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  • I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

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    Old 02-03-2003, 10:44 AM   #1
    Junior Member
    Join Date: Feb 2003
    Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
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    syracusa HB User
    Unhappy I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting here - I landed on this board by searching answers for my problem. Maybe some people could relate to this, give me some advice and alleviate some of my fears.

    I have been getting frequent sinus infections and coughs in the past two years and a half. I moved to the US (Atlanta) about 5 years ago from Europe and my doctor says that it could be allergies due to the change in continent.

    About 3 weeks ago, another one of these episodes occurred. Only that this time I had a few new symptoms that are really worrying me.

    I remember that at first, about a month ago, I started to get a sort of "haze" over my eyes. I thought that it may have been from staring too much in the computer or even vision problems, but I dont' really think so because I CAN read. It's just that my eyes feel constantly hazy, watery and milky (but NOT runny), despite the fact that I CAN read, EVEN FROM A DISTANCE.

    Then, a few days afterwards, I came down AGAIN with the common cold: very runny nose, cough etc. + this time, extreme dizziness. This is a new symtpom compared to what I've had before.

    I feel very dizzy (not spinning, but just dizzy), I woble and seem to have a slight loss of balance all the time. Especially when I move around in the kitchen, I feel like a fly that has been sprayed with insecticide.

    After about a week I went to the family doctor and he decided it is another sinus+ear infection, he gave me antibiotics and steroids and told me that the dizziness is probably related to my ear infection.

    The problem is that the dizziness is NOT going away.
    It is starting to annoy me beyond belief.
    I have just a few more antibiotics left in the bottle, but I see NO IMPROVEMENT whatsoever in the dizziness.

    Afterall, things like blowing my nose I have done before, and I am so used to it that it doesn't even bother me that much anymore - but the dizziness is killing me. I can't function, I can't concentrate, i don't feel like myself and I have started to obssess that it might be somehting much more serious (something neurological).

    My questions are:

    1. If the dizziness is related to the head infection, how long should I expect it to last?

    2. Just for my peace of mind, do you think I should go to see a neurologist and ask her/him to do an MRI or other scan?

    3. Are there any home remedies for dizziness proven to work? (I read about ginger, but I am not sure in what form I should take it).

    4. Is there some prescription medication for dizziness that I should talk to my doctor about?

    5. After reading the adverse reactions on the steroids my family doctor prescribed, I stoped taking them because it appears that they were intensifying the dizziness. What do you know about steroids making you dizzy?

    Thank you so much for your answers, any insight will be helpful!

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    Old 02-03-2003, 10:50 AM   #2
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    Location: Easton, PA - US
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    burgeke HB User

    You mention allergies, were you given anything to treat them? Some antihistimines could cause you to feel dizzy. This is especially true of the sedating kind such as Benadryl.

    Old 02-03-2003, 11:27 AM   #3
    Junior Member
    Join Date: Feb 2003
    Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
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    syracusa HB User

    Last time I had a cold episode I was prescribed Allegra. I took it then and now I had a few left and I took those now and then. But I am not taking it regularly.

    This time the doctor gave me antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and steroids (Methylprednisolone).
    He told me to take some more Allegra too if I need it
    (I had a prescription since last time) but I didn't refill it because I don't feel like it's helping much anyway.

    I continue to take the antibiotics strictly as prescribed, but I stoped the steroids because under the "adverse reactions", it says "intracranial pressure, vertigo, headache, etc" - exactly the kind of things I have now and I definitely don't want exacerbated.

    Still, the watery (but not runny), milky eyes and the dizziness, light-headedness in the back of my head, and loss of balanace - these are just driving me completely nuts.

    I literally feel useless.

    PS: Oh , I forgot to mention that all this time, I have had streaks of blood coming out of my nose when I blow it....Again the doctor says it's the infection...but the heck with the infection - I have had "infections" before and I didn't become completely useless because of dizziness.

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    Old 02-04-2003, 04:51 AM   #4
    Join Date: Jan 2003
    Location: Easton, PA - US
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    burgeke HB User

    I know that the infection diagnosis can be frustrating. I had 4 of them in a few month span. On one occasion, I had extreme dizziness and aches. What I can tell you is that It seemed normal to me, well not normal but part of the infection.

    The blood is also related. Did he mention using regular saline frequently? That helped me the most when I had the infections. I would stay away from the antihistimines if they do not help. They only seemed to make my situation worse by drying me out. Most of my troubles seem to be TMJ related by my constant allergy troubles produce congestion that will not drain causing the infections.

