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  • Ostiopenia at 41

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    Old 01-02-2006, 01:00 PM   #1
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    Ostiopenia at 41

    Where to start…I’m a 41 yr. old female….. Who had a motor cycle accident 4/4/04.
    Believing I was just bruised up a bit and because I had no health insurance.
    I waited a month before going to a Doctor. When I finally went it was to a local orthopedic surgeon. I told him I was experiencing lower back pain. He did an x-ray and told me I had a fractured sacrum.
    It would take along time to heal just lay around and I would be fine, he said sometimes it could take a year or more for a sacrum to totally heal. So I just lay around waiting to get better.
    I moved to another state in October still in pain I went to a Physical Therapist, no x-rays were taken. He put me in Sacral Cranial Therapy, after a month I was still in horrible pain
    He referred me to a back Dr. and Urologist .The Urologist sent me for an upper GI CT
    Where it was discovered I had a healing fracture in my right pubis bone. And that I also had moderate – high blood in my urine.
    The back Dr. did an X-ray that showed a collapsed femur and I had AVN “avescular necrosis” and recommended I see a Hip specialist. The hip Dr. was totally oblivious to how much pain I was in, and he thought I was to young for total hip replacement. So I just continued doing nothing but setting on the couch, smoking cigarettes , not getting proper nutrition and living in nightmarish pain.
    Finally a friend who is a ortho Dr. referred me to another. Dr. “ one who only does hip replacement” So I got a new left hip 1/14/2005. Started physical therapy and moved once again to another state. I met a chiropractor 3/4/05 and he said he could help me. Because I was still in such pain I was willing to try anything. He did a back x-ray and said my muscels had pulled my spine to one side .it would take some work but I would get better. He worked on me 4 weeks.And no improvement WORSE pain than before.
    I also saw another chiropractor and a massage therapist in the two months that followed .
    Both took a look at my previous x-rays and were just sure they together could get me well.6/1/05 I moved back to Texas where my ortho Dr. friend took more x-rays and discovered my left hip had a fracture and AVN…………I had that one replaced 9/16/05 here in Dallas. Because of no insurance it took that long to get into the County Hospital.
    The county Dr. said I had lived with the pain for this long a couple of months wouldn’t hurt me. I started PT after the surgery ,and was not getting any better.
    11/22/05 A friend refered me to her holistic chiropractor he sent me for x-rays and then I found out I had 4 compression fractures in my spine. He also reviewed my x-rays from 3/4/05 the fractures were there when I was seeing the 2 chiropractors and the massage therapist.HOW DID THEY NOT SEE THEM?Anyway He gave me natural herbs and pointed a laser at my spine for 20 min. every visit, and tried to crack my back ,which is so tight I can barely move. He did order a bone density test
    lumbar was BMD 0.828 g/cm2 T-score 2.0 Z score1.7
    wrist was BMD 0.484 T-score 1.6 & Z-score 1.2
    and a lumbar, L1,& L2 CT. also showed ostiopenia.
    So now I’m seeing a family practice Dr ,he has prescribed nerve modulator, muscle relaxer, antii nflamitory, pain pills,1200 mg calcium, vitamin D and something to rebuild bones.
    He said I have the bones of a seventy yr. old and I will most likely be in pain forever.
    My God, what am I going to do? I have applied for social security,I don’t qualify for any public assistance because I own a house. I can’t work and soon be out of $ And I have a miserable lonely life here in my home alone everyday..
    Does any one know of any study groups? I’m willing to try anything.

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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    It sounds like you've had a rough time of it. I wonder the same thing as you, how could the doctors not see the fractures. Your T Scores aren't as bad as mine but taking Calcium sounds like a good idea. It's much harder to gain bone density than it is to keep from loosing it. My osteoporosis could be seen on xray but I was lucky and didn't have any fractures. Being inactive probably didn't help you so that doctor's recommendation didn't sound right. What osteoporosis medication do your doctor order? You might want to try contacting a University Hospital because they usually have research studies on going. I hope you get some pain relief soon.

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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Thank you,I will look into it.
    you do sound very lucky not to have any fractures.

    Isn't that crazy that 3 people saw my x-rays and never saw the fractures.

    Flosomax is what he prescribed and I will be taking my 1st one tomorrow.
    I'm going to have to get up and walk around for an hour after.THIS SHOULD BE FUN.

    And sorry about multable posts but NEWBIE .....I AM!

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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Good Luck with the Fosamax. Follow the instructions exactly as it's written. I hope you can tolerate it - some people can and some can't. I noticed after the first pill (one week) that it was killing my stomach. Let us know how it goes.

    Old 01-03-2006, 03:24 AM   #5
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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Thanks again at $90.00 for 4 little pills ,I hope it works.

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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Oh my goodness! You have really been through the ringer, haven't you? I'm so sorry you've had all these painful problems. The doctor who said you'd be in pain for the rest of your life should be ashamed. He took something valuable away from you: hope. I'd be miserable too if someone told me that.

