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  • Klonopin help...please.

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    Old 02-23-2004, 06:53 PM   #16
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.


    It is interesting you bring this up. I do live in Calif (the bay area), AND am also on SSI due to a severe lifelong disability (Muscular Dystrophy) that has me using a wheelchair. I do have medi-cal, but currently am able to use my parents insurance, blue cross, because I am disabled and going to be going to graduate school in the fall (So I wont be working). Because I do have medi-cal though, could I receive free/reduced counseling? I have honestly never really looked into it (kinda dumb, i know) cause I have gone through the county before, as a child, and HATED it, but hey, maybe there is somebody who could be of help to me, and at least now at 25yrs old I wouldnt have my parents forcing me to go to a place that was making me worse if I decided i disliked it.

    Originally Posted by staceyy
    Can you say which state you live in? I live in Ca. Because of my mental illness I am on S.S.I. and resive medi-cal which pays everything for me. But befor I got these benifits the county took care of my pills and my shirnk. do you have a dose your county have a mental heath unit? if so call them talk to them there is allways a way just do some reserch. keep us in toouch.
    Goddess Bless

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    Old 02-23-2004, 07:24 PM   #17
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    Cool Re: Klonopin help...please.

    Originally Posted by Laurenmarie179
    Yep, Im 25...I only received my bachelors degree in December and am now living at home w/ mom and dad until I go to graduate school in the fall somewhere in the Bay Area, Calif --where I live now (yes, added stress living w/ mom and dad, and not having a job!)...I'm hoping to do something working w/ disabled children and their parents as a 'career' someday, or in medical social work, but really, would be perfectly happy to live my life as a stay at home mom like you (I guess Im asking for more anxiety, huh?) --- but consideriing my huge anxiety problems related to dating/men, I need to find the good man first before I can do the mommy thing. And I used to think that by the time I hit 25 Id be married and at least thinking about kids---uuhhh, so this last birthday was a bit of a milestone, since in reality, the family is what i really want most--yet getting there scares me to death, isnt this turning into a counseling session!
    Hi again, LaurenMarie. You think 25 is a MILESTONE?? Try 58! (Of course, my 'inevitable' NEXT line is: "But I really don't LOOK my age!" Ah yes...where'd we hear THAT one before?!? But..."No! REALLY!...I DON'T look 58...HONEST!" ) Oooookay..., anyhoo,...back to the dating issues that you mention...issues I can well identify with:

    [QUOTE]...cause lets face it, even the simplle aspect of me avoiding something such as dating just cannot go on forever--unless i want to be singlle forever! [QUOTE]

    LaurenMarie, if you believe that "'not dating' just cannot go on forever," you apparently haven't lived in NYC as a 'grown-up' single woman. In my NYC apt. building alone, there must be a dozen unattached, never-married women. As for moi....Like you, at age 25-ish, I assumed I'd 'someday' find a 'good man. ' I'd have a moppet or two and raise the little tykes in 'your basic pastoral manor house' (grin). WRONG! I met maybe one or two "good men" - but marriage never panned out - and by my late 20s/early 30s, in a stroke of luck, I got a chance to pursue 'another' dream. I got the lead role in a touring company of 'Barefoot in the Park' and embarked on a most amazing (FUN, that is!) 15 years of my 'other' dream...acting...a theatre career. (Well...SORT of a 'career"...much of the time was spent PURSUING that career! ) But, still, it was a pivotal point in my life. It totally changed my self-perception...and boosted my self-esteem about 110 percent! I was doing something I loved and had dreamed about...and was getting positive feedback. I had found my "arena" -- I was living my passion and had 'landed' in a place I was obviously meant to be....that is, surrounded by people who seemed 'like me'...whose mutual struggles and dreams were an affimation that I was not 'alone' ....(Kind of, I suspect, like us all finding each other, here, on this Board.) That newfound self-esteem from my, finding my 'own crowd,' carried over to ALL aspects of my life. And now, as I grow older, I often wonder,...IF I had followed my "assumed" path...IF I had not been forced to reassess my future...would I have EVER found the sense-of-self I had lacked until then...the strength to look people in the eye and say, "THIS is who I am...take it or leave it, because the only "approval" I'll ever need from hereon is from my family and from my TRUE friends." But, going back to you, LaurenMarie, and your honesty about the dating anxiety,... in retrospect, I'd have to say that I was so much like you. Dating was fraught with anxiety. (And probably still WOULD be if the occasion arose! Lol!) This post is "To Be Continued." It is getting late and I've got to tend to the Little 3 Shih Tzu Sons...Aubrey Von Aubrey, Milo Irish and Garson Gossip. (Their names are a WHOLE OTHER post!) Will get more into the "dating anxiety" issue in my next are not alone.
    Twin Alice

