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  • Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

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    Old 12-20-2006, 07:41 AM   #1
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    Red face Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    I've been posting a lot lately, just trying to come to terms with another m/c and trying to understand it all. I am confused how a growing baby can have a heartbeat at 7weeks and then by 10weeks, it just stops. Is this common?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    miscarriage happens more often then we could ever imagine. It is estimated that EVERY women will have at least one miscarriage during her reproductive years and may not even realize she was pregnant, she will just assume she had a late, heavy period. I have been where you are and understand the pain you are experiencing. Miscarriages that happen during the first trimester are almost ALWAYS related to a blighted ovum (something wrong with the embryo/fetus- usually chromosomal). Sometimes doctors can attempt to intervene with medications, but many doctors are reluctant to interfere with nature ridding the body of a blighted ovum (I know it sounds cruel, but true). In answer to your question, yes- there certainly may be a heartbeat one minute, and then something goes wrong. It is very sad and unfortunate. For me, my little fetus kept trying to hang in there and eventually just "pooped" out and I miscarried. You will go on to have healthy children. I pray that you are blessed with all your hearts desire.

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    I don't think the last person is clear on what a blighted ovum is.

    "Blighted ovum: A fertilized ovum (egg) that did not develop or whose development ceased at an early stage, before 6 or 7 weeks of gestation. On the ultrasound examination of a blighted ovum, only the gestational sac that normally surrounds the embryo can be seen. There is usually no embryo inside the gestational sac"

    The posters baby had a heart beat seen in the embryo.

    Yes some miscarriges happen when there are chromosomal abnormalities with the baby. I was told that the first time, when my baby died and it gave me hope. But the by misscarriage #3 I had them do an analysis on my baby and she was absolutly perfect. It just bothers me that the last person said that first trimester m/c's were " almost ALWAYS" related to a blighted ovum. Because they are not.

    Maybe I am just being sensitive today. But what she said and how she said it kind of hit a nerve.

    To the poster: So so so sorry for what you are going through. My last m/c We saw the heartbeat at 8 wks very strong..and heard it at 13wks...and then she died. Its hard, it sucks and it seems unfair. I hope we all find answers someday.

    Take care, Jess

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    I have to agree that if a heartbeat was seen, then it's definitely not a blighted ovum.

    I've had 5 mc's. In each and every one, a heartbeat was seen prior to the loss. Not all losses are due to chromonosal issues either. I had testing done of 3 of my 5 losses and in each case, I was carrying a normal healthy fetus.

    It was only later determined that my losses were due to +APA's which created antibodies to kill off the healthy fetus.

    If you've had more than 2 losses, get yourself thoroughly tested. It could be any of of a variety of different reasons that you saw a strong heartbeat and then nothing. Losses can occur due to faulty progesterone levels, immune issues, late implantation, poor inplantation. Talk to an RE about getting your hormone and blood throughly tested.

    Also, don't be discouraged. Once a doctor determines what is causing your losses, it's often very possible to go on to have a successful pregnancy. I have two gorgeous boys to show for the years of pain.

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    Hello, pregogirl.

    Approximately 30% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is estimated that 50%-60% end this way when you factor in the ones that are dismissed as bad periods.

    Regarding the discussion of chromosomal abnormalities, our doctor said this is the cause of about 70% of m/c's.

    Such statistics are very difficult to find accurately. We cannot always find a reason for m/c's. In fact, very rarely can you find a difinitive reason, since so few are tested. In fact, most dr's offices will tell you not to even think twice about it if you've had one m/c. If you've had 2, they keep a closer watch on you, but you're still considered normal. By the time you've had 3 total, or if you've had 2 m/c's and no healthy births in the meantime (like us), they treat you as a riskier pregnancy and will give you extra attention.

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    Thank you all for your replies. When you have a m/c, you feel like you are the only one in the world going through this because people don't generally talk about it and this board has been a source of comfort and information for me. When I got the news after the first m/c (which was a blighted ovum) that there was a fetus and it had a heartbeat I stupidly thought I was safe and the baby was safe. I told everyone in my family I was pregnant...the due date...names...what strollers to buy....everything.

    My heart just sank when I went to the doctor 2 weeks later and he said there is no heartbeat. I thought I heard wrong, but I knew I didn't. I wanted to tell him to check again and again...but I knew there was no point.

    For the first time I feel like a little girl with so many questions and no answers. This is my 2nd miscarriage in 4 months and I wonder what I did to deserve this even though I know logically I did nothing wrong...but I ask myself how many times can I go through this??????? I know that we women go on to have healthy baby (ies) down the road, but I wonder if I am emotially capable of getting bad news again... you know?

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    Hi, I just stumbled over your sight as I too had a stillbirth. I am 47 years of age and my daughter would have been 22 this February 9. I also had a pregnancy that was a blighted ovum and miscarried at three months noting that it was neither a male or female that I lost. I too had a miscarriage but managed after the first loss of my stillborn daughter at 48 weeks gestation to go on and have a beautiful son and daughter then born six years later. They are now 20 1/2 and 14 and are always a reminder that if God's promises mean anything you will see this child in a better place and that no situation is insurmountable. I feel your pain, and every day I see my first born daughter Serena in the faces of my two children; however as one dr said to me, something was wrong and its for the best. Remember that as difficult as it seems conceiving and having a child that it is a blessing to have a chance when so many don't even have that. I wish you all the best and remember my story. Five pregnancies later, I have a beautiful family.

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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    i can completely relate to your grief and frustration for answers. I have had 2 m/c and both were unexplained. With both, we had more than one ultrasound with heartbeats. What didn't help was people told me, once they detect a heartbeat, your chances of m/c drop considerably. So, that gave me a false sense of hope.

    I agree with another poster who said that they consider it "normal" even after 2 losses. After my 2nd loss, the Dr. said that to me, but i pushed to get testing done. I didn't want to have to wait for one more m/c to start testing. They did genetic testing on me and DH; all kinds of blood work for lupus, clotting and the immune stuff (not sure what it is called). Everything came back normal. Athough I wish there was some answer, at least the testing gave me some sort of reassurance to go ahead and try again. It is painful to think of going through another m/c, i agree. But I suppose you just have to take it one day at a time and not worry about what you MIGHT have to deal with. Because when it comes down to it, we manage to deal with whatever life throws at us in the end. I hear so many stories of women who've had 3 or more m/c and then end up having 2 or more children. I have to believe that i'd be strong enough to do it. some days i do, some i don't. Hang in there. I'm glad you came here because talking about it really does help.
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    Re: Fetus had a heartbeat, now no heartbeat...anyone else?

    I just want to say that I just now re-read what I had written about blighted ovums in this thread....and I want to tell Troublesleeping that I am very sorry if you felt I came off as rude, because I think I did. I have been having a hard time lately and some days are worse than others and that day must have been a bad one. BUT.... there was no need to be so rude because I know you meant well in what you said and there is some truth in everyones post's here. So, I am sorry and I hope I didn't make you never want to post here again and I hope if you ever need help in dealing with a misscarriage you will come here.

    Take care to all those who are having hard moments and I hope you find some peace, Jess.

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