    It is certainly strange that 3 doctors missed your fractures. Are you sure they are compression fractures? I only ask because I thought those occurred only with osteoporosis. Your DEXA numbers just don't reflect the amount of loss necessary to have your vertabrae collapse like that. Could they be trauma fractures instead, sustained in your motorcycle accident?

    Regarding your DEXA scores: First of all, when referring to your scores you would put a minus sign in front of them. Where ZERO is normal bone density, a person's T-score would have to be between -1.0 and -2.5 to be considered in the osteopenia range. Osteoporosis is -2.5 and under. The T-score compares you with a normal young woman at the peak of her bone density. (The Z-score compares your numbers with others your age, which to me is a much more revealing measurement, but nobody ever really looks at that.)

    I hope I'll have your scores when I'm seventy years old because they aren't bad scores at all. I'm 50 and my spine is currently -3.0. I haven't had any compression fractures (knock on wood) and I take Evista and lots of calcium +D and magnesium for my osteoporosis. I want to see if I can reverse my bone loss without Fosamax, and so far it's working.

    You have been off your feet quite a lot in the past couple of years, which could account for your bone density loss. However, this loss IS reversible, and hopefully getting back on your feet again will go a long way towards that goal. Are you able to walk any distance at all? If so, could you join a group of mall-walkers? That would get you out of the house, and into a social and safe environment. It could be beneficial for you on so many levels.
    Dx Osteoporosis 5/04, age 49
    T-Scores: Spine -3.0, Hip: -1.9
    Current treatment: Evista

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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Osteopenia merely means 'bone poverty' and connotes no indication of causation. Ninety percent of all osteopenia is caused by osteoporosis, however the remaining ten percent can have dozens of causes and you should eliminate each one so as to be sure. Once you've eliminated some of the genetic and metabolic causes then you can focus more clearly.

    Do you think the accident caused your problem? Malpractice suits would be most likely timed from when you first had knowledge that you had been mistreated, rather than from the date you first saw the doctor.

    I think there are tests to determine just how brittle or deminerized your bones are and that you do not have to rely on a colorful statement about 'seventy year old'. Find out for sure.

    Obviously your lifestyle will change but particularly in the age of the internet people can make a living from home. Good luck to you.

    Old 01-04-2006, 12:45 PM   #8
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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    Your osteopenia could very likely be caused as much by your inactivity the last two years since the accident as anything else.

    Was there anyone insurred during your motorcycle accident? Motorcyle or car covered? Have you checked w/an attorney specializing in MVAs? A quick scan of your phone book yellow pages should reveal those who charge no fee for an initial consultation. Injuries resulting from an MVA are covered by vehicle insurance if there is no health insurance involved in our "no fault" state. It doesn't sound like you've explored all your options since the cycle accident on a false assumption of no insurance coverage of any kind. Your timing is getting perilously close to the statute of limitations in almost all states so check w/an attorney ASAP on just what options may be available to you and then find a good pain management doctor, a good orthopod, a good rheumatologist and possibly even a good endocrinologist to all go over you w/a fine tooth comb and find some relief and some hope for you.

    Good luck and God bless!

    Old 01-08-2006, 01:18 PM   #9
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    Re: Ostiopenia at 41

    I'm so sorry. You are having a terrible time! I would recommend that you check the side effects listed for the Fosamax (a bisphosphonate) before you take any of these pills. I took one 150mg (once-monthly dose) of Boniva (also a bisphosphonate) on Oct. 3, 2005 and about two weeks later began experiencing severe bone, joint, and muscle pain in both my shoulders. This occurred spontaneously, without any trauma or injury.

    I didn't take any more Boniva, but three months later I still have the severe pain together with limitation of motion, mostly in my left shoulder although I am right-handed. This has actually become worse instead of better, and has migrated into my right collar bone area and neck.

    I have done a lot of research, together with e-mails and telephone chats with personnel at Roche (Boniva mfg.), who have confirmed that these symptoms can be caused by Boniva. Boniva is a bisphosphonate, such as Fosamax and Actonel. My research indicates that "these anti-osteoporosis drugs remain in the body for decades, deposited within the bones." and "Hundreds of women using Fosamax and Actonel report on patient websites that they are experiencing chronic, often severe, joint and bone pain." These drugs can also cause “osteonecrosis (bone death) of the jaw”.

    The FDA reports:
    "Musculoskeletal Pain
    In postmarketing experience, severe and occasionally incapacitating bone,
    joint, and/or muscle pain has been reported in patients taking
    bisphosphonates that are approved for the prevention and treatment of
    osteoporosis (see ADVERSE REACTIONS ). However, such reports have been
    infrequent. This category of drugs include BONIVA (ibandronate sodium)
    Tablets. Most of the patients were postmenopausal women. The time to onset
    of symptoms varied from one day to several months after starting the drug.
    Most patients had relief of symptoms after stopping. A subset had recurrence
    of symptoms when rechallenged with the same drug or another bisphosphonate."

    I wish I had not taken this medication and highly recommend that others please take the warnings of Adverse Reactions of Boniva and other bisphosphonates seriously.

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