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  • 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?

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    marshrose HB User
    Red face 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?

    I had prayed I would never be in this boat- alas here I am.

    I was Lyme positive in 1999, my elisa was always 2.07, my western blot with 2igm, and 7 igg. treated orally 6 weeks, had 1 igm 7igg.
    relapsed over and over, saw llmd til med allergies made me untreatable.
    remained ill for 2 years with multi system problems worsening from thyroid to seizures, a llmd tested me and I also had babesia and bartonella back then.

    Positive spinal tap in 2002, treated with 6 weeks iv antibiotics. fell back some after I was taken off, but- slowly recovered for the most part- and could funtion, live, work, without constant naps and getting sick. Blood stayed at 1 igm (23), and down to 5 igg (idk which ones). was told I was still 'clinically positive' but due to allergies cannot treat again unless severe probs arose again. Just been doing my best, but overall doing okay, figured it was 'gone' or in remission.

    In 2005 I had a nervous psychotic breakdown, treated w meds for 1yr, then it went away never came back nor inclincations of such. Psych mentioned lyme back then- I disregarded cuz I was doing fairly well otherwise.

    Recently got VERY ill, around Easter this year, flu and in bed for days on end severe diarrhea, just GOD AWEFUL, drenching sweats, fevers, nausea, beyond exhaustion, severe SEVERE dizziness, bw showed nothing, primary dr said must have been a virus.

    Haven't been the same since, exhaustion, heart palpitations, chest pain, migrating muscle pains, nerve pains, stiff neck soo tired, cant remember crap -forgot my address and work phone number drew total blank- brain went dead getting electric shocks in my head alot. Went to gastro due to severe stomach probs still (had that w lyme back then) requested b/w when gastro was running tests galore (doing endoscopy in 2 weeks thinks possible celiac? idk) I requested lyme elisa and lyme w/b as it seems i have been down this road before.

    my lyme elisa, positive is greater than 0.89, mine is 6.80 !!
    igm -negative- no bands.
    igg-positive- 66, 58, 41, 39, 18kda

    not racing to 'llmd', they are unable to treat due to severe allergies.

    When reinfection occurs- do you get new igm? what the hells up w such an insaine elisa?
    thanks for your thoughts. any abstracts please message me the links I will be happy to read away. Have not been on the lyme road, or potential lyme road since 2002. Just looking for updates on tests, protocols, cross reacting antibodies- whatevers been up since 2002. Thanks.

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    Re: 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?


    Reading over your post. Six weeks isn't long enough. Looks like you were just treated here and there and nothing really long term.

    When I first started treatment after many years of untreated lyme. My doc and I just could not find the "right" antibiotic. It seemed anything I took I had this horrible reaction too. Well since then I have learned that I was having the herximer reaction. The kill off of the bacteria. And I am wondering if this is what you were experiencing.

    I don't understand why a "true" LLMD would just say well that's it. No more treatment. Wouldn't they understand more what you most likely were going through. And did you try lowering the dose and then going up on it?

    You have lyme. I can just about quarentee. Everything you are doing fits lyme to a "T".

    So now you have gone 8 years without proper treatment?

    The mental breakdown is a real lyme thing too.

    Have you read up on Syphillis? It and Lyme are in the same family. And they have the same symptoms.

    I will send you some info on a alternative doctor. I have read of others seeing him and having a better time with treatment.

    Once we get as ill as you. We are like a Pandora's box trying to unravel it all.

    Hang in there. You do need treatment. As you see it only gets worse.


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    Re: 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?

    I agree with Jodie's comments about the herx reaction. It can be daunting but at the same time lets us know the treatment is working. However, I am one of those people who do does not do well on abx, whether for Lyme or anything else. Right now I'm in a major Lyme flare up from having to take Augmentin for a colon infection.

    If it's a matter of needing more abx, and be willing to go through the herx, you could try that path again. Another suggestion is to go the alternative route. You will likely still herx but may have a better reaction overall to gentler products. My mainstay is Salt/C but I also use a host of other alternative measures as well. However, just want to make it clear - that if one is newly infected, the best course is to start abx immediately and for the proscribed period of time as this will assure avoidance of the infection, i.e., Lyme Disease!

    All the best,


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    marshrose HB User
    Re: 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?

    Thanks. I have been tested for everything under the sun- and been to two universities PRIOR to my + CSF thru a regular lab. I did have babessia and bartonella H back then thou in blood. for Lyme one IGM and seven IGGs, chronic hives, and welts that would turn ihot and itchy sometimes then turn into very bad dark bruises (which I am getting again now severely on my thighs.)

    Lyme is the worst diagnosis someone in my shoes can ever have- multiple severe allergies prevent potential treatment even with my blood results (until + CSF) as I am a liability in a way- I see an ID dr this week- and will pick their brain- and if they want another spinal tap I am more than willing- IF this is lyme again, I do not want to relive what I went through years ago on 16 pills a day, 2 seizure meds, thryroid meds, and god knows what else I was on. Will post updates- Thanks.

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    marshrose HB User
    Re: 6.80 Lyme Elisa test result?

    Saw ID dr today who explained how the elisa (first tier of lyme testing) can cross react and fluctuate, peak and fall depending on inflammation in the body, otheri infections, or autoimmune response (interestingly- mine was 2.07 for 3 years) nonetheless, considering my possible diagnosis of celiac disease which I find out in a few weeks, it can correspond to the majorly high elisa test as celiac disease is your immune system attacking the small intestines. Once I find out whats going on w the celiac and my test- I will further decide my course of action, I did not have ANY IGM response on my western blot, and show exposure on the IGG phase of the test, which is expected given the course of treatment i had way back when, as well as no new symptoms *for 8yrs* until recently.

    Reading on celiac disease its symptoms do fit in a way (not sure on the eye pain and such) but, in any event, I do have one month of Doxy here at my disposal, and depending on celiac test restults I may take the doxy if warranted w my symptoms. Sadly doxy just eats my stomach alive, so- it is a last resort on an already bad digestive stomach problem.

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