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  • 2 Weeks Smoke Free (Chantix)

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    Old 07-02-2010, 12:02 PM   #1
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    2 Weeks Smoke Free (Chantix)

    Been on Chantix for almost a month. I've been smoke free for two weeks. I've developed an addiction to chewing gum. Not NRT gum. Just Dentyne and Orbit

    Feeling GREAT! Breathing is so much better. My sense of smell is SUPERHUMAN. Example? I was at a restaurant and was up at the salad bar. I passed by a tub of lemons and was smacked in the face with freshness I wouldn't have been able to smell that before. Or how about the time I was parking my car outside my office and could smell the smoke from a lady standing WAY off in the parking lot and I must have been downwind. Which smelled nasty.

    I love the way I smell now. I'm not using body sprays to cover the fact I smell like smoke. I'm using them because I like their scent. I love the fact that when working closely with my coworkers, I'm not inhibited and embarrassed by the way I smell. People sit next to me in staff meetings now.

    My teeth are getting so WHITE and I've been helping it along by using whitestrips.

    What is amazing is that you don't know how bad you felt until you feel better. It's amazing to the think "Did I feel that way??" I still get withdrawls on occasion but they are very easy to get through. Not like at first!! Now they are shorter, and less frequent.

    I'm worried about stopping Chantix. I'm weighing whether I want to stay on it for the prescribed time or cut it short. I haven't decided yet.

    So how's everyone doing? Is anyone (in America) worried about the long holiday weekend coming up?

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    Re: 2 Weeks Smoke Free (Chantix)

    good for you girl!!!! I am 4 days smoke free!!! I cant wait to be just like you!!!! I 'm halfway there!!!!!!
    good luck to you and stay....
    Smoke Free!!!!

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    Re: 2 Weeks Smoke Free (Chantix)

    Congrats on 4 days!! That is fantastic! You will definitely be able to do it. You're already nearing one week. All I can say is, thank god Chantix worked for me. It's a shame so many have experienced bad side effects because for those of us it works for, it's really a miracle. I've tried to quit every way imaginable. Some methods are slightly more helpful than others but I always wind up smoking again. Keep me posted on your progress. I would love to hear how you make out.

    Here's an update on my progress so far: Today makes 3 weeks smoke free. I'm still having cravings. The daytime doesn't bother me but when I'm relaxing at home in the evenings it will hit me. Every time I think about it, I chew gum and try to divert my attention. Exercise helps immensely.... and I'm not the active health-nut kind.

    You see, I've had this funny thing happening to my heart in recent months. I'm fine during the day, but when I lay down to sleep, my resting heart rate becomes soft, almost non-existant. Naturally, this makes me freak out, but even while being pulse does not quicken. This was the original reason for going to the Dr. who's been bugging me to try Chantix. I'm happy to report that since quitting smoking, I have not had an episode. In fact, now I'm wondering if perhaps this heart thing was not completely related to my smoking.

    I'm doing more that just quitting. I'm trying to do an about face in all my unhealthy habits. I'm taking a slew of supplements, including CoQ10, niacin and fish oil --all of which are supposed to promote heart health. Since my body has a lot of repair work to do from all these years smoking, I figure vitamins will give my "under construction" body the fuel it needs.

    I'm eating only lean poultry and fish. I've increased my daily intake of whole grains, fruits and veggies. I'm also a night owl. Mostly because going to bed early makes me feel like all I do is work. Now, I go to bed when I'm tired. I have a ton more energy during the day and my memory skills are much better.

    You know, I always end up to the same conclusion about myself. It's not that I don't know how I'm supposed to live. It's the "doing" part I somehow lose sight of. Whether it's familiararity or sheer laziness on my part, I don't think I'll ever know. I guess I'll just take it one day at a time.

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    Re: 2 Weeks Smoke Free (Chantix)

    Hi There,
    I am really proud of all of you who have quit. Let's see, I didn't start smoking until about August 2006. I could kick myself. I first started trying to get this guy to notice me. He would go on smoke breaks and I would go out there and bum a cigarette to try and start conversation with him. Lets just say I got his attention, but my habit lasted years longer than the relationship. I have quit about a handful of times but I think I always had this exception in the back of my head that if I could quit as easily as I was, then I could smoke whenever I wanted and just quit again. This made for a very expensive habit as I would never buy cartons, just packs. This also made for the worst set of mind games I could possible play with myself. I smoked on average 1/2 a pack a day to a full pack, depending. I have no business smoking, my Moms mom and two of my moms sisters have died of lung cancer, so needless to say, this heaviness in my chest and persistent cough are scaring the poo out of me. Ok, so to not ramble on anymore. I quit at least 5 times in the last 4 years, heck maybe more cuz that doesn't sound like alot to me now. But the difference between the other times and this time is that I haven't given myself the allowance I have in the past to foresee slip ups and justify them. I am happy to say that it has been 14 days since my last cigarette and I have never felt worse. I have been hacking and coughing and losing sleep. I found this site when I went looking for answers as to why I feel worse now that I have quit smoking and to see how long it's going to last. I know in my heart this is the final time for me. I have already had two tests. One, when my husband and I were arguing, YES, since being the ditzy non smoker bumming a cigarette, I have both met and married a different man, a non smoker at that, but we were arguing and stress has always been my trigger. Anyways, the second, was a night we were out drinking and I have to say a cigarette sounded so good my mouth watered, but even a bit tipsy, I was able to remind myself of why I am a quitter. I love my family, I love the life I have worked so hard for, I love the people in my life I was blessed to have in the first place and I owe it to them and myself not to cut my life short. I had a wake up call (literally) about a month and a half ago. I was laying in bed in the middle of the night and I don't know what was happening to my body but it wasn't good. I felt as though I was about to have a stroke or a heart attack.....I'm not a doctor, but I do know some of the signs and all I could think to do was take a baby asprin and wait it out. I didn't want to wake up my husband up and scare him so I laid there till I fell back to sleep and woke up feeling normal in the morning. That was the beginning of me deciding I needed to get serious about quitting. I just didn't know when the right time would always seemed like I was waiting for this to happen, or that to happen because I knew temptation would be there. Anyways, I went on a vacation with family who would be disgusted to know I smoked so I made up my mind, that was it. I was not going to smoke starting July 4th, 2010 and I still haven't. Like I said, I feel like garbage, but I do love that I don't have to douse myself in febreeze and lotion before coming home anymore (oh cuz i was hiding my cigarette smoking from my 13 and 14 year old daughters....great role model I know). I love that food tastes good again, and trust me, my waist line is paying for it, but above all, I love that I feel I am being good to me again and that feels good.

    So once again, Congrats to all of you who have held off smoking. I'm new here, but if you need ecouragment, support, or just someone to virtually slap you around when you start thinking about smoking a cigarette, let me know....

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