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    Old 10-10-2007, 05:56 PM   #1
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    Done with Colonoscopy

    Thank you to Christine, Flowergirl and Nxyie for all the support before the colonoscopy. It is over and done with. I have no story-more of an empty space in my mind from the point of we are going to give you the fentanyl and then we are driving home.I probably slept through most of coming home.
    I used the osmoprep and going and going was no fun of course. And as others said it was just gentle urges to go and nothing like having serious intestinal flu. No cramping. After the morning prep , I had a feeling of nausea for about 3 hours while I was having to go and go. Didn't get sick to my stomach but didn't feel good.
    The procedure was uneventful. The reason the doc ordered the procedure was the low ferritin. Although it wasn't that low 34. Well, on the good side no polyps found (a sibling had a serious polyp) so that was a relief. But doc noted small internal hemorrhoids. He also took a few biopsies to check for inflammation. I had a 6 wk period of gastrointestinal upset recently .I was so out of it I don't remember anything , like getting dressed after the procedure or talking with the doc. Somehow I was just dressed and back in the car with my husband. I wasn't out of it like intoxicated, but out of it like amnesia.My husband says awake but trance like. Weird. I believe I had fentanyl and versed.

    I have never noticed any bleeding in the toilet before or bleeding on the toilet paper. I thought my diet was great so while things could be worse , the small hems. are annoying. Does anyone know anything about this? I will get a report from the doc in about 2 weeks. I wonder if the small hems pulled down my ferritin level? I wonder if I will need some treatment for the small hems? I am a vegetarian and thought Iwas doing pretty well but seems probably I should increase fiber and fruit and veggies. I get plenty of exercise.and drink tons of water. Also when I go I usually don't have to strain. There have been a few occassions, travelling generally where I had big trouble going- you know away from your own bathroom it is tough! But I suppose these took years to develop???

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    Osteoblast--Congrats to you! I bet you are so glad that it's over right? Glad that the prep went well for you too. When I came out of whatever they gave me I was very alert but high. The nurse said, get out of bed carefully don't jump up. What did I do, I jumped right up and out. I WAS high! I got in trouble too.

    I had Grade 1 hemorrhoids the doc said he thought that it was from the prep most likely. I have had issues with Hems in the past because I was always constipated (Hypo). The iron has cured that for me for 9 months now. Your right to increase the fiber. I don't know if small Hems would pull down the Ferritin but larger ones can for sure. Somehow 34 doesn't sound that low to me but I guess it really is. Especially if we have to get to 50-70 and up!

    Glad that you didn't have any serious polyps! Keep us posted.......FLFLOWERGIRL

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    I'm so glad it is over for you.

    I also have two small internal hemmorhoids and have had them for years. I believe mine occurred with pregnancy. That's when I noticed them, anyway. For the most part, they don't give me any problem. Occassionally they will get irritated (if I have a bout of loose stools from IBS). I don't really think they have a lot to do with the anemia. I know that hemmorhoids are often listed as a possible cause of anemia, but I think they have to be the ones that are bleeding all the time as some will do.

    Well, I guess you are REALLY relieved, huh? I don't doubt that the prep gave you some nausea--I believe all of them can be harsh on your stomach.

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    Osteoblast - Well, thank goodness that's over. I'm so glad it went well.

    I also had some nausea after the 2nd round of prep as well, but it wasn't as bad as yours. Was ready and raring to go in the recovery room. Felt alert, but realized when I got up and walking that I was still having after effects.

    Thank goodness they didn't find any bad polyps. That has to be such a relief! Really don't know anything about hemorrhoids.

    Congrats! I'm assuming you have a follow-up with the doc in a couple of weeks? Please keep us posted.

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    Having small hemorrhoids is not a big thing at all. Especially if you just had a 6 week period of GI upset. Doing the prep alone can cause some small internal hems, and add that to 6 weeks of GI problems it's not a surprise that you had some hems. I guess your ferriten is low but it's not that low... it's still "in range" right? Considering you're a vegetarian having a ferriten that is at the low end of normal is not that all that strange. I'm kind of surprised that your doc did the test considering your numbers and the fact that you are a vegetarian.... do you take iron pills?

