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    Old 08-28-2006, 02:13 PM   #1
    Senior Member
    Join Date: Nov 2005
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    rose1028 HB User
    TTC Stats

    Hi All ~

    Since there are so many new people on the boards, I thought it would be nice to start a thread on our IF history. Then the new people can see what we have been through and if their situation matches any of ours. Besides, our stories get lost in thread after thread~ it will be nice to have it in one spot. Ladies with BFP's please respond as well, be sure to put in you BFP date!!

    I'll start....

    Age: 28 DH 29
    TTC - 11 years together, 3 years trying, 1 1/2 years with help - Never used con*****tives
    IF cause - Unknown

    HSG - Clear, no problems
    OB/GYN diagnosed PCOS, RE said I didn't have it (who to believe)
    Clomid for 1 year, no monitoring - no luck
    July 31st - 1st IUI with injections ( Gonal F, Ovudrel) BFN
    August - Taking a break from Injections and the RE, trying naturally
    September - 2nd IUI with injections (Gonal F) BFN
    October - Took off - remaining cysts from cycle before
    December - 3rd IUI with injections (Follistim)BFN

    Thinking about IVF, will most likely take a break for a few months. We can't afford IVF yet. I might try one more round of IUI's.

    Baby dust to all that are desperately waiting their BFP. To those with BFP's - Best wishes and healthy pregnancies.


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    Old 08-28-2006, 04:02 PM   #2
    buchmandana's Avatar
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    buchmandana HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    What a good idea!

    me 32 dh 32
    ttc 2 years before getting intervention
    "unexplained" but slight mf, morphology
    clomid 3x, 1 iui - no success
    1st ivf/icsi June 2004 (repronex, gonal f) - pg, mc at 9 weeks
    2nd ivf/icsi Nov. 2004 (repronex, gonal f) - pg...ds is now 1 year old
    staring 3rd ivf/icsi Sept. 2006 (microdose lupron "flare", menopur, gonal-f)starting stims approx. 9/8, est. er 9/19

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!! Dana

    Old 08-28-2006, 04:15 PM   #3
    Senior Veteran
    ASPROUSEY05's Avatar
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    Posts: 1,348
    Re: TTC Stats

    i agree def a great idea!!

    me 24 dh 28, been together 6 yrs ttc 4 yrs.
    sought intervention w/ob dec 05. with re since jan 06
    slight pcos (prescribed metformin, dont take it as often as i should, i get so icky feeling!!)
    hsg was clear, lining always good, severe mf low count (200,000) 4%morph and 50% motility.
    first ivf/icsi (lupron, gonal f, and repronex) er 8/23/6 17 retireved, 10 mature and 10 fertilized
    and et 8/26/6, recommend by re to transfer 3- 8 cells and praying for a BFP 9/9/06!!!

    9/9/6 1st IVF BFN --- none made it to freeze, hoping to start again asap!

    2nd ivf- transfered 2 5days embabies 12/1/6 BFN 12/8/6 ----- 2 blasts frozen...

    march 2006 did a FET with my 2 days frozen blasts. got a BFP march 29 2007. Numbers didnt exactly rise, but did slowly rise until arpil 5, 2007. when they started to decrease. April 11, 2007 ANGEL BABY!

    Starting again. Started stims friday 6/15/7. (IVF/ICSI)

    good luck and sticky baby dust to every1!!!

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    Old 08-28-2006, 04:39 PM   #4
    Senior Member
    SPIDERLAMPP30's Avatar
    Join Date: Jul 2006
    Location: river ridge, la
    Posts: 272
    Re: TTC Stats

    This is a great idea!
    Me 29 (the big 30 9/6), dh 30
    previous marriage dd age 9, ds age 6 (pregnancy happened, wasnt trying)
    Dx PCOS 2000
    Married 2005 (ttc since then and before )
    December 2005 HSG ceear, ist round of clomid 50, thin lining 5.8, 2 follies, PCT "hostile", IUI next day, DH dx with zero sperm count
    07/31 clomid with injections menopur 75 IU, HCG, donor sperm, BFN
    08/29 only injectables menopur 150 IU, lining 11.4mm E2 900, 5-6 mature follies, HCG, IUI ...hopefully BFP
    10/3 follistim 150IU, Lining 13.2mm, E2 1600, 11 mature follies, 5000iu of HCG, IUI today, hopefully BFP

    Last edited by SPIDERLAMPP30; 10-03-2006 at 06:18 AM.

    Old 08-28-2006, 05:03 PM   #5
    Cubed's Avatar
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    Cubed HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Great idea!

    me: 38; DH: 38

    started TTC -- Jan. 2001

    Was getting ready to commit to treatment when BFP came in late 2002 after trying naturally (for 1 yr, 9 mos).

    DS born 2003.

    Started TTC again Jan 2004.

    BFP at end of 2004 but MC Dec 04.

    Kept TTC and finally went back to RE Jan 2006. Diagnosed with MF IF.

