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How many TMJ sufferers feel sinus and ear pain?

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Old 06-18-2003, 11:47 AM   #1
Join Date: Feb 2003
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N2golf HB User
Post How many TMJ sufferers feel sinus and ear pain?

I just wonder how many people with TMJ experience mild sinus and ear pain? Without the use of a splint, what do you do for it?

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Old 06-18-2003, 11:55 AM   #2
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DianeTMJ HB User

Okay, I am using a splint, but before I had my splint I did two things. My dentist lent me his extra tens unit that is made specifically for TMJ, it is a myotronic. Then, he also had me see a chiro. Important though, you need a chiro that adjusts the first rib, not all can do that adjustment. When my chiro adjusted my 1st rib, the symptoms of ear pain, dizzeness & sinus pressure,99% of the terrible ear ringing gone... I say 99% because I once and awhile will get a light ring, but then it goes away.
Now I have my splint and I am such a very happy little camper :0)

Old 06-18-2003, 12:10 PM   #3
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N2golf HB User


How were you diagnosed with TMJ in the first place? It seems that so many Dr.s say it could be this or it could be that. Is there a specific test for TMJ or does everyone just go on what you say your symptoms are?

Old 06-18-2003, 12:40 PM   #4
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CherylL24 HB UserCherylL24 HB UserCherylL24 HB User

Hey There,

My teenage Son says that he frequently feels like he has a sinus infection. The ears...they hurt all the time. So far, nothing has helped with either of those symptoms, but he is in the process of getting his 5th splint made. My fingers are crossed that this is the 'right' one!

Old 06-18-2003, 03:19 PM   #5
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sunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB User

Hi: Before splint therapy, my ears would hurt a lot and I'd have a constant headache. I thought they were sinus headaches, but apparantly they were from TMJ. Anyway, I would lay down on the heatpad and the ear pain would go away. For sinus type pain, I would take Allegra D or Tylenol Sinus and usually that helped. I hope you get some relief soon. Sue

Old 06-18-2003, 09:08 PM   #6
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Jamie HB User


What do you mean, First Rib? As in your rib cage?

If so, what does that have to do with relief of ear symptoms and TMJ? Just curious..

The search for a diagnosis is long and painful...

Old 06-18-2003, 10:22 PM   #7
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RachelS HB User

Yea, I feel like I have a constant sinus infection. I sound *so* stuffed up it's absurd. Plus my ears are really plugged. I tried Benadryl which is for sinus problems. I can't tell if it helped or if it just knocked me out, but hey sleep is sleep.


"And on really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion." (Waking Life)
"And on really romantic evenings of self, I go salsa dancing with my confusion." (Waking Life)

Old 06-19-2003, 03:27 AM   #8
Cymy Sue
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Cymy Sue HB User

Hi N2,

I think most people who suffer with TMJD, experience ear pain & problems and most have some sort of sinus problems. I was diagnosed with TMJD 26 years ago after about 2 years of going to the Doctor with what I thought was ear infection. All I had then was ear aches & stabbing pain. Over the years, I have experienced every ear "symtom or problem" you can
imagine. The aching and stabbing was attributed to the TM joints. I was told by many ENT's that the other symtoms were not related. However, after having my ears tested every few years for everything possible, I have no ear disease or nerve damage. I do have extremely good (off the chart) hearing. Many times over the years, this has become painful and I was told I had hyperacusis. But this problem comes and goes, so I have to believe it is entirely related to the TMJ condition.

I was told several months ago by a Neurotologist who did extensive testing, that all of my ear problems including the roaring tinnitis that I developed about 2 years ago, was caused by the TMJD and the only way to help or cure these problems, was to get the TMJD under control. He told me it was all muscular. He explained the connection and he was right. The tensor tympani and the tensor veli palantini muscles are ususally the cause of the problems. I started splint therapy in Dec. and most of my ear problems and symtoms are gone. These were problems that I had been dealing with most of my life.

I also had Sinus problems for many years and never realized it was also connected to TMJD. This problem is also almost none existant now. I did a good bit of research prior to finding out that splint therapy could help me. (My TMJD history is very long with several surgeries and failed treatments. I had been led to believe for about 10 years by my former surgeon that "Splint Therapy' would be a waste of time & money.)

I found this information from research done by a Swedish Univ: The research says that the muscles of mastication are so very dependent on each other and the intracasies of the neural network so complex, that anyone with TMJD would likely suffer from some form of sinus cavity disorder or abnormality. The neurotransmitters do not send the correct signals or the signal get blocked and do not drain the sinuses properly. Therefore, creating sinus problems and congestion. Not a lot of details, but it does make a lot of sense when you check out the connections of all the facial muscles or muscles of mastication. Especially how they all work together when we chew and talk. If we grind and clench, it causes added stress to muscles that are connected to our eyes, ears, throat. etc.

Many people have sinus trouble or ear problems with no evidence of TMJD. If you have some form of TMJD causing these problems, I'm living proof that they do not go away until you can get the appropriate treatment for the TMJD.

Cymy Sue

Old 06-19-2003, 05:45 AM   #9
Join Date: Feb 2003
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N2golf HB User

So far my pain has been pretty mild, but noticeable. More annoying because I am pretty pain tolorant. Just enough pain to let me know it's there!

Old 01-02-2011, 07:38 PM   #10
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juliajelly19 HB User
Re: How many TMJ sufferers feel sinus and ear pain?

Wow, Cymy Sue, thank you!

This makes a lot of sense to me. I am finally beginning to understand that TMJD (and the resulting tension in my neck, shoulders and head) is intimately connected with my sinus issues. I am not sure which came first...the sinus stuff or the TMJD, but I am pretty sure that if I treat the TMJD properly, I will arrest the source of the majority of my pain, as I am literally doing everything under the sun for sinuses to no avail. I've asked several docs if they thought the joint/muscle pain was related, and they said they didn't think so, that it was probably just stress.

Looked up TMJD symptoms online, and I fit every single one of them, to a tee. I mean literally, I was shocked...even the symptoms I thought were weird and scary and freaked me out are actually classic TMJD symptoms.

The doc. I saw most recently told me she does think I have TMJD, but that the two (sinusitis and TMJD) are probably not related. I really don't buy that, though, and your post was very affirming. Going to see the dentist some time this week, and hoping for some clear answers, and a referral to a TMJ specialist. Back to work tomorrow, and I have to try to function with these terrible symptoms. Motrin, here I come! Thanks again.

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