    Old 02-25-2004, 09:37 AM   #18
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    I also have panic attacks, severe anxiety, and depression. I have tried a few different anti-depressants for the depression and anxiety/panic. None of them really did anything for me. I refuse to take them anymore. I just don't like the fact that they are basically playing a guessing game with the meds and your brain chemistry. Doctors don't even know the exact cause of depression, so I don't really feel comfortable taking these brain-altering medications that didn't even help me.
    As far as the klonopin goes, I wouldn't worry about it. The dose you are taking is so small. If it is helping you, then I would stick with it. From what I understand, klonopin is one of the least addictive benzos. At least that is what the doctor told me. She said that it is a lot easier to get off of than xanax is. Even though it is supposed to be stronger than xanax, the calming effects last longer, therefore you don't need to take as much and you don't get the between dose jitters that are associated with xanax. I am currently prescribed to xanax because that is what works best for me, but I was on klonopin for a while and i had no trouble stopping. I was prescribed .5mg's 3 times a day.
    As for the depression, and anxiety for that matter, there are other ways to get better without any prescription medications. There is an herb called valerian that works well for anxiety. For depression, there is st. John's wort which has had good results for many people with depression. I tried it and it didn't work for me, but it has helped many other people. On occasion, I take an herb(I think its an herb, either way its over the counter) called 5-HTP. That really helps me to relax and it also helps me get a good night's sleep when I would otherwise be up all night tossing and turning. It works in a similar way to SSRI medication and is widely prescribed in other countries for depression. From everything I've read on it, and from the herbalists and others I've talked to, 5-HTP has had great results for depression. Eating the right foods is much more important and more helpful than any anti-depressant I've tried. A lot of these conditions such as depression are caused by improper diet and/or poor health. The right diet and vitamins/supplements etc. along with regular exercise and a fulfilling hobby and/or job can treat your depression better than any medication in my opinion. It will help the anxiety also. Meditation and/or Yoga is also extremely helpful for the anxiety. I have been doing the things I described above and have really been trying to stick with it, and I have noticed a huge difference in my mood. Honestly, it really has helped 10 times more than any of the medication I have been prescribed for the depression. I hurt my leg severly at the end of Dec. and I am still laid up, so that has put a big cramp in my exercising and even my eating habits due to the fact that the pain takes my appetite away regularly. I can really notice myself falling backwards with the anxiety and depression. I strongly suggest that you do some research on the proper diet you need and a good exercise routine etc. Talk to your doctor about it, or someone in the natural health field. It won't hurt to try the natural way right? I am just still amazed at how much it helped me which is why I feel so strongly about it. I really truly believe that it would help you. I have a book on the natural treatments I have been talking about. I let a friend borrow it though, but as soon I I can get it back I will type out all the information for you if it is something you would be interested in trying. I have been taking courses on natural health and I plan on becoming a natural health doctor, but practicing mainly as a chiropractor. So, if you would like, I would be happy to help you with planning your diet and exercise routine. I also know a good number of breathing techniques and yoga/meditation exercises that I'd be happy to share.
    OK, I am going to stop typing now. Sorry about being so long-winded and off topic. Just let me know if I can be of any help to you.


