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  • Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

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    Old 07-25-2006, 10:48 PM   #1
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    Carpenter1 HB User
    Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Hello all

    Sorry for the question since you seem to get these questions a lot.

    I was prescribed(at my request) 2mg pills of Clonazepam at bedtime eight days ago for panic attacks induced by a traumatic event that occurred about a month ago. The event seemed to cause some kind of panic disorder in me.

    He told me to cut the 2mg pills in half and take half at bedtime which i've been doing for eight days. Just read in DETAIL about Clonazepam and have freaked myself out about getting addicted and having withdrawals.

    My question is this....can I just stop taking it harm no foul? Or do I need to taper or whatever. Any chance of a seizure from a half a 2mg pill at bedtime for a total of 8 days?

    Again, sorry for the question, I'm just scared I got myself into a worse situation and hope I can just stop it now without any effects except the panic/anxiety coming back, which I can handle compared to what I've read about Clonazepam use.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    The addiction you have read refers to people who take it for long periods at a time at a high dosage or at least that is what I remember. You should not have any difficulty.

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    tnmomofive HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Nah You should be just fine.I took clonazapam for 2 years twice daily.Even then I didnt have too much trouble weaning off.I had alot more troubles weaning off the anti depressant I was taking.
    If you were taking it for a long period is say wean off real slowly but 8 days shouldnt have any problems.

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    Carpenter1 HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Ok, thanks for the responses. Last night was my first night without the Clonazepam after the 8 days on it, and I had some pretty bad insomnia, and vivid dreams. The anxiety seems to be not returning yet. Hopefully it won't. But I know some of the med is still in me. As of this post it's been 42 hours since I took one.

    What sucks is that previous to the Clonazepam, along with the anxiety, I had some weird leg twitching and jerking going on(happens right at the moment I'm falling asleep), and that returned last night as well. Not as bad as before, but I think it may get worse tonight. It sucks dreading bedtime.

    My gut tells me I need to deal with this without meds. Great medicine though. Worked like an absolute charm, although I know I wasn't sleeping "normally" on it, but it sure felt like restful sleep.

    I feel it worked so well for me I might become dependant on it. Even after 8 days it was becoming my best friend.

    I'm not knocking those that take it because I can definately see the need for it in some cases. Heck, if my panic/anxiety gets intolerable I can always take it once a week/once a month, etc.. Just for those really bad times. Hopefully that is behind me. I'll update at some point and let folks know if the 8 days on the med broke the cycle of anxiety. Doc said that is what he was hoping for.

    Thanks again.

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    Old 08-10-2006, 06:24 PM   #5
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    Carpenter1 HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Well I promised an update, and unfortunately, my anxiety returned when I stopped the Clonazepam. Just went to the doctor and he wants me to start taking it again. He wants me to take 1mg at bedtime for 6 weeks.

    I'm having horrible nightmares(when I finally get to sleep), and am developing some typical anxiety behaviour. Some related to the traumatic event, some not. Have started washing my hands 30-40 times a day(I won't go into why I started doing this, it is for good reasons, but I'm going overboard with it).

    I'm currently ill with with a chronic, but eventually curable(in most cases) disease. Ths happened after the traumatic event. I cannot stop worrying, to the point it is becoming compulsive. The nightmares are killing me as well. Unfortunately for me, whenever I take the Clonazepam, everyone says I'm suddenly acting/looking like my old self again. When I don't take it, they say I look bad, and that I should go to the doctor.

    Now I know you folks aren't doctors and there are no easy answers, but in your opinion, is 1mg of clonazepam once every three nights going to cause physical dependence? He wants me to take it every night but I talked him into once every three nights since in my case it seems to keep my anxiety under control for the first two days after I take it. It's on the third day it returns bad.

    I again apologize for this type of question since I know it gets asked a lot, but I'm just so afraid of physical dependence. Perhaps it goes along with my anxiety and worrying. Basically I would take it on a Monday, then on Thursday, and so on.

    Any insight would be so, so appreciated.

    Thanks folks

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    M.G. HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Carpenter1 - just a quick note to share my experience (it sounds like I suffer from anxiety more than you). I was having trouble dealing with a new stressful job, moving to a new city, a new child, etc. Anxiety was almost a constant in my life. I started taking Klonopin (Clonazepam) almost 14 years ago... it truly gave me my life back.

    I still take the exact same dosage (.5mg, 2x daily), with the exact same results. I've been able to raise a family, have a successful career, and really enjoy life again! I know a lot of people take higher doses, and I have no idea how difficult it would be to wean myself off. But I've had *no* side effects that I can tell (weight gain/sexual/sleep disorder/etc... plus liver tests are fine), so if I have to take a moderate dose of Klonopin for the rest of my life, I'm OK with it... I remember the hell my life was before.

    Best of luck with your situation!


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    808Lion HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days

    i wasn't taking clonazepam but i WAS taking ativan (another benzo) for awhile...
    i was REALLY against taking any meds but my anxiety/panic attacks got so bad i was pretty much having them constantly throughout the waking day for the better part of 2 weeks and was bedridden and in hell as a result...

    i finally gave in at the urging of doctors and started taking zoloft and ativan...
    i read up as much as i could and promptly freaked myself out about the potential side effects, etc... lol
    i read that one can become addicted to benzos with regular use in about 3 weeks...
    i was on the ativan for a good month and a half, and then, under my doc's supervision, slowly (very slowly) weaned myself off...
    fortunately i suffered no side effects or withdrawal throughout my experience taking them so i hope you have similar luck and results...

    i know we're not doctors, but some advice my doctor gave me in the past stuck with me when he said we need to weight the benefits against the costs of taking the meds, and in my case at the time, the benefits definitely far outweighed the potential costs, which, as i mentioned, fortunately never manifested anyway...

    best of luck in your treatment... :-)

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    mk1964 HB User
    Re: Do I need to worry about Clonazepam tapering/withdrawal if I've been on it 8 days?

    Been on the stuff for 15 years. I take 2mg in the morning, 2mg at night. 4 may sound like a lot, but I know people on 10-15 a day so I'm not feeling too bad about it. Don't be afraid of this drug. It is one of the oldest but most reliable ones available, and it works in a very short time.
    A concern I have about your 3 day deal. That is not the way this medication should be taken. Klonopin takes about 2 weeks to get into your system before you feel the best effects, and then you need to take daily doses, be it .5mg or 1mg, or 2mg. It is essential to keep it consistent. If you only take it occassionally, or as you describe not only will the drug not be as effective, but you will have constant withdrawl type systems. No sugarcoating, it is a powerful drug...but that being said, works. Many a time I tried to get off it just to see where I was at(after all, it was only 4mg's, right?) and for a week or so until it started going OUT of my system, and the withdrawl effects sent me running back to the medicine chest.
    Point is, do not worry about the withdrawl issue...worry about getting yourself better. This medicine will help. Look, I've been on it a long time, studied it, know it inside and out and have come to the conclusion it is a life long partner, and that's OK. I have a successful career and life and you can too. It is the only med I'm on. I have been on others in the past in addition to this, but have been able to withdraw(anyone need any help getting Effexor, give me a shout!).

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