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  • Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

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    Old 07-31-2001, 04:03 AM   #1
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    Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

    I've had this problem for about 3 years now and it has finally driven me to the point of getting it diagnosed. And like many of you are getting the run-a-round. I was in a car accident and was knocked unconcious taking the impact on my jaw. It took months for me to notice any problems from it until I was at movie and the audience started clapping. I heard a roaring or distorted sound in my right ear. Everything gradually got worse and my right jaw now pops at will, and my left ear is affected. Basically anything about what most would call normal volume level distorts my hearing to the point where I don't go to movies, concerts, or anything where I know my ears will bother me. Now the reason I think it may be TMJ is related has to do with my right ear being more affected and my right jaw popping. I can also feel my jaw pushing in my ears almost if my misaligned jaw is keeping my ear drum from fully vibrating. Does this sound familiar to anyone or any idea what could be the problem? I've been to a variety of doctors now and they just keep sending me different places and costing me money for doing absolutely nothing. The first doctor told me I had TMJ and gave me muscle relaxers. Nothing. Then I went to a dentist and he said I definetly had TMJ, but since my ear was the primary concern, to see a oral surgeon. Oral surgeon explained my TMJ and then told me to go to a ENT. ENT gave me nasal spray. Again nothing. Now I don't know what to do. I'm tired of playing games and would like a serious diagnosis. I'm at the point where I should just treat the TMJ and see if my ears problems go away since I think they are related. Thanks for listening and any advice would be appreciated.


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    Re: Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

    Hello Daniel,

    I'm also a newbie on this message board. I know what you feel because I also suffer from this. The good news is that it can fluctuate and be better, even if there could be some relapses (note oct 3rd, 01 : I have discovered the Edit option !).

    It's called hyperacusis or hearing sensitivity, and I also noticed that the most sensitive ear (right also for me) is also in the side where I used to have some clicks (today I can't open my mouth more than about a finger and don't know what to do...).

    I noticed that this side is where my shoulder is higher (a gap of 3 centimeters with the left one...).

    As far as hyperacusis, I have read that this condition reduces if its cause is improved (Meniere, TMJ, fibromyalgia, or/and other holistic causes that need some explorations (link with the Traditional Chinese Medicine *liver* channel ?)). So maybe the fact to help the liver seems to help the hyperacusis (that's maybe why people who have a hangover don't like noise (and light)).

    In Western countries, when the ENT has already heard of this problem and doesn't refer the patient to the psychiatrist, the suggested therapy usually is called retraining therapy (TRT), like for tinnitus, an associated symptom of hyperacusis (maybe linked with the kidneys, even if it's seem far from the ears).

    The problem with the systemical use of TRT (even if it's practiced alone without a doctor because it's expensive (I have read ~ $3000 !) or not available around) is that the underlying condition (like TMJ) often remains undiagnosed (like it was for me). I had to have headaches and buzzing sound (muscle spasms in the neck area), and even symptoms of gout (pain in the big toe at night, big toe point = Liver 1, weird isn't it ?), I had to take medications that made me feel bad (prednisolone, psychotrops => glaucoma, agitation, tachichardia, lack of memory, ...) to deduce that there were some symptoms that matches what it's called TMJ dysfunction on the Internet, in spite the fact that a dentist told me I had no problem (she made an occlusion test, not a question like "Do you had a car accident, even minor, in the previous months", or "do you have posture problems/headaches/etc").

    Then, I had a 1st splint made that made me worse, then I found that I have extra premolar teeth, then I had them extracted with the wisdom ones (jan01), then I have tried to find more help to manage to open my mouth (because it was 3 fingers before the operation), I'm with a 3rd splint to avoid to damage my teeth.

    For information, in Dec 1999 the American Hyperacusis Association was founded in order to promote awareness about this underlooked (one more) condition. Nevertheless, they seem to talk rather about TRT than about post-whiplash syndrome. It will be helpful that they also talk about the way people become like that (I remember the figure of 10 millions people in the USA and the story of a young man who had a blow to the head during sport, but the word "TMJ" or "Craniomandibular dysfunction" didn't appear.

    Maybe patients advocacy associations need to talk together in order to bring the symptoms alltogether and have a larger scope, but it takes time. The things seem to go in the good direction with the help of the Internet.<p>[This message has been edited by (edited 10-03-2001).]

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    Re: Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

    Hi again !

    [note oct 3rd, 01 : well I look a bit wacko here but that's because I posted a web address that has a lot of holistic articles but also a commercial part that I don't use, so it was removed but I understand it). I add at the end the sentences below because I hope that car makers will go on with new technologies to reduce car accidents and I also hope the authorities here will fix a bigger minimal time to learn driving (only 20 hours legally necessary), more speed limitation and also some reexams from time to time.]

    Good luck to everybody and I hope all those "modern" dysfunctions like TMJ and fibromyalgia will be better diagnosed, treated, and also prevented (for example by some alarm voice talking about danger on the road, depending on the direction and speed of the vehicles around) in the soon coming future.

    [This message has been edited by moderator3 (edited 08-06-2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by (edited 10-03-2001).]

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    Re: Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?


    I mistook with the word "drawback", it's "relapse" (especially after going in noisy places). Sorry, I hope my answer was a bit useful in spite of this.
    <p>[This message has been edited by moderator3 (edited 08-06-2001).]

