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    Old 07-31-2005, 12:38 AM   #1
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    Anemic and I hate it

    I am anemic, and it sucks. I have very heavy periods and I am sure that is what causes the anemia. I have taken the iron (65) pills, and they make me better after a while. But then it is the waiting game for when I will be sick again. I am not seeing a dr because I moved out of state, and my last dr just acted like it was no big deal anyway. But I sleep 18 hrs a day, I cannot gather the strength to do much of anything. My sleeping patterns are messed up (it is 2 am, and I am up) and I am worried because school starts soon. I have been barely getting the kids up and out the door for school. They have been late to school almost everyday for the past 3 years. I don't know what to do. Is there another way to treat this without having to wait to get sick again? What should I ask my dr when I find one?

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    Old 07-31-2005, 08:12 AM   #2
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    kerry1 HB User
    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I can't tell you what's best for you, but I was recently diagnosed with severe anemia (blood level 9, VERY low). I have heavy periods and fibroids, but it turns out I also had kidney failure, which can cause terrible anemia. Since I am 46 and don't want children, I've decided to have a hysterectomy (uterus only) to eliminate the bleeding. My mother and grandmother both had fibroids and anemia and I don't want to wait until I'm fainting with exhaustion like they were. The kidney treatments are helping my anemia right now, but my period has stopped temporarily. I'm dreading that when it starts again I'll get anemic again. The doc has OK'd a hysterectomy because my uterus is "3 months' pregnant" with fibroids and it's compromising my health. Anyway, that's the decision I've made. They have a less-invasive way of removing the uterus that involves 4 small incisions instead of one big one, so less healing time. Some women can have it done vaginally. It all depends on the individual woman. You might have a blood panel done too, to see if your kidneys and thyroid are working properly, and check your cholesterol levels.

    It's amazing how much better I feel now than I did a few months ago! Anemia really BITES. It affects your whole outlook on life.

    Old 07-31-2005, 08:20 AM   #3
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    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I had heavy periods for years, but usually when a hemoglobin blood test was done, it came back just barely over 12 so I wasn't considered anemic. I'd had symptoms of anemia off and on, just didn't know they were connected with anemia. Restless leg syndrome was one....breathlessness on exertion was another, and I was always looked at for heart problem not anemia on that one. And yes, I was always tired, but thought it was my busy life. I have always eaten a variety of foods that contain iron including red meat, so it wasn't anything lacking in my diet.
    This past spring, I was diagnosed with IDA and put on a low dose birth control pill to control heavy periods as well as iron supplements. It seems to have worked. I don't have anemia anymore though I don't know what my ferritin levels are.

    In reading about anemia, it seems to make periods heavier, so it would be worth seeing a doctor as soon as possible to get checked out.

    Old 07-31-2005, 03:37 PM   #4
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    kerry1 HB User
    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I've gotten the same reaction from doctors - if my levels were barely 12, I wasn't considered anemic. But I WAS. Even if you're on the borderline, you know when you feel bad. I would get dizzy on standing up, a fast heartbeat, breathlessness and fatigue. All symptoms of anemia, even though I wasn't "clinically anemic". Doctors really need to take it more seriously.

    Old 08-01-2005, 12:38 AM   #5
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    BlueStar18 HB User
    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    How come when you are anemic the periods are so heavy?

    Old 08-01-2005, 06:04 AM   #6
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    Angry Re: Anemic and I hate it

    For what it's worth my hematologist (yep, I'm a fellow anemic) explained to me that iron plays a role in constriction of the blood vessels. So, if you're really iron deficient it can cause your periods to be heavier leading to anemia. Many women will see a lessening of their bleeding once their iron levels improve. I've never really had heavy periods but they were heavier the lower my iron got and lighter the higher my iron became. I was placed on a continuous dose of birth control pills to stop them altogether as I could not afford to lose any. My iron level has not improved much but I'm no longer anemic so it has helped. I can't believe how some dr.s completely ignore women complaining of heavy periods! Heavy periods are a leading cause of anemia and can be easily controlled! It's unforgivable to allow a patient to suffer from such debilitating fatigue when it can be so easily addressed!

    Old 01-25-2006, 11:49 AM   #7
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    dreamer89 HB User
    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I agree some doctors don't take seriously woman's issues, I just found out I am anemic, mcv 74. I read that iron deficiency can cause a lightening of periods or cessation, maybe that is when it is so advanced that the body is trying ot save every little bit??

