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talper 12-01-2008 09:46 AM

need help, facial pain/sinus pain/chronic nasle for years.
im 20 yo at the moment.
i was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago, but my facial feeling started a few years before that.
basically, i have chronic nasle for years.
i also have severe eye pains, and pains/sensitivity when presuring the sinuses and below the eyes. (i think there are other siunuses there, no?).

i tried to find a solution for that for years, and just cant find.
sometimes the eye doc said i have dry eyes, sometimes he didnt find a thing.
the ent doctor, did(more then 1 of them), tests and ct, and found nothing.
one of them found small Concha bullosa, but told me its not causing my feeling.

i just cant keep going like this and with the fibro pain.........
it get worse when im outside but also there when im home.

again, when youtap the sinuses i have severe pains, for years now, but no one found anything.

i had dental work(bridge),but it started after my pains.

i just dont know what to do anymore.
what can cause all of this? and to be there for years non stop?
i would appreciate any help/direction..


roughluck 12-02-2008 07:34 PM

Re: need help, facial pain/sinus pain/chronic nasle for years.
i'm sorry for your struggles. i honestly don't know a thing about fibromyalgia, so this suggestion applies to the rest of it and may or may not be obvious. Have you thought about having cranial sacral work done??

i mention this mostly because i had dealt with a 6 year problem involving the loss of my voice and much tension/discomfort in my neck/head and primarily, it turns out, the roof of my mouth. i had long thought the trouble was "in my head", just not the way "they" thought it was. (ct scans, mri's, x-rays. all "normal"). i had visited a cranial sacral guy who felt my scalp was three sizes too small for my skull. not literally, but that's what it seemed like. like wearing a helmet too small. anyway...... he didn't do much to change it, honestly... but yearsss later... only months ago.... during some relaxation exercises my skull, in fact, corrected itself.... rolled backwards under the scalp.... and instantly my problems were solved. the pressure was relieved. my palate relaxed. and my voice strength (breath) returned. and it was all from a misaligned skull. admittedly, a very particular case. but something similar may be worth checking into. it could even be the reason for your nasality. the redirection of air and tone was interesting/startling. it really does matter.

my big qualm with the cranial sacral practitioners, and you can hardly blame them though i do, is that their methods are too subtle and they are unwilling to affect deep change. but.... it may be a step in the right direction. cranial osteopaths... there are different names and probably have different methods. not really sure.

(there are those who do more invasive, more blunt corrections of the skull who i considered for years, but they are few and far between, expensive, still a little experimental, and not without complications)

look into the sphenoid bone and it's location, as well as your facial symmetry and work on some relaxation techniques in those areas. don't forget to add the roof of your mouth in that. see if it helps or seems close.

hope you get some relief. we all deserve it.

gcsjr 12-03-2008 03:48 AM

Re: need help, facial pain/sinus pain/chronic nasle for years.
The first thing you might think about is seeing an allergist to get tested for allergies. Allergies are the most common cause of sinus issues (and tend to be worse when you're outside depending on what you're allergic to).

You might also consider trying saline irrigation with a SinusRinse bottle or neti pot (both of which are available at any major drugstore chain without a prescription), it can help relieve lots of sinus symptoms. Just follow the directions on the package.

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