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ally85 08-04-2007 04:22 PM

Lump in neck after Sinusitis... HELP!
Hi, all! About three weeks ago I felt a jabbing pain deep within my neck... it feels like the very back of the throat and up above the roof of the mouth, to the right. I started to get sicker, and the dr said it was allergic sinusitis due to staying with a friend with cats, and sent me off with some Clarinex. A week later the pain still persisted though it felt like the post nasal drip had gone and my ears no longer felt full, so I went to my own dr who just continued to say it was allergic sinusitis. I believe that's true, but I don't know what this pain is and why it comes and goes. It comes when I am at my most 'drippy'.. I still feel like I have constant post nasal drip 3.5 weeks after it began but with no fever, no sneezing, and nothing comes out when I blow my nose. My tonsils look fine and my ears are now feeling great. Right now it hasn't hurt in a few days but what worries me is that there is now a lump about the size of a dime in my neck that I never noticed before.

The lump is visible if I tilt my head back, and like the weird pain is on my right. It is located by the center of the neck and over about a half inch... if you were to hold your head straight and place your index finger, palm forward, horizontally across the center of the neck RIGHT under the chin the lump is where your knuckle hits your neck. (if that makes any sense... XP )
. Everywhere I've looked online doesn't show lymph nodes in that area and its too high up to be part of my thyroid. It moves and doesn't much hurt, and it doesn't feel like any other lymph nodes are swollen. I'm worried because, well, there's a weird lump in my neck, but also I'm going to be abroad in Italy next month until Christmas and I'm afraid to let it sit too long in case it is something serious.

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