    3 IUIs with injectibles (Gonal-F) -- 1st one was a chem preg, others BFN.

    1st IVF cycle (with ICSI) started Aug 2006 -- but cancelled due to poor response. (Ovaries too suppressed.)

    2nd IVF cycle with ICSI and new protocol (antagon) completed Nov 2006 -- 3 day transfer -- BFN.

    3rd IVF cycle completed Dec 2006 -- yet another protocol w/ no BCPs. Tried to "squeeze" this last cycle in before the end of the year due to insurance concerns. 5 day transfer -- Finally, BFP!!!! Music to my ears!

    Baby dust to all of you -- you've inspired and supported me so much through this incredibly difficult process. I wouldn't have been able to survive it without you -- truly! You all are the best!

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    Old 08-28-2006, 05:34 PM   #6
    Senior Veteran
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    Heyknack HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Fantastic idea, I agree!!

    Me: 31 DH: 31
    Together 10 years, married 5 years.

    TTC: over a year; Off BCP 1.5 year after being on them for 13 years. Weird cycles since got off pill (6-8 days spotting/brown discharge prior to full period).

    0 children

    DH has normal semen analysis (although with first one, they said the little guys' side-to-side movement was a little slow...but since then all ok).

    Cause of infertility: me--hormone imbalance (luteal phase deficiency, thin uterine lining), also possible low ovarian reserve.

    Had HSG test early 2006: normal/clear

    April 2006: Clomid 50mg--BFN
    May 2006: Clomid 50mg--BFN
    June, July 2006: took break, tried natural--BFN's
    Aug 2006: IUI with Clomid 100mg, HCG trigger, progesterone gel--BFN.
    Sept 2006: Found ovarian cyst that formed from Clomid from last cycle. This cycle cancelled.
    Oct. 2006: IUI with Gonal F injections, HCG trigger, progesterone gel--BFN
    Nov. 2006: 3rd IUI, Gonal F, HCG trigger, progesterone gel---BFP!!!
    Estimated due date (EDD) is Aug. 1, 2007!!!!
    Update, June 22, 2007: 34 weeks, 2 days pregnant with a little girl. Only 6 weeks to go!!

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    Old 08-29-2006, 05:50 AM   #7
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    TryN2BMommy's Avatar
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    TryN2BMommy HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Great idea - I have such a hard time keeping track of everybody's stories .

    Here is our history:

    Not married, but been together off and on since highschool, 11 years total, 5 years straight...both 27 yrs old

    TTC 3 yrs 3 1/2 mos = 0 children

    His SA came back with low count and low motility

    My lap showed stage 1 endo and one severely blocked tube - other tube is missing from tubal pregnancy (not with current partner, he has never gotten anybody pregnant)

    No treatments so far - my first appt with RE is tomorrow (so excited ), where we will discuss unblocking my tube and other things...


    Old 08-29-2006, 07:11 AM   #8
    stacydl's Avatar
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    stacydl HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Hi Everyone!

    Me 30, DH 38
    Married '99
    Started TTC 2001
    History of extremely painful, heavy periods
    After 1 year SA - slightly low count; lap for me - fine
    DH - varicocele surgery 2003
    Saw RE 2003 - he found large fibroid inside uterine cavity. Impossible to get pregnant, surgery to remove fibroid (hysteroscopy) Jan 2004 (boy wish one of my other doctors found that two years before hand)
    TTC on our own for 4 months - BFN's
    2 cycles IUI with clomid - BFN
    2 cycles IUI with Gonal F - BFP on 2nd one!!!!
    Beautiful baby boy born 7/27/05
    TTC again 1/2006
    Back to RE in June
    In 2ww right now from first IUI with Follistim. Anxiously waiting.

    Best of luck to you all!!!

    Old 08-29-2006, 12:09 PM   #9
    Senior Veteran
    km7503's Avatar
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    km7503 HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Me: 29, DH: 30, no children
    TTC from May '05-Dec '05 naturally, BFNs
    *didn't get AF for 2 months, saw OBGYN in Dec. '05, did tests, all seemed fine, was about to start clomid until DH had SA (low count, about 2 million, low motility & morphology). Then, DH saw a urologist and had more tests done. Saw RE for the first time in Feb '06*
    IVF#1 March '06, BFN
    FET June '06, chemical pg
    IVF#2, July '06, BFP!!!

    We are 6w5d and saw & heard the heartbeat today for the very first time!!! We are so excited!

    After almost 9 months trying naturally and then 5 months of IVF treatments, there were moments I didn't think it would ever happen, and now sometimes, I still can't believe it! Never give up!! Baby dust to all!

