might also help, though I would wait to see the ENT before taking it. I have found NAC to be a helpful anti-oxidant in helping fight infections, as well as vitamin E and vitamin C.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    notpain HB User
    Re: Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments

    Thank you. I supplement Ester C between 1500 and 3000mg daily. I may up this as I have taken as much as 10,000 to 15,000 in the past and have not had problems. I know when you are ill, at least for me more vitamin c seems to be tolerated. I've never even come close to bowel titration. I started taking Capryl yesterday the Solray brand - magensium, calcium, zinc. I don't know what the Caprylate form means, I also supplement the citrate form which I understand. I read there were virtually no side effects so I thought I would give it a run. My choice of the term Asymptomatic was a POOR one. I should have said I don't realize I have symptoms, I'm sure the symptoms are there. I also didn't take into account that I could have the crud in my stomach yet it should have dawned on me. I have little discharge and can not taste the phlegm and don't seem to get bad breath (at least that my friends would notice) but it is definitely greenish/yellowish. I wonder if another disease didn't piggyback onto this one. Meaning my immune system was suppressed (I am sure it still is) and cause me even more trouble. Perhaps an ear problem, and my body is simply too weak to fight it. I was on tetracycline for more than a year but that was a long ways back, but who knows it could have damaged me enough so the when my immune system got weak enough another problem could present.

    Antibotics scare me, but if they can get me to the point that these sysmptoms subside then I can work more on diet (I do a lot already) and rebuilding my gastrointestinal flora with the help of a nutritioinist or naturopath. I am very frustrated with compartmentalize Allopathic physicans. You would have thought that one of them would have referred me to an ENT. But NO! And they all knew I had sinusitis. One even gave me free samples of nasonex and allegra. I tried to book my own appointment with and ENT about 5 months ago but they will not take you without a referral and because of my neck problems the doctors kept sending me to neurologits and thats the story. I have a prescription from my Natropath and got blown off by the local University Hospital (I guess they don't believe he is a doctor even though the State I live in Licenses them, and he has a very good reputation). So I am going to plant myself at the local Hospital Owned Dizziness Clinic tommorrow with prescription in hand until I can get an appointment.

    I took the "spit test" for candida and will post another note about that. But within minutes I had legs from the top of the glass to the bottom. I had my parents do the same thing, and nothing at all. So I am sure I am infected, and probably with more than one kind of pathogen. That would certainly explain the flu like weakness.

    I have had an MRI but not a CT Scan. I understand the CT scan shows the bony mass much better. I will probably need to have that too. Man I feel like I am finally onto something which can help and I owe this new lead to the many postings on this board and the open minded thinking of the Naturopath. Because my Sinusitis doesn't give me headaches in the front of my head I had continued to work the neck problem angle. I hope this does work and I will be very happy for the relief and very frustrated that among all the physicians I have seen including Dentists, Endodontists, etc etc and their full knowledge that I have Chronic Sinusitis not one has referred me to an ENT. I have told each of them I am constantly Nauseas and Dizzy. I did get a referral to a Gastroenterologist but that was a dead end.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I will post my spit test question to alternative health. I AM AMAZED THAT WITH THE PREVELANCE OF SINUSITIS THERE ISN'T A BOARD HERE TO DISCUSS JUST THAT TOPIC.

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    Re: Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments

    That is so interesting that you had your parents do the spit test. I too, have passed the spit test, I and never thought to have my husband try it to test it's validity. But I am convinced that even though I have it, it is not the ONLY cause of my problems, but rather a contributing factor.

    I feel you frustration. I have horrible allergies, and was under the care of an allergist, and I still couldn't get an ENT referral from my primary care doctor either. He said I didn't need one! My allergist was the one who ordered my CT scan, and when the results came in, my primary doctor had no choice but to refer me, and I ended up needing sinus surgery! I don't know why primary care doctors are so stupid when it comes to sinusitis.

    You should check out the allergy board. We discuss sinusitis there all the time.

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