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healthy333 11-30-2007 05:09 AM

I have sinusitis problems since very long time!
Hello to all,

I have 21 years old diagnosis and the pains are still the same as then.

Since 1989 I had many health investigations and have visited almost all doctors specialists, to find a cause (in my case is that very important).

1986, diagnosis from the Hospital:

1. Sinusitis maxill.chr. cath.
2. Rhinitis chr.hypertr. et sicca anter (too much dense mucus)
3. Pharyngolaryngitis chr.cath.

I had also Deviatio Septi nasi, It was operated 1990. Since then I have more pains in the eyes and face than before.

There are also (after):

1. Hypotireosis (2005, doctor told me, I was born with small thyroid).
2. Enthesopatia (syndrome) levator scapula (many doctors say it is all from neck muscles)
3. Three neuralgias: atypical trigeminal, occipital, suprascapular.
4. Sinusitis CT, 2004 shows Haller's cell (that is nothing, so says doctor)
5. Head CT, the last one month ago: Atrophy; 3 cm great areal sclerosis on
the right occipital; lesion on basic head ganglions (that is nothing again).
6. Head MRI, 2006: 10x11mm Vein on the right occipital.

I have steady pains in the eyes, face and all right side, when I am very sleepy and can't open my eyes. Have to stay in bed. My face and my chin are swollen. I don't work since 6,5 years and I can't live like that anymore. That is reason why I have tried suicide more times: first time with almost 24 years of age.

I am sick to visit all those doctors, when I know, that one Neurologist in abroad has helped me with only one injection between neck and shoulder (on the bottom). From 1993 till 2002 I was regularly by Chiropractors (Russian doctors). The only one that has helped me was again Neurologist. He also has explained that neck muscle makes compression on the nerve, going into sinusitis. From sinusitis I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia. His blockade has helped me for 6 months and then he left.
The worst thing is, that I do speak fluent three foreign languages and have nothing from them. Before was busy in tourism.

The only two things helping me are:

1. Warmth (sunbath, solarium etc.)
2. Drugs for muscle spasm with hydrocloride.

What is bad for me, I live in the valley of the mountains, where is very cold. I want to move to England, but now I am very afraid. I want to leave this country for ever and have somewhere medical research. This is small country and they don't have complete research.

Who can help me, please?


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