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    Old 09-20-2009, 10:50 AM   #1
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    Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    Hi, I'm 21 years old, male student, and take great pride in my health. I've been battling allergies and chronic sinusitis since grade school and on up til last year I've discovered great natural remedies that has kept my hair and skin looking amazing and puffiness has drastically vanished to the point of cheek bones and no acne. My face and body are always being questioned if I'm 16 or 18, and the looks on their faces is what keeps me inspired to help others achieve this. There is hope my fellow sufferers, trust me. Heres my secrets and what keeps me symptom free and great health:

    Elderberry juice (nigra) : Dramatically reduces inflammation and promotes
    breathing. Scientific evidence suggest it also combats an
    array of viral, bacterial, and fungal agents within the cavites
    throughout the body. Loads of evidence from backing
    Universities and my personal experience has had me sold
    day one. I don't know how I've lived without this. Great
    immune builder and actually fights against flu and swine flu
    (please feel free to gather evidence, because there's a great
    deal of it.

    Silver biotics/silver nose sprays (not colidal): Very potent anti-bacterial that
    breaks up mucus and builds an overall strong immune system. Instantly decreases swollen membranes and nose inflammation.

    Bromelain/stinging nettle leaf/quercetin n-acetyl cysteine (All in one supplement can be found in any natual food market: Thins mucus and stops bacterial mucus from spreading. Great help. Also, helps a GREAT deal on stress (which can weaken the immune system). The stinging nettle leaf helps by calming and relaxing the nerves that trigger allergic symptoms

    Royal Jelly: Is comprised of bee pollen and an array of certain steriods that work with the body to build the body's immune system and strengthen it. Great for becoming immune to your environment. Also, great for energy and sexual performance.

    Magnesium: Helps with inflammation and great for connective tissue. Highly, recommended.

    Omega supplements: Greatly, reduce inflammation (not to mention, vectomega the one I take regularly glows my skin).

    Allergy buster: #1 Relief of congestion and all airborne allergy symptoms. Thins mucus and drastically decreases puffiness around the eyes, cheeks, and nose. Decreases swollen membranes big time. Actually temporally de-synthesizes nerve cells to airborne allergies and helps build immune system. Great product. I have horrible dog allergies, with this I can breathe. I'm sold.

    And last but not least, all time favorite and natural cleanser: Neti-pot.
    This is a no brainer. It works. And had I had this in highschool I wouldn't have needed allergy medication. Decreases swollen membranes, thins mucus, and cleanses sinus cavities. I couldn't live without it.

    AND currently, just tried Mucostop. Which has various herb that thin and reduce mucus.

    These have greatly, upon greatly worked for me, though may be a bit of a task, but the benefits definitely outweigh the routines. Definitely has helped and my face is symmetrical and cheek bones are no longer red and inflamed, as well as nose and eyes. Almost, social anxiety has switched to being starred at, then from my insecure puffy face.

    **ALSO, No sugar (nata, ever), no sodas, plenty of exercise, water, and yoga is added. Cutting down sugar and dairy intake dramatically makes a difference. Sure this might sound a little overboard but when you've live with chronic sinusitus and allergies, all of this feels like a godsend of relief. Remember this isn't just for our "health," its to enhance our upper respiratory system so we can ACTUALLY ENJOY life . Sugar's great, but allergy/sinus problems symptom beyond great. Hope this helps.

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    Old 09-25-2009, 11:21 PM   #2
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    Re: Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    Wanted to add Grape Seed extract. This is another great nasal spray and works for several hours. It helps build healthy tissue around the sinus cavities. Instantly decreases inflammation and natural antibiotic. This is probably one of the better ones.

    These supplements and herbal extracts help build the body's immune system to have a healthy response to the air we breath, and in doing so your providing your body with added health benefits, which can strengthen your confidence and decrease your stress. For me, I couldn't have it any other way.

    You obviously don't need all of these, because each of them seem to dramatically improve your sinus and allergy problems. They don't have to be taken all at once, or even done every day...whenever your needing relief and wanting some boosted immunity.

    I'd say as a whole, healthy choices are the routes to be'll thank yourself later.

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    Re: Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    You need to tell me product names you've been using. I am so glad you have seen improvement. I want to get better too. All the things above are generic and I have certainly tried my share of the things you have. I have had 2 sinus surgeries and am heading for another. I don't want to go there.

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    Re: Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    Interesting you've had sinus surgery and still have problems. I'm suppose to have the surgery since my right side is completely blocked and my frontal sinuses never developed due to allergies. Anyway, glad to hear that surgery is not always the answer.

    Elderberry Juice: I use Wilde Wood Cellars concentrate. I get a white blister on my tongue when my sinuses start getting infected. I use this and it vanishes within a few days. No lie. You can really tell a difference with this.

    Nose Sprays: Allergybuster <edited>. Great. Sovereign Silver Nasal Spray. Great. Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract Nasal Spray (same). Excellent and my top favorite.

    Mucostop. This really does work. It's like $35 at my local natural health store. I love this.

    Royal Jelly: Montana Big Sky Royal Jelly 1000. Great for energy and has a number of different steroids your body can use to support immune system. My pollen allergies have..from what I think vanished. However, it could be a combined reaction from everything I eat and take.

    Fish oil: A must, in my opinion. I take Vectomega.

    Redd Remedies Adult Sinus Support. I take just two a day, since I'm already getting a good share of quercetin from the elderberry concentrate. However, it includes bromelain (enzyme from pinnapple) that henders mucous from building and spreading. I've used bromelain before and it works very well, so its great its in this product as well as nettle leaf(nerve de-synthesizer to allergens).And includes a few others leaf/bark extracts and amino acids.

    White sage tea: If you like tea, drink this. Ever since I started drinking white sage and mint harvest tea, I began noticing a huge sinus relief, like it was showering my sinuses or something. I just looked it up and found out that people actually take it for sinus/throat/and lung problems, that evidently stops mucous production. I am going to start drinking this once a day, I feel so great after and it tastes like a refreshing mild mint drink.

    Hope this helps

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    Puffy Cheeks
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    Re: Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    Hi Greenjuice

    I'm just wondering if you have puffy cheeks like mine? My puffy cheeks are at the front, below the eye, with a deep line going through it. Makes me look so old and tired all the time!! I also suffer from acne, although it still pretty bad, its nowwhere near as bad as it used to be when i was teenager. Thank you for all the tips, I'm looking in to all those options now. I already do the sinus rinse which helps, but I want something that significantly reduces the puffiness in my cheeks.

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    Re: Allergy/Sinus life changing remedies

    I just want to thank you for all the information! Your write up is very interesting. Have a great night

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