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  • dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

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    Old 11-17-2007, 06:27 PM   #1
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    dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    Hi all,

    I am posting this on both the allergy board and the alt medicine board hoping for some gret personal success stories.

    Has anyone changed their diet and successfully turned their health around...specifically for sinus/allergy reasons?

    I am really suffering and feel strongly about trying the natural approach first.

    I will look forward to your responses.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Old 11-17-2007, 07:53 PM   #2
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    Nyxie63 HB UserNyxie63 HB User
    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    I've recently discovered that dairy products cause me to have post nasal drip and sinus problems, along with stomach cramping, bloating, etc. I've also tested positive to wheat, corn, and refined sugar (of all things!) during challenges after an elimination diet. My symptoms for the other foods range from severe GI problems, to palpitations, to joint pain, to neurological impairment. I've since dropped the offending foods from my diet.

    I'm pretty new into this (only about 3 weeks) but already feel better. I no longer need to take PPIs for my reflux. My sinus issues have improved, but not entirely cleared up (think I have seasonal allergies as well). I suspect other food intolerances and am currently working on figuring them out to resolve additional health issues. I eat very few processed products, sticking mostly with rice, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds, and lean meats. The only processed foods I eat are rice milk and the occasional serving of brown rice pasta.

    I'm also taking a slew of supplements, as I have quite a few nutritional deficiencies, including iron, vit D and all the Bvits, but particularly B5, B12 and folate. I'm also low in copper, magnesium and calcium. I've had more energy the past week and am taking this as a sign that I'm finally absorbing more of the supplements I've been taking and that my gut is starting to heal.

    Hope this helps!

    Old 11-18-2007, 08:15 PM   #3
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    I believe diet plays are large role in our health. I eat well and so does my young daughter and so far she has never been sick in her life and I also don't get sick. Cutting back or out processed foods is a great start. Make sure you are getting the essectial vitamins and minerals too. Just making a few simlle changes may yield some satisfying results.

    Old 11-19-2007, 05:54 PM   #4
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    Thanks to you both for your input. I found that I was getting in to the "habit" of picking up convenience foods at the grocery and my health is paying the price.

    Today is a new and healthier day!

    Old 11-19-2007, 10:18 PM   #5
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    While this did not completely clear up my sinus and allergy problems, it did help. First off, I do not eat any wheat or gluten (I have an allergy) but wheat is an inflamatory and inflamatory foods can cause inflammation in the sinuses! I also avoid red meat and eat a very limited amount of dairy (both are also inflammatory foods!). Try avoiding refined sugars and "junk food" and go for lots of fresh, natural foods!

    You can also look to something natural like quercetin or omega 3s (anti-inflammatory) to aid in fixing your sinus problems. Also, another thing that has helped my sinus and allergy problems tremendously has been a saline nasal wash (Nasaline). I admit it is a little weird and takes some getting used to but I swear your sinuses never feel as clear as they do after you do the nasaline wash.

    Good luck!


    Old 11-20-2007, 11:02 AM   #6
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    stephanie867 HB User
    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    I took my 11 yr old son to see my naturopath. He'd been on zyrtec for about 4 years because of year round allergies. The pediatrician just kept upping his dose. I was frustrated because there had to be a reason WHY he was sniffling.

    The naturopath did an allergy test on him and found out that he had a major dairy problem. Every single dairy product she tested, he came back with a problem.

    She put him on vitamin C powder and probiotic powder & told him to cut out the dairy. It was really hard for him (no ice cream or nachos with cheese!) but it cleared his nose right up.

    He's 14 now and eats dairy products, but knows when he has to stop. And if he knows he's going to a party or something, he'll take his "powders" for a week or so before he goes.

    What she (the naturopath) told me is that the vitamin C is a natural antihistamine in high doses, and the probiotic helps with digesting the dairy products.

    I hope it helps you...I take my kids to the pediatrician still, but for anything that I think the naturopath can help them with, I take them to see her.

    Old 11-26-2007, 12:43 PM   #7
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    whatishappening HB User
    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    Hello. I too have food allergies to milk, eggs, cain sugar and soy. I found this out last week. I have bad authritis and my natural dr. says this is the "cause" of my authritis and general pain in my body. I am also eating only fish, fruits, vegies, nuts and rice products to heal the leaky gut syndrome. Its only been three days that i have been on this diet. Anyone out there know about how long it takes to heal? Im on some suppliments as well. Thanks

    Old 01-09-2008, 01:07 PM   #8
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    For me, dietary change was IT for getting rid of my sinus and allergy problems. I had the test called a "bloodprint" done. It revealed that I had 10 allergies. I've heard that people can be "addicted" to their allergic foods. Well, I was addicted to mine. The first week was tough but after that, and after feeling SO good again, it is SOOOO easy to stay away from my allergy foods.

    The test is a bit expensive but very worth it.

    Old 07-06-2008, 08:04 AM   #9
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just joined this board and I happened to find this post of yours from back in November. Hopefully you might be able to provide some insight into my own situation.

    I have had problems swallowing and digesting foods for several years. The problem disappeared when my regular doctor prescribed Nexium for me. However, after taking Nexium for two years I decided in January to look up a Naturapathic doctor. He had me take a stool test. Based on the stool test, he thought I most likely had allergies. However, and this is where I am not sure he knows what he is doing. For 90 days he is having me take expensive natural drugs (so far I have spent $850 on him and his drugs) and avoiding certain foods (no alcohol, no glutein, no dairy etc) for this same time frame. After 90 days he will then have me start taking the foods that might be causing the problems on at a time.

    You mentioned in your post that your son's naturapath had given your son an allergy test. Did your son go through the same process as I am doing or did he just do a test right there at the beginning? I have now also read about something called an ELISA test that serves as an allergy test. My regular doctor even said said that they could do their own blood test and check if I am allergic to dairy, glutein or or orange related products.

    Sorry for the long post; I guess I am just trying to compare notes on our naturapathic doctors. I don't feel like, after two months, that I making any progress. Rather I am spending a lot of money.

    Thank you in advance.

    Old 07-15-2008, 10:09 AM   #10
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    Re: dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?

    My naturopath did Vega testing. Basically, she had all these little vials of substances in a box. She hooked up this electronic machine, put a clip on his finger (kind of the like oxygen level things they use in the hospital), and grabbed handfuls of vials from the box and handed them to him. The machine would make different noises depending on what he was holding. If it made a high pitched beep, it went into one box. If it made a lower beep, it went into another box. There were a huge number of vials, had to be over 100, and she wasn't looking at what she gave him...just literally pulling out handfuls arbitrarily and giving them to him one at a time.

    I was hugely skeptical as to how this could possibly work.

    When she finished with the large box, she took the box of them that made the low beeps (or maybe it was the high was a couple of years ago), and had him hold them again to double check them.

    After that round was done, she read off what was on the vials. It was in tiny letters on the bottom, so there was no way she could've read them as she was handing the vials to him.

    What came up? Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, ice cream...etc. Also, potatoes and radishes, I think.

    She explained it by saying that he doesn't necessarily have an allergy, per se, to the foods, but does have a sensitivity to them. All dairy products and most root vegetables.

    We knew he was lactose intolerant...he'd had problems with milk since he was a baby.

    I know that Vega testing is all over the internet as "quackery" and is highly disputed. But it was pretty amazing to see that it actually did work.

    And again, there was NO way this could've been fixed. There wasn't any way she could see which vials she was giving him. I even looked in the other box to see what other substances were checked and there was a large variety of things.

    Hope that helps!

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