    Old 02-04-2003, 05:01 PM   #5
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    laci HB User
    Red face

    It all sounds like a sinus condition to me. How do I know? I have a chronic sinus condition right now.
    I had that sinus infection whereas I was so dizzy, I almost threw up. It's scary. Finally after 3 mos of having sinus problems, I went to an ENT.
    He did a ct scan. It showed my sinus cavity clogged with ****. So I started the nasal irrigations as mentioned. But don't overdo it or it will dry you out.
    He put me on Rhinocort (a nasal steroid). I also take Pro Phen II (a decongestant perscribed to thin the mucus) and Allegra 30 mg 2-3X day and Sudafed 1-2X a day.
    But he recommended that I have sinus surgery. Yeh, that'll be the day.
    Sounds like you're having some chronic sinus problems like myself.

    Old 02-06-2003, 02:53 PM   #6
    Junior Member
    Join Date: Feb 2003
    Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
    Posts: 37
    syracusa HB User

    I went to the neurologist, and he says it is probably due to the viral infection. However, for my peace of mind he ordered an MRI, which he says he expects to be 100% normal.

    However, the dizziness, imbalanace and intracranial pressure drive me crazy - and they seem to be here to stay.

    I know that at this point it is all psychological, and that I should stay away from sites talking about brain tumor symptoms - because I look for them in my own symptoms, and DO find many that sound just like that.
    (You can only imaging what happens in my mind as a result of that).

    I almost had a nervous breakdown yesterday because I imagined all kinds of horrific scenarios as a result of a positive MRI.
    It will be very hard to go through these days, until I get the results.

    What put my fears to rest just a little bit today is this info I found on "vestibular neuritis".
    My generalist and neuro dodn't use this particular diagnostic (they just said "due to viral infection"), but it looks like there is an actual medical name for this.

    Vestibular neuritis = dizziness caused by a viral infection of the vestibular nerve (in the ear). At this point, ANY disease sounds absolutely wonderful and very much welcome, compared to even the tiny-bitzy possibility of a brain tumor.

    I know I shouldn't be doing this to myself but, please, please, tell me - is there any reason not to expect an 100% normal MRI on Tuesday? (I will take it tomorrow and get the results on Tuesday).

    1. I DO have dizziness, loss of balance, weakness, intracranial pressure especially in the back of my head, and foggy eyes (though I CAN read even very small letters).
    And yes, these are mentioned on all the "brain tumor symptoms" sites I have looked at.

    I also have/had:

    fluid in my middle ear
    blood from my nose (when i blow it)
    did not lose my hearing

    --> symptoms which are mentioned in the "vestibular neuritis" symptoms.

    2. What I DON'T have (and which is usually included in the symptoms of brain tumors):

    Seizures - NO.
    Vomiting, nausea - NO.
    Cross-eyed vision, double-vision - NO.
    Asymetrical eyes / one drooping lower than the other - NO.
    Complete loss of balance - NO. (I do feel imbalance, but when the neurologist made me walk, etc - I passed the test succesfully).
    Sensitivity to light - NO.
    Sensitivity to sound - NO.

    3. This DID come about with a viral infection - which is basically the straw I am hanging on and my number one HOPE.

    Please, please, please - I beg you - if you are a doctor, tell me that there is NO reason under the sun to fear a brain tumor. I am not seeking professional advice on this forum, because I already visited my doctors and I am scheduled for the MRI tomorrow - I just want a little more reassurance.
    I am extremely bad psychologically, when it comes to even the tiniest possibility of a life-threatening situation.

    I also have a terrible fear of flying - and I know I've got "death denial" issues, generally speaking - which need to be solved with a psychologist.

    But for this particular situation - please, I need some further reassurance!

    Thank you so much!

    Old 02-07-2003, 08:26 PM   #7
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    Balance HB User

    I've had the same problem year after year. I did go for testing to find out what I'm allergic to environmental and food. Watch out for Steriods. Bad for everything including the immunity. You did the right thing. Try to stay away from antibiotics - they'll erode your immunity system and keep away from Allergists. The worst. Don't do shots. Try alternative care with a holistic doctor. I use only Quercetin Plus (which is natural has Vit C, Quercetin and Bromelain. Nature's Plus makes it - go to the Health Food Store, they'll have it. I just found that all the drugs and nasal sprays just made me worse and yes you get dizzy with sinus. I still at times. Hang in there and good luck. Also check out the book Sinus Survival by Ivker. Great info on healing.

