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alex1987 01-06-2009 07:09 AM

persistent sore throat/sinuses
Hi there, firstly sorry this is a bit long, but detail is needed!

basically i have had a 'sore throat' for almost 2 months now. when i say 'sore' its not like a normal sore throat, its uncomfortable and irritating more than anything, and dry. it started 2 months ago and within a couple of days i had a typical cold - sneezing, blocked and runny nose etc. this lasted a few days and then the cold disappeared but the sore throat remained.

after a week or so i began to experience intense pressure in what felt like my ears, and my nose a bit although it was not blocked. this carried on for 10 days or so. i got one of those olbas oil nasal inhalers and that helped a bit. i went to the doctors a few times and they said each time it was something viral and that i should just rest and it would go and not to worry.

a month after this all started my nose became blocked again and runny for a few days, sneezing again, as if i had caught a cold yet again. it only lasted a couple of days this time. the pressure then came back in my ears, and underneath my eyes, and i had a mild headache constantly for 3 or 4 days. i went to the doctors again and they said it may be a sinus infection that is causing my throat to feel like it does. at this point, however, my sinuses were no longer hurting. it comes and goes, much like the sore throat which varies during the day. the doctor prescribed me doxycycline for 1 week to clear up any sinus infection. he said if that does not work i will be sent for an endoscopy.

im on day 5 of the tablets and my sinuses feel fine, and i think my throat is feeling a bit better, however just when it feels ok it starts to hurt again. it also feels like it is actually at the front of my throat in my neck, above my adams apple, rather than at the back of my mouth (which isnt red according to the doctor).

occasionally during the last few months I would have discoloured green phlegm. Since starting on the antibiotics I have had this almost every day, particularly in the morning soon after waking up. my throat seems to get worse if i am out in the cold, and it always feels dry as i swallow when i wake up. it fluctuates a lot. has anybody else experienced this for this length of time?

sorry this is very long! thank you very much!

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