    Old 02-25-2004, 10:13 AM   #19
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    I have a friend who was significantly helped with her anxiety and other things by hypnosis--it was the ONLY thing that enabled her to quit smoking as well, and she had tried them all! Just another thing to consider... I don't think your intake of klonopin is anything to worry about, but it seems to me that anti-anxiety meds only treat the SYMPTOMS of the problem, without ever really getting to their root cause--? But that's just an idea--I could be totally wrong...

    Old 02-25-2005, 01:12 AM   #20
    lori j
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    I have been on klonopin & it is VERY addictive, at least for me. Tried to get off of it & had horrible withdrawal symptoms which I'm still fighting although I had to go back on it for a while.

    Old 04-02-2005, 06:37 PM   #21
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    i have a long depressing story i wont even tell on this thread. Just thought id tell u how i feel about benzos. had PD really and wouldnt leave the house at 13. Paxil & .5 klonopin was a miracle. Benzos are wonderful cuz they work very well. i got 2 taking it every/ every other day and was normal 7 years. tried stopping at 20. It was hell n i was conviced k-pin was evil practically convusing, but i did it without a drs supervision in under a month (VERY stupid) and i did it. pregnancy hormones relapsed me im in hell and tried attivan. itz different but simmilliar. all benzos are great but addictive. addictive doesnt meen itz the end of the world. just stay on em itz better then debilitating anxiety. if u can ride it out thatz better but not possible 4 every1. give yerself plenny of time 2 ween off if it becomes a daily thing. my opinions are conflicted. good luck ya'll... itz hard!

    Old 08-21-2007, 09:16 PM   #22
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.


    Last edited by LF124; 08-21-2007 at 09:24 PM.

    Old 08-22-2007, 10:20 AM   #23
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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    Hi, I read the earlier posts from 2004, and the amounts that person and the way she was taking it probably would not cause any physical addiction to Klonopin.

    I, however, am an addict, and I am right now going through the Hell of my Life trying to get off of Klonopin. The highest dose I was prescribed was 2 mg per day (I had a nervous breakdown due to a very serious car accident my only son was in), being an addict, I certainly abused the Klonopin, I agree with one poster, it does not get me a "high" feeling or a "tranquil" feeling (like Valium or Xanax does for me), it just kind of "blunts" everything for me, helps with anxiety, and pretty much left me like a Zombie, but I was abusing it. Some days 4 mg, 5 mg, I think 6 mg is the most I ever took, some days I would take as prescribed, etc.,

    Needless to say, I becamse both mentally (easiest to deal with through therapy and a 12-step group), and my body became PHYSICALLY ADDICTED to this drug. This drug changed my Central Nervous System. When you are trying to get off of a benzo, and you have an exaggerated symptom of the reason you took it, a "rebound" syptom, "anxiety if you took it for anxiety", "insomnia if you took it for insomnia", there is that kind of withdrawal, some dr.'s prefer to call this type a "discontinuation syndrome."

    I am having "real" withdrawal symptoms, when you have symptoms you did not have BEFORE taking the Klonopin, like Migraine Headaches, severe, stabbing stomach pains, insomnia, muscle aches (some days it hurts to just walk), flu-like feeling, cannot concentrate, I feel like I have had brain surgery some days, I cannot read or think, I do have a good job in scientific publishing that I have had for 19 years, it requires very intensive brain/reading/editing/computer work, there are days I do not know how I have even gotten through the day, and I Literally Drive home with my left finger stabbed into my temple to stop the headache, get home, walk my dog, take care of my dog's needs, and then crawl into bed and just die, just lay there, because that is all I can do.