    Old 02-26-2007, 03:18 AM   #8
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    badlymade HB User
    Re: I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

    Hi syracusa,

    Sounds like I have exactly the same problem as you. First time I've ever posted on a board anywhere, that's how sure I am! Here's my story in brief:

    About October 2006 I started to feel just slightly off balance and my head was swimming a bit. By Christmas I felt terrible, like I had the flu but it wouldn't come out and just generally wiped out (looking back, it's classic viral as it comes and goes in severity). This sense of tilting to the right just slightly was worse. Began to feel really detached from what was going on around me and started to struggle to work (just got a great new job too - typical!). Went to see four doctors and they all shrugged at me and kept mumbling the word virus - really unconvincing and totally unhelpful.

    Eventually went private and had a CT scan as I felt so ill and had the same worries about brain tumors etc. - nothing to worry about there though. However it picked up that my sinuses were really glued up. Six miserable in-and-out-of-bed weeks later I am at the end of antibiotics and my tether. No real improvement and little sign of a great swathe of mucus clearing out to make me feel better - just dribs and drabs - I await the 'mother load' but fear it may never come. However my sinuses were so congested that I didn't really start to feel them aching until the gunk started moving around, so actually felt worse.

    I am taking Erymax antibiotics and steroid nasal drops. Pretty sure that this has made me feel a whole lot worse and done little to improve my situation. Sleep is a luxury and it sometimes feel like my home is a prison. I totally envy all the 'well' people, getting on with their lives.

    I could cope with feeling ill and having pain, but it's the sense of imbalance that really gets me down.

    I totally sympathise with your situation and my best advice is to try and keep positive. There is a really good chance that this will all sort itself out - but you have to be patient - there may not be a miracle cure. It sounds like there is nothing sinister wrong with you/us, but the viral infection and sinusitis are a real silver bullet. Make you feel like curling up and dying. A real life changer.

    Try and get on with a normal life as far as possible. Get out of the house, go walking. I find that I have good days and bad days - make the most of the good ones and go and see friends and do the things you would normally do (except probably exerting yourself physically), but don't overdo it as the virus will knock you for six.

    Have been though the period of searching the internet trying to find what's wrong with me - you will drive yourself insane - stop doing it unless you are finding really specific symptom matches.

    I've had to quit all my sporting activities (which are my life) and cancel business trips and holidays - may have to quit my job if this continues as it involves a lot of flying. But you can get some perspective after a while and realise that everything else is just pocket lint - concentrate on your health, everything will still be there when you get better. If it's not, then you didn't need it anyway. Fact!

    My next port of call is acupuncture as a friend of my father reckons he can help, even if just with the sinuses and sleep. Also need to get off all the drugs at the end of this week.

    Keep your chin up and let me know your progress - always good to know that someone else is going through the same thing as it gets pretty lonely.

    One day at a time!

    Old 02-26-2007, 01:24 PM   #9
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    tissie1 HB User
    Re: I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

    I had a very similar thing happen so me in August 2006. I missed 2 weeks of work and had to drag myself back to work! I stopped the antibiotics early because I freaked out about side effects that I had read for this certain one about liver failure and such. Well in November I started getting this problem again (no dizziness this time around) got on more antibiotics and seemed ok enough. Then in January through to now I have had what I guess is a bad sinus infection but luckily still not as bad as the August round. I have been on a month of antibiotics and decongestant and still going. I am supposed to go see an ENT although pardon the negativity but I don't have any faith that he will help. Probably wrong of me! I have seen an allergist already and he was no help. No one seems to be able to help. I have tried about everything under the sun to help myself... herbs, sprays, washes, etc. But still trying! I have to be careful too because psychologically it really brings me down and I think makes me feel even worse. I definately know how you feel! Luckily my boss paid me the 2 weeks I was out and seemed not to mind but I was freaking out about missing work. I hate being home alone now after that... my family all lives far away. Hang in there and know you aren't alone and we will get through this... we must believe we will and stay positive even when it is soooooooooooo hard to do!

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    Titchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB User
    Re: I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

    Sinus infections can be very difficult to get rid of because there is so little blood flow to the area that the antibiotics have a hard time reaching all the infected areas. All your symptoms sound sinus/ear infection and allergy related. I suggest to continue on with the antibiotics (though I think there are better ones than the amoxicillin) and saline rinses till the infection is gone. Then you might want to get tested for allergies.

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    Jaxzilla HB User
    Re: I am scared! Is this a result of sinus infection? If yes, when will it go away?

    Hello everyone, you need to check out the inner ear disorder board. The dizziness is most likely coming from a vestibular problem. It goes away, but it takes alot of time. The best thing to do is go to your ENT and get an ENG done. They can out you on a VRT problem which hekp your brain compensate for the damage.

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