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weez 10-26-2007 07:22 PM

Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
I'm the original poster on the other thread. It's been 4 years and almost 10 months since I started it.

I'm feeling well these days but I still get anxiety once in a while that lasts for a few weeks. I only take a little Xanax as needed. But I still feel very much that there is a connection (at least in my case) between sinuses and my anxiety. Or at least one follows the other.

sparkyireland 10-29-2007 04:51 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
Hi there :) Glad you are better and glad you started a new thread .

I am the exact same as you, my anxiety comes and go's, I will get a good run for a while then all of a sudden I am terrible , and I am now convinced that the anxiety comes and goes at the times that my sinuses are at their worst.

I seen my doctor today and he has referred me on to a specialist. Enough is enough, its just effecting my life too much now, I am wakening in the night and finding it hard to sleep again because I think I am dieing.

I am interested to know if any others in a similar situation are suffering from other conditions that you wouldn't necessarily associate with Sinus infection/Anxiety.

Like lately my heartburn has been quite bad + stomach pains etc.

And a list of my symptoms in no particular order :

Stomach pain
Sinus problems
Constant pressure like headache.
Occasional eye pain (Pulse like)
Pulsating type headache on occasion in exactly the same position.
One nostril constantly blocked solid (This changes throughout the day)
Dreams of death

Its a fun list :mad:

jenn7590 11-01-2007 08:36 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
yes yes yes!!

i think my entire problem with anxiety began with my sinus. my ENT tells me i have chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. i am VERY lightheaded the majority of the time which i tihink has turned into a HUGE life altering anxiety problem! i truly feel helpless and hopeless and i really dont know what to do. i am terrified to try medication again as i had horrible reactions to effexor and something else. i have gabapentin but i am too scared to take it. some days it is really hard to get through it. i really do not know how to control it.

any have eye/vision problems associated with this anxiety/sinus problem? anyone ever taken gabapentin?

Pooke67 11-18-2007 05:39 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
I have been having sinus problems for the last 9 months and also have the constant "lightheadedness" that you described. I have now also developed an awful anxiety/panic problem and I just started taking Paxil a week ago (tiny 5 mg dose). My anxiety is definitely related to the health of my sinuses. About 10 years ago, I had a major sinus problem that required surgery and this is when my anxiety/panic attacks started. I have been seeing an ENT who claims that my sinuses are inflamed and overproducing mucous and he thought that this was being caused by digestive problems (LPR - refluxing). He treated me with Prilosec and this helped my sinuses alot. I read enough on the internet to be convinced that my continued lightheadedness/pressure head was being caused by anxiety. This is why I'm trying the Paxil. I go to the ENT in a couple of weeks...I'll be interested to see if my sinuses are normal. In my mind, it's a question of whether the sinus problem is causing the anxiety or the anxiety is causing the sinus problem. I think anxiety can wreak havoc on alot of different systems in your body. I just want to find the problem and fix it because it is not fun living like this!

anders15 11-18-2007 06:15 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
I am glad I am not the only one with severe sinus problems. I just recently got my tonsils out because they were so swollen they were kissing, and that sent me overboard. I am usually dizzy all throughout the day and I feel detached from myself at times because of my eyes are sort of blurry, but my nose is constantly stuffed up and I think I can't breathe half the time. It's so irratating.

Pooke67 11-18-2007 06:53 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
SparkyIreland, you should look up LPR on the health boards...sounds like you might also have a digestive/reflux problem like I did. There is a big connection between digestive problems and sinus problems because the sinuses react to overproduce mucous to protect the throat and esophogus from the acid reflux. The treatment that worked for me was 1 prilosec in the morning and 150 mg of Zantac before bedtime (as directed by my ENT). I also used a sinus rinse twice a day. It really helped my sinus problems which were causing weakness, fatigue, vomiting and dizziness. It takes several weeks to feel better and you have to keep taking it for 3-6 months. I only did 3 months and had a major improvement, although I was left with panic attacks and "airplane head", for which I'm now trying Paxil. Let me know what you think.

Karma4u 11-18-2007 07:42 PM

Re: Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
Hi, I 'am new to this board. But I just had to reply to this post. I too have ear problems that I bleieve play a big part in my a/p/ocd. I was finally diagnosed with meniers in the mid 90's after years of going through ear pain, feeling full and dizziness-falling feeling etc.My a/p started at the ripe old age of 11 after suffering my first bout with debilitating dizziness, and it's been with me ever since :mad:. I have always dealt with full/clogged feeling ears, pain behind the ears, ringing and even hearing loss.

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