    Old 08-29-2006, 12:48 PM   #10
    suesy's Avatar
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    suesy HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    wonderful idea!! and thanks for inviting those of us w/ bfps to post our stories. I really hope it can provide additional hope/inspiration to everyone still ttc.

    me: 35 DH: 34; together 9 yrs, married 4 yrs, ttc 2.5 yrs
    "unexplained" w/ slight mf (marginal count and motility)
    sought OB intervention after 8 mos (lied & told her it had been 1 yr ); RE intervention after 1.5 yrs
    xray prior to HSG found left ovarian cyst; removed via lap Apr '05
    4 consecutive IUIs w/ clomid: Aug-Nov '05, BFN
    "time off": Dec05-Feb06
    BD w/clomid: Mar '06 BFN (but got excited b/c AF 1 week late - turns out I didn't ovulate)
    IVF w/ ICSI: summer '06
    BFP: Aug 2,2006

    Best wishes to everyone... I'll send all the sticky baby dust I can your way. I think of everyone on this board often, and really appreciate the support you've given me through my journey.
    boy/girl twins arrived 3/22/07 via c-section

    Old 08-29-2006, 03:07 PM   #11
    Senior Veteran
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    ravaemarie HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Super great idea!

    Me: 31 DH: 36 - No children, Never been pregnant
    Together 13.5 years married 2 years, TTC 2 years
    I've known since I was 14 that I had endo and possibly PCOS - tried 6 months on our own and then sought help from OB/GYN.
    March-August 2005 - 3 Cycles of IUI with Clomid with HCG trigger - all BFN
    Lap in September of '05 OB said he saw nothing that would inhibit pregnancy
    Referred to an RE in October '05
    November '05 - IUI with Repronex and HCG trigger - BFN
    RE told us we needed to move on to IVF - not ready for that - want to try to fix whatever is keeping us from getting pregnant.
    Appt with new specialist in April '06
    Hormone and U/S testing in June '06 - came back fairly normal.
    Lap in July '06 - Found severe endo, PCOS, Ovaries 3X the size they should be, left ovary adhered to uterine wall.
    Scheduled for Surgery December '06 to fix above "conditions" - given a 60-70% chance to conceive using Pergynal or Repronex after all is said and done!!

    Dream to hear the heartbeat of our unborn child!!! Baby dust and prayers to all TTC with IF!!


    Old 08-29-2006, 03:25 PM   #12
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    fila75 HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Great idea!!!!!

    me: 31; DH: 33

    together 6 years

    started TTC -- Jan. 2005

    DS born 2002 with no problems conceiving

    Tried naturally 6 months of 2005 and nothing

    Went to OBGYN started Clomid other 6 months and nothing. I do not ovulate.

    HSG test everything fine

    OBGYN suggested RE did Clomid again with RE 2006

    I just started Follistim injectibles 2 weeks ago with Ovidrel today to get ready for tomorrow

    I have my first IUI on 8.30

    Baby dust to all of you -- you all are wonderful.

    Old 08-29-2006, 05:18 PM   #13
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    tami52100 HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    me 25(26 9/14) Dh 28

    TTC since 10/2000

    DS from pevious relationship born 5/21/00

    BFP 2/2/05 ended M/C 15wks
    starting seeing an Re 1/06

    Clomid one month did not O due to really high prolatin levels
    started meds for prolactin 2/06 stopped 7/06 levels to low

    First O in 7/06

    7/06 found out DH has low testostrone has to take shots for 4weeks and then every month also has low motility.

    Go back to Re in 12/06 wanted us to try again for 6 months with no help being we seem to have found our problem and it is fixable. If not pg by 12/06 going to go ahead and talk to the dr about taking a more aggressive steps.

    Good Luck to you all

    Old 08-30-2006, 01:02 PM   #14
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    dnclark HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Great Idea...Here's my Story

    Age: 31, DH 32

    TTC 3 years

    1 year on our own- no success. Have really weird period cycles

    1 1/2 year with OB/GYN- Diagnosed w/ PCOS. Put me on Metformin and Clomid (not monitered). Got pregnant in January of 2005, but MC at 8weeks.

    1/2 year with RE- HSG was normal, and so was DH's SA (or above normal as he likes to remind me ). RE suggested a combination of Metformin, Clomid and the HCG Trigger shot. Second round worked and....

    ...BFP in June 2006!!! I am now 17 weeks and everything is going great.

    I wish you all the best and lots of baby dust to everyone struggling with this battle


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    Old 08-31-2006, 04:15 PM   #15
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    Marie1971 HB User
    Re: TTC Stats

    Me-35 DH-36
    ttc about 3yrs
    Married for 12 years never used any contraceptives
    Diagnosis - so far unexplained - dh has had borderline low morphology and borderline low count but recently count and morph. were both great (done this month for iui)!
    hcg- normal
    the only test that was not good or great was post-coital, showed fewer than expected sperm present in cervical mucus (this test was done by my gyno and not my RE)
    8/06 - 1st IUI on Aug. 10th af came early on aug. 22nd
    9/06 - will have to ttc naturally this month was out of town when a/f came so couldn't start follistim on day 3.
    10/06 - hopefully try 2nd iui this month, job will take me out of town on 17th so my body will have to cooperate!

    Our budge will only allow about 3 iui and maybe one ivf after that, so like I said to my dh yesterday, we will either be pg or broke by the end of the year...or both

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