    I too had very heavy periods (saturating overnight pads in a couple of hours for two days straight) and I put up with it for a good 3 years until I got tired of it and went to the doctor for acomplete exam, everything was okay, the doctor wanted to do a d and c I said no way that won't accomplish anything considering I had not fibroids or other growths except a small polyp, which was in no way a cause of heavy bleeding not big enough, and besides the symptom of a polyp was spotting between periods. where the polyp was located.

    I didn't pursue it furthur as my periods seem to lighten up there for a few months, then they started back up and I went to a different gyn and he helped me more than that other doctor did. that is when I got on seasonale, and even when I have break through bleeding and allow myself to go ahead and have a period they have lightened considerably.

    what a difference. now my periods are mostly spotting and a little minor gush. nothing like before. over night pads last me all day, I onlychange it for hygene purposes.

    also I too hate it, I am headachy all the time, so tired that just getting something to eat or use the bathroom is a chore. all I want to do is sleep or lie around, I feel like I am on the verge of the flu all the time. before I would be sick for 3 or 4 days then recovery feel pretty good and repeat now there is no pause anymore.

    I started on iron supplemention ( I have always had a iron rich diet) and molassus the robust kind it has 20 percent of daily iron need in just one tablespoon. and it helps with blood sugar to raise it because of the sugar in there.

    that part about low iron causing heavier periods interests me any links to articles I can read? I hope you are feeling better now that you know what is up and are getting treated.


    Old 02-11-2006, 06:05 AM   #8
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    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    My periods are pretty heavey too. Although it's difficult to tell because they change from month to month. Last month i took 2 neurofen tablets and my pains were so heavy i had to sit in the bath for an hour, and then with a hot water bottle, and i didnt feel better for 4 hours! It was terrible! But other times, pain killers work quite quickley.

    I was always under the presumption that heavy periods = anemia

    Old 02-12-2006, 02:42 PM   #9
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    dreamer89 HB User
    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I too have iron deficient anemia and have suffered fatigue breathlessness and such for several years (I have had heavy periods for at least 8 years that past 3 they were extremely heavy which prompted me to go to the doctor for treatment).

    I never connected it with anemia either, I get blood work done every year including kidney function etc, and I am surprised the doctors, more like angry, didn't pick up on that, except one doctor about 8 years or so ago told me I was borderline anemic, he didn't go into details and I didn't pursue it as I thought it was unimportant. boy was I wrong.

    so it has been going downhill every since and I didn't make the connection I usually blamed my weight or diet or my blood pressure meds this past year or thyroid and even got scared when I started to get chest pains which I found out anemia can cause that (angina,) , (tho I am sure excess weight doesn't help but I am sure it is not entirly to blame either).

    I have since adjusted my diet over the past year to improve the quality and I had a good exercise routine, and I kept regressing I thought I was overexercising so I took more recovery periods, and I would walk long distances that use to be a breeze and I couldn't do it anymore without exhaustion, I blamed the beta blocker so I cut back on the dosage and got on a ace inhibitor to make up the difference still no improvement in fact I got sicker and sicker after each bout of exercise that used to be a breeze.

    finally I wasn't getting well, the periods of sickness (headaches, fatigue, flu like symptoms were getting longer and longer before they let up for a day or two and I was back to the same sickness. went to the doctor expecting a low grade infection, which in fact I did have, but it wasn't causing my troubles, maybe thyroid or heart problems, nope advanced microcytic anemia,

    this kind of anemia is what happens when you are almost totally out of iron. anyway iron is important I believe to control blood flow that maybe why it causes more bleeding when the body should be conserveing it instead.

    maybe the plasma is too thin don't know for sure. I know if you are ID, that your immune system is weakened and you get sick more often, thus the low grade infection I had. I personally think doctors should tell you when values are very close to deficient and not wait until the numbers fall way below what is considered healthy. they sometimes have to many patients to deal with and I think they are in too much of a hurry to get through their case loads that they do the minimum.


    Old 02-20-2006, 01:42 PM   #10
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    Re: Anemic and I hate it

    I was also diagnosed as Anemic after having several tests for my heart palpatations missing beats short of breath, blood test was done after tests. Anyway after suffering Heavy Periods for a long time I took 3 iron tablets a day for 3 month and had another blood test and this sorted my Anemia out. I got tablets from chemist Ferrous Sulphate 200mg Tablets about 4.00 for 100 cheaper then persciption.

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