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  • Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

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    Old 01-30-2004, 06:41 AM   #16
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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    Originally Posted by peaches31

    To answer your question... I was on paxil for a year but weaned myself off of it last may. It really saved me when it came to my panic disorder but the side effects were just too much. Before the paxil I was on xanax which was another life saver.. currently I take nothing. I really believe that for me if not for the problems I am having with my ears I would be feeling ok in the panic department. It is very true that people with panic disorder become super sensitive to all bodily sensations so what would be no big deal to someone who doesn't have the disorder becomes a very big deal to a panic disorder sufferer.

    Hope your doing well
    Hi Peaches and Dagmar, I have been dizzy and stufed up for seven months. I have been on paxil for six months. The one thing it has worked very good on is the headaches. I will agree with you all on anxiety makes it worse. I have had anxiety problems for most of my life. If dizziness can make a normal person(whatever that is) anxious can you imagine what it will do to already anxious person.

    Peaches, If you are feeling a rocking sensation it is very possible that you could have labyrinthitis. Look at inner ear disorders board. Since I started using paxil I have experiened alot of weird sensations like hot/cold feelings in center of back and shoulders, tingly sensations in arms is this a side effect of paxil? Before I started paxil I had slight tingly sensation. I dont know if what I have is a neurological problem or just paxil side effects.

    Do you all deal with the brainfog and spaced out feelings? Since this all started I have had several panic attacks and I blame my panic on the spaced out, living in a dream feeling, rather than the dizziness.

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    Old 02-06-2004, 06:15 PM   #17
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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    "I just got back from my ENT and he looked into my ear and up into my throat and that's it!"

    "He just scheduled me for a hearing test in 6 months"


    The ENT you went to does not seem very thorough. They ordered a hearing test 6 months out???? I had my hearing test and ear pressure test the same day along with an ear exam, throat (inside and out) and mouth exam and he cleaned the wax out of my ears. They also ordered a CT scan of my sinuses which I had done today.

    I would go to another ENT if I were you.

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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    I understand what you are going through also. Every time i GO TO MY ENT i GET SAMPLES OF NASAL SPRAY, ANTIBIOTICS AND GET SENT ON MY WAY. Now I am scheduled for an allergy scratch test which is very expensive but at least I can rule out allergies than maybe they will tell me what to do next. I had a tube inserted and it did no good, I had it removed so that was another waste of time and money. This clogged ear problem is driving me crazy, I try to ignore it but its not easy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

    Old 12-08-2006, 09:00 PM   #19
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    Lightbulb Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    Originally Posted by DucatiPro
    Peaches, I got some very interesting info from my allergist at my appointment yesterday.

    I had read your post before I saw my allergist, (for bad dust allergies)

    He said that when people have very severe allergies, the body produces a lot of histamine.

    When the body notices this, it produces adrenaline, which according to the doc is the only natural thing that counters histamine.

    This may cause shakes, panicky feelings.

    This can be made worse after working out or taking hot showers.

    I wanted to see if my doc would test my histamine levels but he told me to see my general doc.

    So besides being intesting info and prescribing more naserel it was not that helpful.

    My ENT was even worse. My ears look good, and told me to go back if blood or pus comes out of my ears. ???

    I thought this might be interesting for you.

    that was a very informative message!! i have a lot of ear problems and get anxiety when they kick in. that's awesome to know!

    thank you!!

    Old 02-20-2007, 09:40 AM   #20
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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    Originally Posted by peaches31 View Post
    I'm new to this thread and have some questions... for years I have had problems with my ears, usually one at a time. They feel clogged and when I swallow it makes a crunching sound, I am continually stuffed up on one side or the other in my nose ..... sometimes my nost gets so itchy and I sneeze only sometimes, I also wake up every morning with s sore throat and feel like I have to get stuff out of it before it will feel better. I have had 'episodes' where I feel very dizzy and have to lay down for awhile after these episodes my ears are really rocking. They got so bad that I went to the doctor and he said that he did see some fluid in them and prescribed antibiotics. They are feeling somewhat better but they still drive me crazy!! I have in the past years ago seen an ear specialist who could see nothing wrong..... Could these symptoms by allergies? I have not been tested for allergies the doctor said that there is no need to that he is convinced that I have them and there is no point.....

    Another question... I have panic disorder and have noticed that when my ears act up that's when I see to really have a problem with panic... could they be related? I know that when I feel off balance which happens often that is one trigger for my panic....... it would be nice to put the correlation together... has anyone else had similiar experiences?? I have a hard time taking decogestants as they make my anxiety worse and I have tried an allergy med but only took a couple.... I guess I am looking for anyones input or ideas........

    Do you feel your panic coming on before the symptoms or is it after the symptoms come on, you know that they are panic?

    Old 02-20-2007, 10:25 AM   #21
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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    I have similar issues but mine is more sinus related that seems to effect my ears at times and I have the nasal drip, headache the whole nine yards and get panicky.

    Like most of you my Dr. gives me tests, sprays, pills, antibiotics and none of it does any good.

    Old 03-18-2007, 05:33 PM   #22
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    Re: Allergies?? Ears/panic.... all related?

    Originally Posted by Chrislynn View Post
    Yes, I agree docs are quick to to diagnose by saying "it's just allergies" I have heard that numerous times and I am sick if it. Yes I realize I have allergies. I have had them for many years. But now my problem has worsened and I now suffer from chronic post nasal drainage which has caused severe pressure in my right ear along with pain. Possibly eustachian tube dysfunction....

    I see an ENT next week and I am going to lay it all on him so he checks me thoroughly and I do not just leave his office with nasal spray and allergy meds because they DO NOT work.

    I also recently started having anxiety attacks where I get very dizzy and nauseated and I feel like I cannot breathe well. It freaks me out and I have wondered if it could be related to my ear problems. I know the dizziness has to do with the middle ear and my equilibrium. I occasionally have to take nausea/diziness pills prescribed to my by the ER doc.

    I understand what you are going through as I live it every day and am on a mission for some relief!

    It's been are you feeling? What did the doc say? Did you ever find out if the ear/panic attacks were related?

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