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yesyes100 11-22-2015 02:31 PM

Need Advice, sinus headache
Hey guys i need some advice.

It all started in April when i started getting really bad headaches that would not go away, most of it was just sinus pressure. I went to an ent doctor, he prescribed me 20 day amoxicilin course and oral steroids due to Tonsils and adenoids swellings. The antibiotics did not help and i had to get a surgery to remove them. The headache still continued, the interesting part was that my mucus was pretty okay and there was no signs of sinus infection. I went to another doctor and he told me that my turbines, frontal sinus were swollen and i had deviated septum. whenever i would sleep one of my nostrils would get clogged up. I went ahead and got the surgery in July, not my left nostrils is the one that always gets blocked, and i still sinus headaches constantly throughout the the day, they come and go. I cant really play sports outside due to runny nose and headache afterwards. I'm doing sinus rinses every single day they don't seem to help. I've taken numerous antibiotics prescriptions. Can the sinus headaches and fever like symptoms be caused by the Acid/Reflux that i get( it's not severe.) Also i don't know if this helps, but 3-4 years i went to a dentist to get a root canal done, i've never got crown with it, this week i came to a different dentist too get a crown done and he told me that i will need to get the retreatment on the #4 since something is wrong with it. I will get a second opinion with an endodontist to check out the root canal. Another option i have is to take acid blockers to see if the acid reflux is causing it. What do you guys think? i constantly get pressure in the maxillary sinuses to the point where i get watery eyes. I've been on a strict diet and that does not seem to help as well.

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