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rgx612a 05-21-2004 06:15 PM

Sinus Infection??? Inner Ear Pressure
I have this strong pressure that started in my ears about 2 weeks ago and now is not only in my ears but the top of my nose my cheeks around my eye's and sometime's my teeth will feel sensative, I'll get headaches too, my symptoms tend to be worse in the day and the pressure seems to move around to different area's of my face . Is this a sinus infection or something? i didn't think sinus infections could cause ear pressure that's why I ask.

I should also note that I had similar symptoms about 2 months ago, it was strong ear pressure, the doctor said it was probably excess fluid in my ears, it went away after a 2 weeks.

madjane 05-22-2004 01:48 AM

Re: Sinus Infection??? Inner Ear Pressure
It sounds like sinusitis. I had really bad sinusitis years back and I remember the pressure - real pain, actually - in my face, round my nose and my forehead just above the eyes. I don't remember anything about the ears though, even though I wa left with sinusitis after a bad cold and throat. And as ears, nose and throat are all connected, your ears could well feel sensitve from the sinusitis. Also, I seem to remember that the facial pressure/pain was worse when lying down, like the full weight of it all was just lying flat on top of your face. But it's as wll to get this checked by an ENT. I haven't had any experience with ear pressure, fluid ect., but there are plenty on these boards who have and will probably be giving you some thoughts and advice when they check in.

Hope this is really just sinus infection and that it clears up soon and leaves you symptom-free.


Emsybobs 05-22-2004 11:01 AM

Re: Sinus Infection??? Inner Ear Pressure
Yep sounds like sinusitis - it is middle ear pressure you are experiencing not inner ear. See an ENT and good luck xxxx

Gtpchic31 05-25-2004 02:47 PM

Re: Sinus Infection??? Inner Ear Pressure
I get sinus infections all the time and that definatly sounds like one. Id get the the cod as soon as you can and get on some medicine to clear it up. Its not a fun one to deal with and left untreated it can get worse

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