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    Old 10-06-2007, 12:38 PM   #1
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    I need some success stories...

    I have no motivation that there is help for me..Ive been on Effexor, Buspar, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Prozac. (2 days on Prozac but doc said to take every other day with food cause it made me sick and SLEEPY) and a few others, but the sleepiness and sexual side effects are too hard for me to take.

    I need to hear some success stories for treating GAD.

    Please let me hear em


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    Old 10-06-2007, 06:37 PM   #2
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    I would say i'm kinda a success story. i've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks too for the last 6 months. got mine ever since i moved to australia, the usual symptoms for me are this continuous light headedness, and then when i get a panic attack the sweaty palms, wanting to leave the room, getting hot etc. In the past 3 months i've been seeing a counsellor about my problems and really find that it's been worth while. i have not tried medication yet, but i recommend to everyone to find someone to talk to. the lightheadedness is caused from hyperventilation, the average person should breathe around 12 times a minute, but we tend to breathe around 20 times a minute, and that's what causes the lightheadedness/dizziness feeling, because we're not taking in enough CO2. I've been doing breathing exercises every day since i've had my meeting (it involves breathing in for four seconds while sitting upright and pushing my stomach out gently, holding it for one second, then breathing out for another four seconds.) BUT along with the breathing, you really have to think positively. You have to recognise when these panic attacks come on, why, and how to deal with them. I often find that carrying a list of reminders around with me helps. It takes a little while, and the panic attacks/anxiety will always try to get you when you're down, but once you have alleviated yourself from them for a while you will continue to do so. Thinking positively is the key though, don't think to yourself that you're going to beat them, instead think that you are prepared for when one happens, that you don't mind having one and that you know what you have to do. It's <hard> having to put up with it, feeling inadequate and not normal like 'everyone else', but you're not going to get over it unless you think positively. Since doing this i've almost alleviated all my symptoms, i still sometimes get this lightheadedness in times of stress, especially around due assignments, but it's normal to have a little anxiety in your life! You've just got to think that the symptoms will go away if you combat them positively, it's easy to get down about them, but it won't solve the problem. Go talk to someone trained specifically in anxiety, and especially someone who you feel you can relate to, and who is sympathetic - it's easier that way. I hate those doctors that fob you off as if you're just another patient of theirs with another anxiety disorder, it's so impersonal. Good luck

    Old 10-07-2007, 01:59 PM   #3
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    Well, I still struggle with anxiety that waxes and wanes, I was anxious since childhood, I turn 33 this month, but I can say that I have come a long way from my low point in my early twenties when I was housebound with panic attacks and agoraphobia. I was so bad that my husband had to take a leave of absence from work to help care for me and I left my job and qualified for disability. I was one of the worst anxiety cases my doctors said they had seen, but I have gone on to have two beautiful children and lead a pretty happy life, which I certainly hope to continue for a long time I think, in my case, having a strong genetic basis for anxiety (my mother, grandmother, and MANY other relatives have or had anxiety disorders) sort of gave me a bad case of it, when combined with some bad life circumstances that seemed to trigger it to flare up badly as a young adult. Anyhow, I have sort of learned to accept that I will probably, from time to time, get anxious and worried but I have learned not to EXPECT that or WAIT for that anxiety to come. I take medications which help tremendously and I try to stay busy, that keeps worry and anxiety away to a good extent. But, to be honest, I think, at least in my case, anxiety will sort of ebb and flow with me no matter what I do, and when it hits hard, I have to adjust to it with relaxation, therapy, and med changes, etc. In my opinion, I am a success story, but most people have much milder anxiety and will have even happier outcomes. Just remember, being anxious isn't a flaw in you and just because you may feel anxious from time to time, don't think that you are not "cured" or you are flawed. Sometimes you just have to live life and go with the feelings. . . Take care.

    Old 10-07-2007, 06:49 PM   #4
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    walflower2 HB User
    Re: I need some success stories...

    Everyone has a different idea of what success is. I don't know if my story one that you would consider success but I feel like it is! I have been dealing with anxiety for over 5 years. Since being diagnosed I have been on and off of medication for varying reasons, one such reason was to have my child. I was able to remain off of all medications during my pregnancy and felt wonderful the entire time! My son is now a happy & healthy 3 year old. I received my bachelors degree before being diagnosed but am now working on my Masters degree. I work full time in a wonderful job and am happily married. Other than taking my daily pill and the occasional anxiety breakthrough (a couple of times a year) I live a fairly "normal" life. (and at one point I admitted myself voluntarily into a psych hospital) so I think that is success!

    Old 10-07-2007, 09:05 PM   #5
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    walflower2, I would say that your story is VERY MUCH a success story. Congrats!

    Old 10-08-2007, 10:26 AM   #6
    Pri Lily
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    Treatment for GAD

    Figure out the trauma(s) that caused the GAD. Start dealing with them...stop ignoring them.

    Force yourself to be more patient....people with anxiety drive themselves round the bend, because it isn't happening RIGHT NOW!

    Why aren't they returning my phone call RIGHT NOW! Carry on....with whatever you have to's hard, but it can be done.

    I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!......Why?....

    I'll come back when I think of more.....


    Old 10-08-2007, 08:47 PM   #7
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    Maybe try Celexa. That worked for me. I was having terrible andxiety and panic attacks 6 years ago and my doc put me on zoloft. I switched to Celexa cause I was having sexual side effects. It worked great. I felt like myself again. I came off the meds 4 years later and everything came back so I went back on them and it worked. I am trying to get pregnant now and I will be switching my meds back to Zoloft when I get pregnant. You have to keep trying to find the right meds for you. Try therapy too.

    Old 01-21-2008, 07:59 AM   #8
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    Re: I need some success stories...

    I feel a bit strange talking about myself as a success story, but I do feel I have come a LONG way. I get stuff done despite the frequent worrying. I have found a few strategies for keeping my negative thoughts from getting out of hand. I feel that each person with anxiety/depression can find strategies to manage, it just takes some trial and error.

    One of the biggest challenges for me has been to open up, ask for assistance. But after a few years of navigating this, it has gotten easier. People don't judge once they understand that it is not simply that you 'should just stop worrying'...I ask them to imagine that they *couldn't* stop worrying!
    My troubles started with episodes of moderate depression coupled with intense panic attacks and insomnia. That was about five years ago. At first I took Wellbutrin and Lorazapam (Ativan). The Wellbutrin was *not* a good long term choice for the anxiety, so I went off of it. About 2.5 years ago I started taking Mirtazapine (Remeron) which handled the anxiety much better, with occasional Ativan or Xanax for panic.

    More recently, I started to recognize moderate but nearly constant anxiety, but almost no panic attacks (I think the Remeron holds them in check). So now my dr has described me as GAD. I think she's right. So, just this week, have started Buspar. I feel a bit dizzy, but I will give it a month. The reason for Buspar is that my dr and I agree that although Xanax is VERY effective for my anxiety, I don't want to resort to it every or nearly every day for the long term. I don't judge anyone for whom that works, its just I worry that I would be stuck if it stopped working. Hence, I'll try the Buspar.

    Many people have very good luck with mindfulness meditation - worth investigating. My psychotherapist offers me help with this along with 'emotion centered' therapy. Its really, really great. I feel so much relief when I leave her office every week.

    So, in short, a combination of suitable meds, therapy, and being mindful of how I feel gets me through.

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