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  • Constant sinus pressure but no congestion, please help!

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    Constant sinus pressure but no congestion, please help!

    Hi everybody, I really need some advice. I just wanna say in advance, this is going to be a long post. I'm 22 now but I first started getting sinus infections maybe 3 years ago, and they would occur any time during the year- maybe 2 or 3 times maximum. When I get them I usually have a cold first and then it would turn into a sinus infection. I'd go to the doctor's and get Amoxicillin, which would always help. The symptoms I would get is awful facial pain, especially on my nose, behind my eyes, my cheeks, and forehead; I would be sick for about 3 weeks but it would go away.

    Last summer was when I started having serious issues. I got 3 sinus infections in a span of 3 months. They went away with antibiotics but it always took a while. I'm not a regular smoker but I occasionally have a cigarette; I've never had any issues before but when I had one, my upper front teeth hurt very bad and so did my nose. I initially thought the smoke was damaging my teeth and never suspected sinus issues; either way, I stopped smoking. I'd also like to mention I was in Europe when I started noticing this, I returned to the US in August and that's when things started getting unbearable. I unfortunately started smoking more when I returned because I was going through a lot at the time and it helped me feel better. I still had teeth pain and couldn't figure out why, so I went to the dentist. I got an x-ray done, and my dentist said my teeth were perfect and there were no issues. The teeth pain never went away; I tried pain killers, oragel, no carbonated drinks or smoking, but it didn't help. I grind my teeth at night so I went back to the dentist and got a night guard. I wear it every night and I thought that would solve the issue, but it didn't.

    From September to December, I was very sick; I kept on getting sinus infections and I went from one doctor to the next. I tried different homemade remedies, which didn't work. I also used the Netipot which would clear the mucus, but I still felt the pain. Saline sprays didn't help either. (I use a humidifier every night which helps a bit- I no longer wake up in pain in the middle of the night) It was an awful time; I had constant pain and pressure in my face, and it would make me more sick. This really disrupted my productivity because I'm a student. I would have such awful and unbearble pain and pressure behind my eyes, that I would have to keep them closed; this was annoying because it prevented me from finishing my schoolwork, as it hurt to look at even my phone screen. I got a cold, then an upper respiratory infection, another sinus infection, and then my throat was so sore that it was very painful to swallow. After trying so many different medications I went to an ENT; he told me I had tonsillitis and gave me medicine which made my throat better. This is when I started suspecting I have sinus issues. I got a CT scan of my sinuses, but the doc says my sinuses are clear. The scan did reveal I have a slightly deviated septum, which I don't think is the problem. I have no nasal polyps either.

    I have been very careful with my health since then, doing all I can to prevent another sinus infection. Unfortunately, I still feel constant sinus pressure in my nose. Often times the back of my eyes hurt, my cheeks, forehead, ears, and teeth. I only feel this pain and pressure, I have no congestion, post nasal drip, or mucus. I went back to my ENT, and he told me to go to an allergist. So I went and did all the tests. I was told I am allergic to grass, pollen, cats, and dogs, and I need to start getting weekly allergy shots. I know this sinus pain isn't because of allergies. There's no pollen right now and barely any grass (since it's winter here in NJ), and I don't have any pets. Since this pressure is constant, I doubt it's allergies. I went over to a friend's house who has a cat so I can see how I react. I already knew I was allergic to everything the allergist told me, so when I was near the cat, my eyes became itchy and watery and I was sneezing. My nose got stuffy but since I always feel sinus pressure I couldn't tell if that was part of the allergic reaction. So, I'm ruling out allergies. I am also very reluctant to get allergy shots because I know that's not the issue and I don't have the time to go every week.

    The pain/pressure isn't always awful; it ranges from mild to severe at random moments. Some days it's mild all the time, other days it's severe. It feels like my nose is very dry and like I've been punched in the face. I've been coping with this by taking pain medication specifically for sinus pressure (Tylenol, Sudafed) which only helps a bit. Now I'll explain what patterns I've noticed. The pressure feels worse when I bend over or try to lift anything heavy (weights when working out). Whenever I'm exposed to any breeze such as a fan, my sinuses feel inflamed immediately. And, as mentioned before, smoking causes instant teeth pain and I start experiencing awful pain and pressure in my nose which then spreads to my face and head. It's always after smoking that I would get a sinus infection. I tried smoking in November just to see what would happen, and it was a mistake (haven't smoked since). I've never had these issues with smoke or any breeze, so I don't know why this started happening.

    I truthfully don't know what to do. This is really affecting my quality of life and I feel very hopeless and depressed about it. I've read many threads on here and saw that some people managed to find solutions. All my ENT doctor tells me is to take a pain killer and use Flonase (which doesn't help at all). He also said this can't be a sinus issue because the scan is clear, so I should try to see if anything else is causing the problem. He also mentioned my tonsils are in awful condition and very infected; he offered surgery to remove them but he said it might not solve the issue. So, I'm not sure about doing surgery. I first want to figure out what is causing this; if surgery is my only option, I need to figure out what surgery I need. I don't really trust my ENT because he could never give me concrete answers and he always rushed my visits. I'm not sure if this is related at all, but I have a bad back and neck that are easily prone to injury. I read that the neck can cause sinus pressure but I'm not sure if that's true. For the past month, I've mainly had severe pressure in my nose and bad headaches. I really want to figure out the cause of this, because there are so many possibilities. I'm not sure which doctor to go to first; a new ENT? A neurologist? A chiropractor? Or all of them? Should I get an MRI or another CT scan? What I've figured out so far is that I could have migraines that are causing this, or possibly my neck. I really think it's my sinuses because my nose is always red and inflamed. Can somebody please give me some guidance as to what I should do to approach this issue, or offer any explanation? Thanks so much for reading.

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    Re: Constant sinus pressure but no congestion, please help!

    I'm in the same boat. I have multiple allergies including environmental ones to mold and dust, etc. If I follow a strict diet of no carbs I get better but it's hard to keep up such a restrictive diet. I'm never really congested but wake up with sinus headaches and pressure. I think it's fungal or autoimmune, but what to do for it, I have no clue. I do have a huge polyp on one side and I've been dx'd with SIBO which causes autoimmune disorders. For some reason our nose passages are inflamed.

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    Re: Constant sinus pressure but no congestion, please help!

    New ENT, you need a CT when you are having symptoms. Ball up your fist, tap the back of your head with the heel of your hand, pain in your upper teeth is maxillary, behind the nose and eyes could be sphenoid, and your eyebrows is frontal sinus. You are young to have to deal with this, it really is debilitating and people that have never had a sinus infection have no clue how awful they can be. I've had 6 surgeries, including FESS, MELP and full frontal obliteration. Living with an ongoing low grade, sometimes high grade infection in your head can be unbelievably painful and again, debilitating. So, you need to find a good ENT..if they blow you off, they aren't good. Meanwhile, I recommend taking plain Mucinex or Robitussin to keep the mucus as thin as possible, drink lots of water and humidify the air in your home. All surgeries do is make a clear drainage path, so until a problem can be identified, you have to try to keep your head clear of blockages..only way is to thin the mucus, then use decongestants sparingly to open the pathways.

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    Re: Constant sinus pressure but no congestion, please help!

    I found out if I don't eat potato chips I am fine. Why that is, I have no clue. Potato chips seems harmless, with only two ingredients but sure enough when I stopped eating them, my sinus pain went away. I have heard that because chips are fried at very high temps, they develop some kind of carcinogen. I just know if I eat them more than a few days, I develop horrible sinus pain. I get the same thing with peanuts.

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