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    Post endoscopic sinus surgery problems

    Hi everyone,I'm not new by any means to sinus trouble, had severe problems for 20 years or more.I had endoscopic sinus surgery 4 years ago, prior to that I tried everything on the market both prescription as well as homeopathic,even allergy shots. At that time I had severe pressure around and behind my eyes, so bad driving was difficult and always kept a sinus infection.So the surgery was what I thought to be my answer, I had a deviated septom, a bone spur and narrow passages, so I did it.Recovery was tough with packing in both nasal passages or what looked to be huge tampons with strings taped across my nose bridge and the removal was not pleasent,I never knew they SNATCH them out.A month after I could breath better but I was getting sick again and very unusual pressure feelings in my head and saw my ent again and he run the light back into my nose and said all was clear,that the surgery went fine and sucked out what ever and sent me on my merry way,not satisfied 2 days later I saw a local MD and he requested a ct of my sinus passages and said it was awful and put me on augmitten 1000mg 2 times daily for a month, "excuse my spelling" I suppose it helped? The ct the MD requested had a report from the x-ray tech and stated I was a excellent canidate for sinus surgery, heck I just had it!! Here I am years later worse than ever, actually in misery!!!!! Before the surgery riding my motorcycle was no problem, as was cutting grass or just being in the yard even the most simple things make me fatigued and sick, my ears never bothered me before now do, constant popping and recurring infections as well as more pressure than before,I can never blow my nose because nothing comes out.I even bought a hydro pulse flushing system that seems to help some.I made another appointment today with the ent that did my surgery,I hate to blame him but it makes zero sense why I'm 100% worse since?? I am just tired of feeling sick, too bad I could not go back in time and walk out the operating waiting room like I was in the process of doing till the nurse stopped me.Any suggestions or similiar experiences??

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    Re: Post endoscopic sinus surgery problems

    With out seeing your CT's it is hard to evaluate.. he may have corrected the bone spur and deviated septum and flushed out the infected goo.. but if your back and ethnoid sinuses are in the small but well formed catergory like mine were that alone would not be enough. My membranes were hyper sensitive and I was a mucus queen it took a complete sinus roto rooter for me to feel like a human being again.

    My ENT is Dr. St. Charles, Chattanooga TN. He is good and sees people from SC, GA, AL, in addiditon to TN. He has performed a T on my son (3.5 yr at time of surgery, adnoids were removed at 2.2 yrs) and me? Well his mentor Dr. Boxell did a full bilateral turboplasty hoping that would cure my 9 month out of the year sinus infection.. this helped reduce it but not clear it up completely.

    So given my sleep apnea and chronic sinusittus and tonsil stones, I was schedule with the all or nothing surgery.
    Sinus Work:
    My passages were widened. Windows were cut in my maxillary and frontal sinuses, holes were punched through my frontal into my ethnoid sinuses.. through my ethnoid into my rear sinuses. (My husband and SIL, my brother and mother had the windows inserted in addition to T&A's it made all the difference for them [I am suprised that you ENT did not do this in conjuction or instead of teh passage widening].. widening the passage ways was insufficient qiven teh quantity of snot production in our family) My rear and ethnoid sinuses were complete scraped clean of membranes and all infection rinsed and removed. My frontal and maxillary sinuses were reduced in membrane quantity another 30% which ment I had 49% of my original membrane mass. The fact that so many windows and holes were puched ment I could not be packed instead I had to wear a pad straped under my nose, was not allowed to bend over or lean forward (bloody niagra resulted from that action... the first time I went potty at home), and I had to wash my sinuses with saline solution every two hours. Over all it was annoying but the worst part was not being able to tilt my head forward. The T&A recovery was far worse than the nose bleeding and headaches of my sinus surgery.

    So in addtion to the surgery above I had a T&A to removev my enormous tonsils and adnoids. At 31 my ENT said my tonsils and adnoids rivaled many of his 10 and twelve year old patients in size. The T&A was painful, but worth it. In my tonsils were pockets of anti-biotic resistant.. muck. I saw pictures it was gross.

    So this was all done back on Oct 17, 2006. I have not had sinus/ear ifection issues since other than the occasional allergy headache which can be fixed by a day or two of decongestants. How does this help you? I can not be sure, but if you still have your tonsils.. they may be your issue.. and since you haven't had the window and holes punched into you sinuses that may be another... I was retaining infection in two places, and even two months of the strongest only given in the hospital anti-biotics were not clearing it out, the back and ethnoid sinuses and my tonsils.

    I would look into an alternate ENT, one that deals a lot with young children.. their techniques and skills will be the most up to date, and investigate those two possibilities. I feel for what you are going through. After my first sinus surgery, two separate allergy shot cycles, maximum preventive meds a day.. and living with an impacted sinus infection the whole time I was pregnant with my son, because they wouldn't/couldn't clear it up safely... things feel dark and unfair indeed.

    I wish you the best. It took me 5 different ENT's and three different Allergist to finally get my sinuses and throat fixed. Don't give up hope.

    If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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    Re: Post endoscopic sinus surgery problems

    Hi, well my reply is probally not what you are looking for,though i just thought i would share my experience with you,i was suffering from headaches pressure behind my right eye and a constant blocked right nostril,i had many trips to my docters i tried quite a few sprays etc but nothing worked,then i started coughing blood up it was not very pleasent,so my my docters referd me to the ent after a ct scan it showed a polyp type lump growing from the right maxillary sinus,3 weeks later i had endoscopy surgery this was the first time i have aever been in hospital but apart from the packing in my nostril i did not have a lot of pain,i went back to ent for a 7 day check up and the biopsy results infact showed it was a condition called inverted papillosis however the tumer was benign so that was a relief.After 3 weeks i was called back for a ct scan the scan showed it had grown back after only 3 weeks,my consultant was quite concernd so i was back in hospital on wednesday this week to have that removed,the ent consultant also cut some adhesions away that had formed from my last op he also widend the airway at the top of my nostril and widend the opening of the maxillary sinus,as a precaution he said he also took away part of the sinus opening as this is where the root was of the tumer and also took a little off the bone under my right eye,i had the packing removed from my nostril while in hospital,i still have a kind of plastic splint in my left nostril and the stitch goes through my nose to the other side,i have never been in as much pain in my life the headaches are terrible and my right eye is watering all the time,i go back to the clinic on wednesday i am taking co-codermal for the pain,
    Well i am sure it will be ok in time and the good thing in the uk is we dont pay for medical servces.Take care and i hope you are soon well.

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