    Right now, I have been trying to withdraw since mid-April. I only admitted to taking 2.5 mgs, so my dr. told me to start at 2.25 mg, and cut .25 mg every 2-4 weeks, or even longer if I needed. WELL, that first drop almost killed me, I did cut down to eventually 1.625 mg, then could not even live, was in a ball in a fetal position on the couch with a migraine headache, called my therapist, and told me it was my choice, but I could go back up on the mg if the pain was too much, which I did, then I had to try to get back down, I am literally cutting .50 mg yellow bags into 1/4s, cutting .125 mg, on July 4, I said ENOUGH, I need to just do this and get through this, it has been hell, let me tell you, I Mean Very Hard, I do not know were I am getting the strength to do this (well I do know, I believe it is through Prayer and God and my boyfriend's unending and unwavering support). My last cut was 16 days ago, from 1.625 to 1.5, and today is the first day I feel "half normal." It usually takes about 20 days at a time.

    But, I am an addict, I abused this drug, my body became physically addicted to this drug, I became emotionally dependent on this drug, so I am not at all like the earlier posters. They used the drug how it was supposed to be used,
    AS NEEDED FOR PANIC, where I was just popping them however I wanted, and half the time IT MADE ME SICK, but addict that I am, I just kept at it.

    I will get off of this, I am still in my taper, it could be another year, but I have Hope I can do this.

    Just my 1 cent about benzos and addicts (I am NOT including anybody but ME, every one and every body is different, I just happen to be one of the lucky ones to be suffering from Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms !!)

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    Re: Klonopin help...please.

    I am very well-versed in Klonopin and benzos in general.

    Yes, Klonopin is addictive, very much so. You WILL become physically dependent -- your body will "need" it even if you dont -- within a few weeks or even sooner.

    I was on Klonopin at about 1 mg. daily for years. I then tapered off it because to do otherwise, you will suffer horrendous withdrawal symptoms for months if not years. I tapered very gradually over a period of time and still had a rough time (mood swings, muscle tightness, increased anxiety and panic, etc). This was in 2002 or so. I somehow managed to get all the way and suffered rebound anxiety, muscle tightness, extreme sensitivity to noise and light and was just very "jumpy" for at least a month after this.

    Fast forward to Spring of 2005. I suffered through a very, very horrible tragedy unlike anything I had ever before been thru (and trust me, I had been thru hell on earth already). I started taking the Klonopin again after not taking it at all for a couple of years. I took it "as needed".... but I started noticing, after a few weeks, that I was having pretty bad anxiety symptoms on days I wasnt taking the K. To make a long story short, I had become physically dependent AGAIN, because i had forgotten about the half-life of the drug. The half-life is the length of time a drug stays in your system. Klonopin's is 50-60 hours or something like that.

    So by not taking it every day.... every other day, every 3 days, etc, I thought I wouldnt have to worry about becoming dependent. Wrong. The drug was in my body still, building up each time I took it. The days I didnt take it, I would be Ok for a while, til the drug levels started dropping, causing the anxiety symptoms. It was withdrawal that was making me feel very anxious, NOT some anxiety disorder re-rearing its head.

    You are not safe by taking it "as needed" as I found out the hard way. I did take it as often as 4 days a week though. If u take it like once a week or something... even for months, I cant see how thats going to get your body needing it. Anyway though, I had to start taking it daily, even tho I didnt want to at all, to level out the levels of the drug in my body/system. From there I started tapering very gradually off the med... for a 2nd time.
    It takes many months (or years, for some people on high doses) to get off. It just takes a long time and must be done very, very gradually. I do not want to get into the withdrawal symptoms but they are very numerous and very horendous. NEVER EVER cold turkey off a benzo!

    Everyone is different and some people do seem able to get off Klon or Xanax with minimal tapering and time. For the majority though, this isnt the case. I could recommend some excellent and helpful websites about all this but I dont think we're supposed to post links on here...? (Why is that, if true??).

    I am currently tapered down to about .29 mg. of Klonopin. I taper using something known as a water titration method, where you grind up the pill and mix it with a certain amount of water, then extract a certain amount of mls from that water mixture. Then, you drink it, each day sucking out a little more water.



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