    Old 09-12-2001, 12:19 PM   #5
    sharon shabtai
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    Re: Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

    dear i was amazed to hear about the connection you made between the distirtion/clicking sounds in your ears, the height of your shoulder & the pain in your toe. are you sure it was gout? was it properly diagnosed (hyperuricemia or urate crystals in aspirate from toe)?
    it's funny, because about 2 months ago i started hearing clicking popping & muffled sound in my right ear. at the same time my right toe started hurting for 2 weeks until it got really swollen & inflamed. an orthopede diagnosed it as hallux rigidus (limited toe) which was degenerated over the years because of my dancing. i didn't have hyperuricemia, but they didn't aspirate my toe. so gout wasn't properly ruled out. my toe still hurts mildly all the time. the noises in my ears were first diagnosed as myoclonus of the eustachian tube muscles. a different ent doctor diagnosed it as myoclonus of the pterygoid (jaw) muscles, due to bruxism (grinding of teeth). i also have a mild scoliosis (due to falling on my back at age 8), so that my right shoulder is higher than the left.
    do you think there is a connection between all of these, & could you elaborate about the liver point connection to it?
    i would appreciate it very much!


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    Re: Ear "Distortion" TMJ related?

    Dear Sharon,

    First I have to say that the main goal of my post was to give a little complementary "energetic" point of view despite I'm a newbie that didn't know much about medecine. I thought it may be some tracks to explore deeper by patients and/or doctors, now or in the future, because 10, 20, 50, 60, 80 millions of people with TMJ, light, mild or severe symptoms, that's huge (even if it's 10 m). For example if someone knows a holistic healer, it could be helpful to ask him/her what he/she thinks about TMJ syndrome/fibromyalgia and related syndromes (like chronic fatigue or perhaps hypothyroidism) and why this occurs more in women between 20 and 50.
    I'm not talking about energetic therapies as a cure-all and have nothing to sell but this is an interesting and known for thousands years way to understand diseases and which is compatible with a lot of other more recent human knowledges.

    I find that there are also a lot of books talking about these subjects, even if it's a bit confusing to be in front of so much information and to make the connection with ones personal case.

    I have consulted 5 or 6 ENTs + MDs + dentists + oral surgeons but no one told me about kydney deficiency and/or liver/gall bladder wind raising. They thought I was too stressed (which is true) but I don't call this a diagnosis.

    As far as the gout diagnosis I had the suggestion of it in a message board when I talked in a message about the weird symptoms I have (that was so acute that it woke me up during night - maybe the time this occurs is also a pertinent indication because each organ has its strong and weak period during a day (5 movements' theory)), I don't know if it was gout or pseudogout (or pseudopseudogout) but what I can say is that it disappeared by removing the lardons salad I use to eat at lunch (no, I wasn't in a "lardons-salad therapy/dosage 100 g"). I used to take that because I read some articles about low carbohydrates/high proteins diets and I don't eat those desserts with refined sugar anymore.
    I also read an article on the net about gout with the
    Traditional Chinese Medecine point of view, and it talked about "dampness", "cold bi syndrome", "energy stagnation" and that was coherent with my situation.

    The connection I tried to tell about between energies and hearing symptoms is not about clicking sounds that are surely caused by the joint's structure, but buzzing and ringing in the ears. Here is an article which briefly talks about hearing symptoms, (to moderator, I think this time the is no commercial part in this site) :

    As far as higher shoulder, that's also the right one which is upper and this side where I had the clicks sound and where my hearing is the most sensitive, even if it's better than it used to be, for example I enjoy listening to artists like Jewel or Loreena Mc Kennit (a song called "Dante's Prayer"), whereas I thought in the beginning that it would be impossible again and I can even drive without putting my hands on my ears (yes, it helps).

    I also remember there is a part of a chapter which talked about higher shoulder and eyebrow lower in the same side, in the Dr Uppgaard's book "Taking Control of TMJ". As far as the link with energy, I'm reading Barbara Ann Brennan's book called "Hands of Light" (I'm quite slow, I'm at page 200 out of 470 and I started it long time ago, too much things to do) and there is a drawing of a person which head is bent on one side (to the RIGHT [note : oct 3rd, 01, and not "left" as I mistook, the head bench the side the shoulder is higher] if the upper shoulder is the right one) and in the "hole" left in the right side there is a small sphere of grey/green light. I don't know what more to say as I don't see auric phenomenons. What I know is that I also have scoliosis, maybe because I used to sleep always on the same side when I was a young, and I had also a fall (on the neck...) in gymnastics when I was 10.

    About the connection between the pain in the toe due to dancing, the liver meridian and TMJ, I just can say that I don't know. You can test if your symptoms increase when your liver is more sollicitated (bad fat food (not like olive oil, fish oils, coconuts oil); alcohol intake; excess of acid food like lemon, tomatoes, pineapple eaten with starch; ...).

    Hope this helps.

    As you saw I'm more a curious beginner who thought it would have been selfish not to write about these facts at least once (or twice now) and who would like a better life, than a international specialist <IMG SRC="">)

    <p>[This message has been edited by moderator1 (edited 08-06-2002).]

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