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    Old 02-07-2006, 05:20 AM   #1
    battling on
    Senior Veteran
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    battling on HB User
    lyme in the eyes

    has anyone had the lyme in the eyes to the point of extreme redeye, dry eye, conjunctiveitouse, blindness, itching,
    This is not for me, but i need to find as much info as possible and aids of relief.
    Many thanks
    Jules zz will up date as soon as on PC more.

    thanks every one.

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    Old 02-07-2006, 06:10 AM   #2
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    deejavu HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Hi Jules,

    I do remember that many members have posted about symptoms in the eyes because of lyme.

    That included dry eye and vision problems. I am sure more members will post about their own experiences with their eyes.

    Hope that helps a little bit,

    Old 02-07-2006, 06:46 AM   #3
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    chocolatesprinkle HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Yes, I've had all of those, except for blindness. Add to your list blurriness though. Quite frankly I didn't find anything that helped. I would put eye drops in my eyes for temporary soothing. That's about it. It was very annoying. Not such a problem now, but I owe that to detoxing which has helped many of my symptoms overall.

    Old 02-07-2006, 06:50 AM   #4
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    Smyle HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Hi Jules:

    Have missed you for a couple of days!

    I am having eye problems-ithcy eyes, dry eyes, swelling and redness around the eyes. On top of that I have a lot of floaters and to me it seems like I am looking at everything through a mirage or a screen. Everything is too bright, espcially when I look up at things. The antibioitcs that I am on are not helping with this and the vision stuff is what is the most disabling for me because it keeps me from driving ( that and the disequilibrium) The opthamologist (2 of them) can see nothing wrong with my eyes. The second Dr explained that the floaters are caused when light reflects into your eyes, it is the "shadow" that I am seeing so to me it looks bigger than they are-apparently in some cases these floaters are almost microscopic. This is always why it is worse during the day. When your eyes are under strain they will also become red and irritated.

    I have found no relief from these symptoms. Maybe someone else will post with a suggestion.


    Old 02-07-2006, 05:12 PM   #5
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    earle HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    i am having major eye problems. itching, redness, am waking up in the middle of the night to put eye drops in, blurriness, pain.

    anybody know what will help this? am terrified of loosing my sight.

    Old 02-07-2006, 08:28 PM   #6
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    cind68 HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Yes...I've had dry eyes, itching and redness for as long as I can remember. I started using Vasacon-A when I was around 12y/o when it was still a prescription. Have used eye drops every day of my life I think to stop the itching and irritated feeling. Allergies make it worse and at times I just want to claw them out! Hate that feeling!!!! I also had always had better than 20/20 vision but evidently my optic nerve was damaged and I very suddenly had to have bifocals in my 30s. I also lost my vision for 11 months once.(That was in 2002) People always ask...."completely??" let me tell you the way I describe it. It was as if I were looking through a very dark black t-shirt and you know how in the summer the gasoline on the pavement makes things all blurry and hazy? That was going on at the same time....kinda like no equilibrium or something. Everything was just in dark outlines and floating all over. I spent most of the time in bed and always had a family member with me of course to help me around but even then I would think I was standing up straight but would be leaning and grabbing walls or whatever I could. Was very frustrating. After about 6 months I remember having a few hours here and there that it would be better and slowly after that it got better and at 11 months went away and knock on wood hasn't come back.
    ..oh yeah....those floaters too! I honestly thought my whole life that everyone had those. Gave me something to do in class when I got bored trying to "follow" one around. (???i know!...) I'm so used to it now I don't think about it but do think they're better ...that or I'm just used to it and don't notice???
    as for the dryness and itching though yes, that's always been such a problem. My right eye is constantly tearing and the left one feeling like something in it. Think I'm just pretty used to that as well though. I actually had an appt today to get contacts. Well....have been trying one kind for the past week and went back today and the doc changed them to another kind. I had wanted the ones I could wear for a month w/o taking them out but I couldn't stand wearing them through one single nite my eyes were so dry and itchy feeling the next matter how many drops I put in them!!! ....Not sure if this is related or not but she(eye doc) asked if the left one had been bothering me and I immediately said YES!! The right had seemed pretty good but the left always irritating. She said my eye looked red and irritated and she noticed on the contact that there were lots of "deposits"(proteins I'm assuming?) on the left but not really on the right.
    ...hope that helped....
    ...will continue with the novel tomorrow....overdid the feet tonite and past time for that ice!!

    Old 02-08-2006, 12:52 PM   #7
    battling on
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    battling on HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Thank you every one for your replies and cind68 "what a mouthfull" did you break for air?

    Thnak you so much for such a detailed reply as i am concerned.

    My mum has been with speacialists now 2 years , she was nearly blind last year, permenant inflammation, wants to scratch them, always sweaty, says she can feel like grit in teh top lids scrapping on her eyes.

    only confortable when closed at night but waking is painfull and infected.

    the doctors ahve left her to it again! saying the balls in your court iwe have no ideal what is wrong with you.
    They admitted the infection has nothing to do with her vertigo.
    i know different.
    mum has hangovers, vertigo attacks, and eye problems, arthirituose thats appeared over a few months very painfull, but shes 74 and says its normall ( possibly is)

    i donty know what to do, shes suffered so long now and is still! playing with anti depressants that make her eyes worse!. but says shes so unhappy without them.

    im terrified to advise a detox bath due to any effect on her heart.
    Has anyone known a 74 year olds treatment to lyme.
    Im now considering harvesting my doxy for her.
    although she says dont be stupid when i say you may have lyme, just reminds me of how she just agrees and goes along with the ideal i have Lyme to keep me happy,but never has realy belived.

    oh blah im stuck, only popped in for a cheery hiya,
    now im moaning,

    Thank you all so much for help
    Jules xxx

    ps Mum never tells me the full story!! always in drips and drabs.

