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diesel25 01-09-2008 12:31 PM

I have been dealing with Social Phobia/Anxiety for years now and it has only gotten worse.. I am a 29 year old male.. I have not dated in a good 3 years.. Usually all of the women that I have ever dated have either been setup with me or have came to me to date.. I have never picked someone to go court.. I am a very shy/reserved type person.. Until I get to know you and then it is fine.. I just find it very very difficult to break the ice with women... And men sometimes just to make friends.. I do not know if this would be considered anxiety or social phobia?!? I take omega 3 fish oil everyday.. I have been thru all of the anti depressants and they all make me feel cloudy headed and really did not do anything to help... any clues?!?!

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