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    Old 11-13-2006, 03:28 PM   #1
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    johnny1m HB User

    I have been hightheaded for 2 months now, have difficulty reading and computer work, seems my eyes and brain cannot process as fast as I am moving, I can run, jump, and play catch with my son, but fells like I am on autopilot with clogged ears. Phyc says it's classic anxity, I have much martial stress. I am on Paxil and Xanax, 4 weeks, any input from the board is helpful.

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    Old 11-13-2006, 04:32 PM   #2
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    pantherwrestler HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    Ears really can throw you off balance. Are you sure there is no fluid in your ears? Your equlibrium may be off. I would have your ears evaluated. If you have clogged ears, try Sudafed. I would also speak to your doctor about seeing a ear nose and throat doctor for further evaluation if your symptoms/health problem(s) your are having do not cease.

    Best of luck

    Old 11-13-2006, 05:57 PM   #3
    Senior Veteran
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    boxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    Hi Johnny~
    I just wanted to share this with you.. I have posted this on other topics as well..
    Here is what it is like for myself, I get a floating feeling, intense Falling to the side & backwards sensation, sinking to the ground feeling, a motion sensation as if I am swaying on a boat, and my favorite the good old dropping feeling you get on an elevator.. The "elevator sensation" When I am standing or sitting still I feel as if I am rocking or swaying side to side. Constant motion. sometimes it causes me to feel sea sick!
    I also feel like my head is very heavy foggy and swimmy and some days just have trouble holding it up! All these sensations I experience on a daily basis mostly 24/7 The only time I don't feel this way is if I am laying down, it seems to subside then. I have gotten many eye rolls from the Doctor's I have seen in the past.. As if these feelings were being made up in my head.. These daily sensations have caused me more anxiety and intense panic attacks.. It seems as soon as I experience any one of these sensations my panic attacks kick in full force..
    OKAY so now the big question "can anxiety really make me feel dizzy" The ANSWER is yes, Doctors have known for many years that psychological disorders, such as anxiety, can cause symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. This type of dizziness was given the nonspecific name of psychogenic dizziness. Here is what I have learned through my years of struggles with anxiety related dizziness, and believe me I research and research and ask my therapist to explain it over and over again..
    What disorders are associated with psychogenic dizziness a question all of us on this board commonly ask, well the truth is Several studies point to a specific set of disorders that can cause symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. All these disorders are in the anxiety disorder family and include panic attacks, certain phobias, and chronic anxiety disorders.
    What symptoms are the symptoms? How does your dizziness feel? Another question we all ask on this board, the answer is Psychogenic dizziness will present with a variety of symptoms including lightheadedness, feeling heavy headed, feeling a pressure sensation in the head, feeling far away or detached from the environment, feeling like they are going to fall, and sometimes even the feeling as if you are going to faint.
    Can something else be causing my dizziness? Another question that floats around here as well. And the answer is yes, inner ear disorders are the most common reasons for dizziness, In fact inner ear problems that have completely resolved but the symptoms still persist, despite the resolution of the inner ear disorder can happen. In this case I was told and found VERY interesting is that it appears the inner ear disorder triggered an anxiety, panic, or phobic state. In this situation, the psychological disorder perpetuates the dizziness, despite the fact that the underlying inner ear disorder has resolved. How interesting is that!!! I couldn't believe that when I was told by my Doctor.
    Well I never had a ear infection or disorder, so what else could it be? Another question that goes through our minds.. The answer is there are several physical disorders that can present with symptoms similar to those experienced with psychogenic dizziness. Some of these conditions included anemia, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disorders, hormonal disorders.. Just to name a few. But keep in mind these disorders present many other serious symptoms and NOT JUST dizziness. Anxiety Disorder can come out in us in so many ways not just dizziness, and I think it should be know that the mind is a powerful weapon and sometimes when we suffer from this condition we tend too become so sensitive to what we feel .... I know that's how it is for myself!!
    Have you been check for inner ear problems? Or any other related illness to vertigo/dizziness? I have been suffering for many years like this so I know how you feel.. It can be very scary at times feeling like this! I hope this post helps, any thoughts or questions let me know! Boxerlover

    Old 11-13-2006, 07:54 PM   #4
    Senior Veteran
    Join Date: Jul 2006
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    boxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB Userboxerlver227 HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    I also wanted to mention to you that the medications you are taking can cause you to feel lightheaded also!

    Old 11-14-2006, 11:42 AM   #5
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    lorena6293 HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    I also have lightheadedness, and feel a little rocking sensation for over 4 years now and it seems to settle down when i lay down.Ive gone to Neurologist, ENT, and also numerous doctors, it seems that the problem is anxiety in my case. No other physixal problem. Just hang in there everything will be okay.

    Old 11-14-2006, 12:54 PM   #6
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    CircusSquirrel HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    I get this quite frequently. I am a "heart worrier" so I sometimes worry that it is my heart, but I recorded episodes while wearing a holter monitor and they didn't find anything. I've also noticed that I am extremely sensitive to motion and sometimes it feels like my eyes are playing tricks on me. All this is exacerbated by anxiety. Unless you are passing out or having true vertigo, I wouldn't worry about a weird physical cause. BoxerLover is right, too, the meds you are taking can make you feel off balance. I take benzos and sometimes I lose my balance quite easily.

    Old 11-14-2006, 05:51 PM   #7
    tammy stewart
    Join Date: Nov 2006
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    tammy stewart HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    Years ago, I was having trouble with been lightheaded and dizzy. I was having a hard time lifting my head off my pillow. I was really worried, thinking I may have sometime of brain tumor or such. I went to the ER and was told I needed to have allergy test done in which I did and I was way over the limit I should be for normal testing. I then had to make 3 trips a week to stop by and receive a shot in the arm for my allergies that I had no idea that I had since I was at that time in my early 30's and had never had any problems with allergies before. The shots really helped me and I took them for a period of months. I lost around 60 lbs and due to that and taking the shots for awhile I was not longer lightheaded nor dizzy due to allergies. I am now 48 years old and have no problems nor do I take any allergy shots.

    Old 11-14-2006, 05:58 PM   #8
    Junior Member
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    isalu HB User
    Re: Lightheaded

    tammy -
    how long were you on shots before you noticed improvement? I am in the EXACT same boat...lightheaded, rocking sensations for about 1.5 years...allergy testing showed SEVERE allergies to everything airborne and abunch of other stuff. I have only had 4 shots and don't notice any improvement. I am really hoping this is what the dizziness is due to, but because I've had no relief so far I am not sure. Thanks!!!

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