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Essica 11-26-2008 12:46 PM

Sinus infection or just a cold?
Hello, I am back;)

I had 4-5 great weeks, no pain or sinus problems, was lovely to be free from it and I don't know why I was free from it but something worked, lol!

On monday I took our puppy for a walk in the wind, it was sooooooo cold and that night I had a pain on the left side of my head which isn't unusual after being in the wind for me. The next day I had a pain over left eyebrow and left ear abit which again I thought was just abit of sinus pain which I used to get alot. Today though I woke up and my left nostril is blocked, I can't blow anything out but I can feel it all up there, its totally blocked but my right side is clear. I ache abit on the left side but nothing major.

I did a rinse before but its so blocked it couldn't really make its way through and it ended up going down my throat, yuk. What I did blow out was thin clear/yellow in colour.

Does this sound like a sinus infection or could the wind of caused something? I don't know, lol! or maybe just a cold, can you get a cold just on one side? my right nostril is fine:D

btaylor715 12-19-2008 07:06 AM

Re: Sinus infection or just a cold?
Wow! I am having the same problem :(. I was feeling pretty bad with a sore throat so I looked in the back of my throat. To my discovery there was white patches on my tonsils. I went to work anyway and I started feeling nausiated. I went to the Dr. and they did a mono test, strep test and blood work. Both strep and mono were negative and the bloodwork showed an elevated white blood cell count. The Dr. gave me Z-Pac and sent me home. He told me if I don't feel better in 5 days give him a call. NOW....It has been 6 days and I am getting the symptoms that you are having. My nostril gets clogged up and it switches sides. I tried to clear my sinuses too and just like you the solution ran down my troat because I was soooo conjusted. My ears itch like crazy and I feel terrible. It bothers me because I've been on antibiotics for a week now and I'm getting worse :( Let me know what you've discovered in the near future.


Howie2 12-22-2008 08:48 AM

Re: Sinus infection or just a cold?
I caught a cold from my son in October and it must have turned into a sinus infection. I went to the ENT a month ago who said I had an infection by looking in my nose with a scope. I was really congested , gagging problems breathing. Yellow was the color of the mucous.He gave me a strong Antibiotic for 10 days (Augmentum) and told me to use the neti pot, saline, and steam. I went back a 2nd time and still was congested so he added in a small dosage of predniszone for 5 days and another 10 days of the antibiotic. I went back last week and I did feel better. Still congested but not as bad. As soon as I was off the prednizone some mild congestion came back. Some yellow coming out. He did CT scan of the sinuses and looked again with the scope and said I still had junk up there. He wanted to see what he was dealing with He added a stronger dose of Prednisone for 5 days and a 3rd 10 days of Augmentem. He also added Afrin Decon gestant for 5 days. I am continuing to steam , and use the netti pot several times a day. I sound nasally still but still feel better. Not much is coming out anyway. If I blow hard sometimes. Seems its bunched up and dry in the sinuses. this normal for Sinus infection to take so long. I am only treated for 3 to 4 weeks as I never went to the doctor originally thinking a cold. It is the winter. I just hate taking all these medications as I take 2 every day for Migraines...The doctor said sinuses sometimes are hard to get medecine in and take a while to treat. I thought yellow was not that bad for mucous only green and brown. I also have a deviated septum

Any opinions would be great,


Essica 12-23-2008 02:42 AM

Re: Sinus infection or just a cold?
Thanks for you're replies.

btaylor715 12-24-2008 08:14 AM

Re: Sinus infection or just a cold?
Ok...I decided to go to the ENT which was pointless. I went on day 8 and he told me if I didn't feel better in 4 days fill the medication he perscribed. He perscribed a respitory antibiotic. I felt better by day 4 and I didn't need it :). It just went away and I feel better.

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