    Have now discovered a virus in house hold when i was 3yrs old
    my brother went blind for a while, Now continuouse adinoid probs and more

    My nan lost the use of her leg and dragged it form the knee down, it grew continuose form then deformed with arthiritouse. She went through lumbar punctures and they thought polio. Due to the flu virus before hand.

    My exzma appeared from head to toe. years of tonsilitouse, falls, breaks. etc etc.

    now 30 years later me and mum are going through the exact same neuro symptoms and no one has any answers, i just dont know what else to consider as i would if there was anything else that fitted like lyme does.

    J xx

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    Old 02-08-2006, 03:34 PM   #8
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    Pearlscale HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    O honey, I'm so sorry. Don't know what to say. Your Mum just might have lyme like you. Sure sounds like it to me. I'm not a dr but then again what do most drs know anyway.

    I have been thinking for sometime that Larry might have Lyme. Hes like your Mum. If he has it, he is not ready to want to know yet. I think with seeing all I've been through, he can't stand the thoughts of him too. I'm think your Mum is probably feeling the same.

    Praying for you and Mum

    Old 02-08-2006, 04:55 PM   #9
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    deejavu HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Hi Jules,

    I am also sorry to hear about your Mum and I sense how much you care about her and want her to be well and not suffer.

    I received a book today that I posted on another thread, that talks about dry eyes and other diseases. There is also a chapter on bipolar disorder, depression, mental disorders, arthritic conditions, etc. I am fascinated by this book because the author goes into details how most diseases are caused by toxins and how to rid one's body of toxins.

    She also mentions the ammonia just like Dr. Jernigan which I find interesting.

    I suggest you buy this book because it not only describes many symptoms but also suggests how to rid one of these symptoms by taking specific vitamins, minerals, what foods to avoid, etc. that cause extra toxins, something we don't need.

    May help your Mum not to mention yourself and your lad.

    The name of the book is called "The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet" by Felicia Drury Kliment and I bought it from ******.

    Just a thought,

    Old 02-08-2006, 07:00 PM   #10
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    outinthe_woods HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Hi, Jules!

    I've had awful trouble with my eyes being almost painful they were so dry and my opthomologist suggested regular use of OTC artificial tears or moisture drops.....she gave me a bunch of samples, so I haven't had to buy any yet and these are working great. I had to use them 3-5 times a day at first, now it's only a few days a week.

    Whoops, almost forgot to mention that I'm going to be 70 this year, so you're never too old! LOL Your Mom's got more company in the Lyme Group of Ladies than she knows!

    Last edited by outinthe_woods; 02-08-2006 at 07:01 PM.

    Old 02-09-2006, 05:11 AM   #11
    battling on
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    Re: lyme in the eyes

    Thanks for the tip. Dj.
    I did look at it on ****** when i read it, im going to try! and find it local, a few books i try to find are USA only im hoping this is here.

    I have an extra bottle of pale spike, to make the most of delivery costs.

    Thought i could try and get mum on it, but may be i've reached the end of trying. As we say "adults have thier choices" and its worrying me alot and im wondering if its wasted energy.

    I don't think i can do much for mums point of view,which is so sad.
    Makes me feel like a big joke now and so fooled.

    I would rather someone told me they adimently disbelive lyme, that way I dont need to use energy talking and explain things and worry they are in the dark.

    It's just bad enough with the proffesionals.

    I have read its the lyme that goes in the eye, i was hoping it may have been the ammonia.

    Mum had steroid drops for a while and i know steroids are bad for lyme, but it seems thats whats written on the net for eye Lyme? bit stumped on that one.

    Mum has now got a repeat perscription for antibiotic drops in the eye.

    I think i will have to let her get on with it, cant help those that wont help them selves, and teh proffesionals certainly can't.

    sorry moan moan again.
    Jules xx
    Just feels like even if you get a bit better, this blasted world wont let you enjoy it.

    Your good news threads is what keeps me going alot of the time thats why I pop in and out, even on my curfew xx

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    Old 02-09-2006, 06:06 AM   #12
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    dealer1111 HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    I had sort bouts of blindness, seconds only, but had me saying Oh God!

    It took a long time from the treatment start til today, and my vission still blurrs out once in a while. But I vission has never been the same since I was hit hard by Lyme.

    Old 02-09-2006, 01:08 PM   #13
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    Roman77 HB User
    Re: lyme in the eyes

    me too....went blind for about 3 days, turned out to be an optic neuritis of both eyes...that's what led them to think MS for a few months. vision finally came back gradually but for about 2 months afterwards i felt like i was looking through a staticy tv screen or a porch screen door. now that comes and goes sometimes, but i always have tons of floaters, super sensitivity to light, long after images, double vision sometimes, jiggly vision, really bad night vision, as well as it seems like my eyes are swimming or i'm looking through a wavy pond, not to mention the dryness, itchiness, redness, and hot burning feelings that accompany all that. this is all part of the reaons i can't drive anymore. so yeah vision issues aren't fun with lyme.

    haven't found anything that helps....think the only thing is time and treatment of the lymes. hope some day to get back my normal vision...fingers crossed.

    sorry to hear about your mum jules....all you can do is try and then try to concentreate on getting well yourself, maybe hsell come around on her own terms if she sees you improving? gueess you can only hope. be well.

    "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer." - Romans 12:12

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