    I have been severely anemic (very low hemoglobin) and they found small internal hemorrhoids during one of my colonoscopies. The doctor told me that small hemorrhoids will not cause anemia, not the severe anemia that I had at that time, nor any sort of anemia.... and that they were most likely just caused by the prep. Larger hemorrhoids would be of concern because if they were large they were most likey there prior to the prep, but small ones can easily be caused by the prep. Also, there was no specific treatment for them, other than to eat more fiber. I know you said that you eat fiber, and your diet is probably fine... it's most likely they were caused by the prep anby the GI problems you were having before the test.

    Also, when they found these hems, I hadn't noticed any bleeding when I went to the bathroom, so I was just a surprised as you are to find out about them. And you mentioned that they could have taken years to develop - well, like I said above, I doubt that they have been there for years, it's more likely that they just developed with your recent GI problems and this prep. I have had many colonoscopies and not all of them have shown internal hemorrhoids. I would not worry about things right now --- small hems are not a big deal at all, and your ferriten isn't even that low and they didn't find anything wrong on your test so that's a good thing. As you know, vegetarians are at risk for being deficiant in certain vitamins and minerals and iron....

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    Lizzy-Thank you for all of that great information. As I am over 50, my pcp wanted the colonoscopy as a screening and just to be sure there was no internal bleeding.The American Cancer Society recommends a colonoscopy at age 50 . I am glad we went forward with this. I recently learned that my slightly younger brother had a colonoscopy and a stage 6 polyp was found. My other sibling tells me that stage 6 is very serious. The gastroenterologist wanted the pathology report from my brother's doc to determine when I should have my next colonoscopy. So he finds this serious as well.
    I hope as you said the small hems are nothing. The 6 week gi upset seemed to have been viral or bacterial, they did a ton of tests and couldn't find the usual suspects. Then I noticed a sensitivity to milk and when I stopped milk the exposive diarrhea stopped. I have since read that this is not unusual to have a viral/bacteria gi upset that then affects the lining of the intestines making a person unable to deal with lactose. My gastro said this could just be the way things are going to be from now on or the situation could change. Basically he says sometimes it goes one way and sometimes another. So, when I feel like it in a few weeks, I can just try milk and see what happens. The approach seems a little odd- but this is what he said.Anyway, the diarrhea for that 6 weeks and the prep for the colonoscopy were tough and I wouldn't be surprised if all that didn't cause the hems. I don't know. My aged mom had hems and they couldn't operate because of her overall health, it would've been better if she had dealt with it earlier. She had bleeding that was bad. I just don't want something to get out of control.
    Yes, as a vegetarian my ferritin was not so low probably. And, compared to others here it's not so low. I am hypothyroid also and have been advised and seen also on lab reports when my ferritin moved up I was better able to do the necessary t4 to t3 conversion. So this is a project I do need to work on.The endo wanted to see my ferritin at 70.
    I hope your ferritin project is working . I can understand with anemia your doc had to do the colonoscopy regardless of your age. Glad to hear you were ok except for the small hems. and that the doc thought it might be the prep. Did you nail down the cause of your anemia ?

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    Re: Done with Colonoscopy

    Hi Osteo am just catching up on reading posts as i haven't been able to visit the boards lately.

    From reading your post it appears the colonoscopy was well worth it. It's a subject a lot of people dont like to discuss let alone get tests done for. I think females are often far more proactive regarding certain tests compared to males. My partner often tells me that i am far more in touch with my health, whereas he just accepts the fact that he isn't feeling the best and doesn't enquire into why he feels the way he does or why certain things are happening to him. I still can't believe he had a prostate checkup!!

    Regarding the diarrhea etc, it's best to keep away from dairy during any gastrointestinal type of upset. It could be something within the culture of the milk which enables the diarrhea to keep occuring. Black tea, dry toast and of all things, green apples are supposed to be great for that type of thing.

    With your ferretin, the main thing is that it's not going down. It's not easy building it up to the 70 mark, but look at it this way, you are past the halfway mark

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