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  • How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

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    Old 06-16-2009, 04:50 PM   #16
    Wild Irish Rose
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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    I have to agree with everyone here who've recommended seeing a pain management specialist. I saw one for a year, and he was wonderful! He knew the dangers and the advantages of pain meds of all sorts, and was very fair in his practices. He also had a psychologist who worked with him in the same office who also specialized in the psychology of chronic pain patients, and he was very helpful to me.

    My pain doc also had other, non-narcotic, methods of controlling pain: I had injections, a TENS unit, PT, etc.

    The only reason I'm not with him any more is that I broke his trust with my addictive drug seeking, and I really regret that.

    I think a pain management doc would be very helpful to you.

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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    Everyone here has given you really good advice. Let me just tell you that I am a recovering addict but also a pain management patient. It is a fine line to walk but luckily for me, what I abused was not an opiate/opiod. Therefore I can take my pain meds and it does not set off my addiction. Although I do have a greater chance of abusing them since I am a recovering addict.

    However, the reason that I started using was because I was in your spot exactly. I was taking Percocet and it was not really taking much of the pain away. I was also drinking occasionally on top of it. I did not want to drink but it was the one thing that helped to take the pain away. So I did what you are thinking, and turned to the streets which was a huge mistake. I wish that I could go back and change things but I can't.

    The one thing that i can tell you is that I am on the fentanyl patch & Vicodin and use them as they are supposed to be taken. I do not ever take more than I am supposed to and I only take them to treat the pain and not to get high. It took awhile to find a doctor to treat me fairly and justly. I agree that you should definitely find another PM doc or even talk to your primary care doctor about it. Is any of your pain from nerve issues? If so there are many non-narcotic medications that are used to treat nerve pain. There are medications like: Lyrica, Neurontin, Trileptal, Cymbalta, and Ultram(weak narcotic). If you have any type of nerve pain then ask your doctor to put you on one of these. Nerve pain is very difficult to treat and even harder to cope with. I always say a person doesn't truly know pain until they have experienced nerve pain. I would not wish it on my worst enemy(well maybe) If your PM doc does not want to add anything else then it is definitely time to see another doctor. good luck and keep us posted.


    p.s. you might want to post over on the Pain Management board too

    Old 09-05-2009, 11:30 PM   #18
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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    I know exactly what you are going through. I did buy percocet off the streets and thats how I handelled my fibro. When my dealer wanted to go up in price I had to turn to my doc. who never would give me pain meds and tellher the truth. she was understanding and felt bad she did not listen to my pain claims earlier. I started off with a RX for vicodin 4 5/500 a day. it lasted 4 days and i was on the phone with her so she gave me methadone. its been a year. my dose never whent up but i think that cause I would stop for a day or at least take the minamal without feeling like I was going to die. So I whent to see her 3 days ago and she said she wants to take me off methadone and put me on percocets 1 per day. I like the idaea but am nervuos it will not work. so I really understand. My advice to you is Find a new doc. someone who understands pain. If your doc does not listen to your needs you need a new one and YES I had to learn the hard and costly way! I wish you less pain

    Old 12-30-2010, 12:10 PM   #19
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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    You're not addicted, you're under-medicated. Read some articles on the net after googling addiction vs. dependent. You'll learn a lot If your problem truly is arthritis, you might try glucosamine, a vitamin supplement. It will take several months before you see a difference but it could happen.

    Old 07-23-2011, 01:14 PM   #20
    Tryin 4 help
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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    If you are a chronic pain sufferer, why are you wanting off methadone? I am on day 3 of Suboxone and it's doing nothing for my pain, so I am considering methadone. What is your take on it?

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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    HI. Welcome to the wonderful world of chronic pain. I have been doing this dance for about 12 years since my accident at work. If there is nothing else they can do, like an epideral block for back pain, your only options are to increase the meds or decrease and suffer until your tolerance comes back down and the 3 pills a day work like they used to when you first started taking them. If they never worked sufficiently, find another doctor who isn't afraid to prescribe what enough to stop your pain. Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear. Hope it helps. Oh and a quick way to find out if you are dependant on them is to stop taking them for a day. you'll know within about 12 hours or so, but be careful, withdraw can be dangerous and your doctor should know if you plan on stopping for a day or two.

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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    Notperky spoke the truth, and I would say it is a very common truth. I too have a chronic pain issue. Been on meds, oxycodone and oxycontin for 8 to 10 years. Had surgury 3 years ago and without getting off the meds I will never know my true level of pain and if I can manage a good quality of life without pills. I am about 2 weeks from being off the pills, and will see where I stand. If in 4 months, after my bodies pain management recovers and all the functions that have been hindered recover I will know what to do. My personality has changed. I have no energy and no desire to do much of anything. Side effects of Low T, I'm sure have affects there to with my energy level and sever fatigue. That being said, If after 4 months my pain level is an 8 constantly, and I can't do anything I want to do due to pain, rather than fatigue and living in an opiate fog, then I will start back into pain mgt. Like youi, I don't abuse and have never gone DR. shopping for duplicate RX's. nor have I ever bought off street. Quality of life is bottom line. As for me, I have to see what it will be without the meds now, and then make an educated decision. Prayers are with you. There is no shame in managing your pain through meds. Just know that there is a sacrifice to it. I will deal with alot more pain now that I know what being dependant on the pills is like.

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    Re: How to get off Pain meds when you need them for Pain?

    [FONT="Tahoma"]Wow there are so many of us contemplating the same choices and consequences for simply trying to have a better quality of life. Having been off pain meds and now, back on them, I can see pros and cons to both. I do love having all my mental faculties available. But keeping my Testosterone levels high has really made a difference in my mood and I still have that "spark" I only thought was posible off the meds!
    Pain meds have made it possible for me to go to the gym and actually work out to the tune of 50lbs lost and all my blood work is coming back saying low cholesterol, resting pulse, and I haven't even quit smoking yet!
    Notwithstanding all the pros, there are still some things I constantly battle besides the obvious dependancy factor. Less receptive to spiritual things and I love my church and my God. I'm happy to say he's not little "g" god in a bottle as was sometimes the case in years past.
    I'm rambling and this probably isn't helping anyone much so I'll just end it with don't be so quick to blame the meds for everything negative. Investigate and educate first and then, hopefully you'll find a way to function at a high level, and if it has to be on pain meds, like SPAZ50 said so correctly, "quality of life is the bottom line", (thanks SPAZ50).

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    DJPnpets (09-14-2011)
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